The world is changing,
and the internet came to stay. Today in Brazil, many people
practice eSports. The tournaments
have packed up arenas. We have Brazilian cyber athletes
in the top of the world rankings. Today, on our show,
we’re meeting the biggest gamer. He’s the LeBron
of the games, the Brazilian champion
of League of Legends. Welcome, Marcondes76. JOURNALISM AS A PROFESSION This is Marcondes76’s
apartment. It’s in this room that the cyber athlete
trains every single day, twenty hours a day. What you don’t know
is that Marcondes76 is Congressman Jailson Marcondes,
from the right-wing party. O was a defendant in 2014
in the Operation Car Wash. I was one of the first
to be arrested. My lawyer cut me a deal
and I was sent to house arrest. Man, I got here
and there was nothing to do. I was walking in circles
inside the apartment. I was using
an ankle monitor. So, I decided to turn off the TV because nothing good
comes out of it. It’s all immoral stuff.
So, I turned on the computer. Then I started getting into
this gaming thing. Just simple games at first. I started playing LOL. I was like,
“This is interesting.” I founded
the right-winger’s team. It’s just people
from the right-wing in a similar situation
to mine. We play League of Legends. Today, you’re the Brazilian
LOL champion, right? And former Congressman
for Alagoas state. If you think a cyber athlete’s life
is very boring, you’re clueless. Congressman Marcondes
wakes up at 5 AM and have for breakfast eggs,
toasts and a load of coffee so he can face the day. Before
the long games of LOL, which can last for days, he takes care of his body. Pilates and cardio training are
crucial to prevent wrist pain after long hours
holding the game controller. Hands on the mouse. But before, a peak on what’s
going on in the federal capital. Damn it! They got Juca. I can’t believe it. Do me a favor
and send him 30,000 RPs. Otherwise,
he’ll get nervous. Then he’ll get in PSoldiers. Okay, I’m hanging up now. I’m logging in DisCode. Okay. Okay. Now we’re cooking. After exercising
and dealing with politics, Marcondes will spend the rest
of his day in this position and the next 25 years
and 6 months of his sentence. Congressman, how did you come up
with Marcondes76? The gaming market in Brazil
expanded after Operation Car Wash. Thanks
to the Public Ministry and the federal police, we can play this. Otherwise,
we’d be stuck with Mario Kart. Here, no one knows me,
no one judges me, I can play however I want. You can find here
at least five former ministers, congressmen, judges… Everyone’s here. I, for instance,
like this game here. Wilseff prefers
Counter-Strike. Adriana likes Guitar Hero. People need to make a union. That way,
we could get stronger together. I believe in that. Besides PMD-Bulls, PTrolls, PSD-Brawlers
and Demoniacs want to take over Hong Kong 2017
Gaming Championship. I have three right here. But Congressman Nogueira and I
will strike from the middle. Here we go! You son of a bitch! I killed two patrols. Congressman, I have
to confiscate your computer. -Junqueira, unplug it.
-This is serious. -I have a warrant.
-I’m in the middle of something. Why are you doing this? -I don’t care. Go ahead.
-It’s just 5 minutes. It’s worth points
for the rankings. You piece of shit! Be respectful. Come with me. Congressman Nogueira,
dad’s here. I’m no one’s dad. How can you touch
people’s stuff? Take the hard drive.
How can you do this? I can’t take this! Video games: fun, fantasy or the new way
to approach politics? Good night. On the next episode, YouTubers
from the South of Brazil. Who are those people
who leak videos in their channels? What’s up…? Sorry, guys. What’s up,
free men and women? If it happens… Sorry. I’ll start over. What’s up,
free men and women? If there’s a list
by next week, I’ll dye my hair purple.

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  1. Ola gostei muito dos seu videos, se puder da um help na inha pagina.
    preciso nao so ajuda e sim de todos seus seguidores tambem, para eu continuar com meu trabalho.

  2. Quem que jogar video game e se alimenta bem e faz pilate?

    Se alimentar bem = pão com manteiga e toddy.

    Pilate = Sair do PC para fazer oquê a mãe pede. Kkkkkk

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