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Bladen: Body confidence to me, is just feeling comfortable in the body that you’re given. You only got one life to live, you might as well just live it and not care what people think. Guys, I could win this game, my hands are getting all sweaty. Let’s play some air hockey. Someone looks at me and they’re like, oh, that kid’s in a wheelchair. And a lot of people think that I just have a mental disability and they instantly treat me like a child. So that’s why I grew out this ‘stache its great. Hey, at least some older you know. My name is Bladen Petro or otherwise known as Bastrin of YouTube channel with over 450,000 subscribers and have I a rare disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The reason why they call it brittle bones is because my bones break easy. I have broken probably over couple hundred bones in my life. You know, I’m 21 now so I have a lot of life to live and who knows what will be in the future. Erin: When you were first born and that nobody knew what was wrong with you. see this was when you were taking your school picture and you had a broke arm.
Bladen: Oh yeah I remember that. Erin: Got it in a cast. This was when you were in the hospital. Bladen: The first time
Erin: First time. Bladen: Thought so.
Erin: Nobody knew exactly what was going on. I was very excited when Bladen was born. But then when we found out everything that was going on with him, it was definitely difficult. I didn’t know what the future was going to hold but it turned out to be very well. He can do almost anything if even if it requires somebody to help him. And he didn’t let say have that, he would figure out a way to do it. When he first started YouTube, it was kind of nerve wracking. Eventually I looked at it as for someone who is not as able to go out and just do whatever he wants whenever he wants, or you know go outside and play as a kid. As much as how somebody without OI could do. Then, I was like hey, you know this makes him have friends. Then more friends than he normally would have. Basically and had people that play games with and talk to and so yeah turned out to be really good thing. And so being on the Xbox and YouTube is changed his life literally. Greg: I thought it was a waste of time. I was wrong. Erin: Yeah, definitely real wrong. Bladen: My job is YouTube. What is going on guys? It is your boy Bastrin here and today
we’re going to be looking at some… Man YouTube is so fun. Check that out. I started doing a commentaries doing regular vlogs. Wait a minute seems like they don’t do vlog camera okay. Food reviews, drink reviews. Not bad. Honestly, I’ve a really great fan base like its so awesome. The supporters that I have are oh my God like, I’ve honestly been lucky because even though I did have hate here and there it has been you know, basically all in my support. I think, knowing that I’m inspiring people inspires me to inspire people. Until next time, I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Erin: Oh my goodness. I’m extremely proud of him. He graduated from high school and everything he set out to accomplish he did and I mean, I can’t believe he’s my kid to be as smart as he is to tell you the truth. But yeah, he’s definitely he’s made everybody proud. Bladen: Look at that, that’s . Okay Ricki: Bladen is a remarkable young man. I mean, he has just surpassed anything that we ever thought he could do. He’s got a clothing line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, everything and you can order them and they have his logo. So the whole family’s got the Bladen logo. He is not just a little, guy on YouTube. You know, he’s overcome an awful lot. Bladen: We’re going to Stop Button it’s a gaming bar. You know, there’s arcade, consoles, air hockey, pool and then alcohol because it’s an actual bar. But we’re not going to be doing anything because I do have to drive. The biggest challenge that I face in my condition is one like just moving and going outside and going to places. There’s so much to do. We can play like one of the shooter games. Ashton: Mostly I watch him play fortnite. And when he’s streaming then I’ll come and zoom in and just storm the scene. Bladen: Seven people left I got a good amount of stuff. Right now I got high ground. Everything’s kind of working out I got a, ball. So that’ll kind of give me some protection. Honestly my hands are getting a little sweaty I need because I’m getting nervous. Wow my bad I probably destroyed the mic right there. Hold on, hold on that dude is trying Oh my God. I got to get away from that guy. Um guys I could win this game. Ah, I lost dude came in second. That’s not bad. Honestly. Ashton: Mission failed, we’ll get him next time. Bladen: Mmmh. Bladen: I just want people with disabilities to feel like they are deserving of everything. Like you know, they can have the opportunities like I’ve had. They, can do anything that they want if they put their mind to it. Yeah, you might have limitations. You might have to modify some things. But in the end, you can do what you want. Keep positive no matter who you are. Just live life, be happy. You only got one life to live.

100 thoughts on “Gamer With ‘Bones of Glass’ Becomes Hit YouTuber | BORN DIFFERENT

  1. Man,what a great video ! this really inspired me,i have a bit of a disability myself but am extremely lucky. Bladen keep on kicking butt man ! props ! you rock dude !

  2. who knows if you have 1 life to live? what about if when you die you get born again? maybe an animal? maybe a bug? maybe a human again? no one ever knew and will never know until they die.

  3. Bastrin is by far my favorite YouTube. He is so inspiring. He inspires me to make videos, and just be myself and not what everyone else wants me to be. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Bastrin. God Bless.

  4. I destroyed the guy in zone wars thinking it was a kid, damn I regret being toxic too him never even had the time to search him up after

  5. I have ostegenesis imperfecta but I only have broken 5 bones I don’t really break that much but I could run a little bit but be careful

  6. people have no right to make fun of people just for their physical appearance, just like this guy. its no ones fault he ended up like this at birth

  7. I hope this dude gets surgery so he doesn’t have glass bones I want this dude to have a great great life bc I am also a gamer but I don’t have a channel

  8. He looks kinda cute…..he is a mixture between Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and Chester Bennington.anf Shawn white……🤠🤠🤠😁😁😁🕹️🎮🕹️🎮🕹️🎮🕹️🎮🕹️🎮🕹️

  9. its funny because like almost every person that is born different has not gotten bullied that much and every normal person has

  10. ive wanted to be a streamer my entire life, i have no medical problems besides being a recovering opiate addict. And ive always scared myself out of it because "i have social anxiety". This really made me realize im sort of being a coward, and even though i do have severe anxiety i should look at it as an obstacle not a road block.

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