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I never thought of myself as a gamer. I only played FIFA and Madden so I thought I was a jock. But then I spent like 80 bucks on FIFA ultimate tournament packs, because they had new icons. And that was when I knew. I’m a gamer. I don’t even follow soccer. I started the Gamers 4 Gamers support group because I recognised just how many problems video games were causing in society, and I wanted to make a real difference. Hi, my name is Bodie and I’m a gamer. Hi Bodie. I played Zelda at my cousins place one time when I was a kid. And twenty years later I can’t hold down a job, my girlfriend left me, I smoke too much weed. And that’s because of the game? I assume so. I’m a real piece of shit. It’s no secret that video games are responsible for everything from slowing down the internet, to rising crime rates, to even school shootings. And I think the media has really done a fantastic job of showing the public just how truly terrible gamers are. One day at work I discovered they’d left the default windows games on the computer, like Solitaire. At first It was just something I did when everyone was gone and I was alone. But then I discovered the other ones like Spider Solitaire, Hearts even Freecell. I haven’t done any actual work for six years. We all know, there’s a clear link between playing video games and degenerate behaviour. Yeah I used to play Pokemon as a kid. And I caught all 150 original Pokemon and I think that that’s why I run an illegal dog fighting ring from my backyard nowadays. I run an illegal dog fighting ring from my backyard nowadays. Yeah. Yeah I think it was the Pokemon. Yeah, I play PUBG, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, CS:GO I like the violent ones. Right and you’re here at the support group because want help to stop playing these games? What? No! My PC keeps blue screening. I thought this was a tech support group is that not what this is? We’re also here to support people who have been affected by gamers. We bought my aunt an iPad a few years back and now, every time I log on to Facebook I get requests for Farmville and Candy Crush. So what did you do? I smashed her iPad’s screen with a brick and told her it had a virus. You did the right thing. Are gamers fairly treated by the media? Maybe. Maybe not. The real degenerates are the people who watch anime. Yuk!

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