Gamers CAN’T Make up Their Minds on Pokemon Sword & Shield!

What the heck is going on with Pokemon
sword and shield when it comes to gaming and content creation this is probably
the most flip-flop iasts different changes I’m gonna do this and Thaddaeus
game that I’ve ever seen when it comes to Nintendo’s switch at least now look
it’s okay to change your opinion I get that but there are so many things that
people have said that makes absolutely no sense with this game we’ve seen
people say that the game is horrible it was a misfire Nintendo needs to do
better it’s just so bad bla bla bla and then come on it’s like oh well they’re
addicted to the game we’ve seen people say if they’re never gonna play the game
and it’s horrible because of X Y & Z and then get the game we’ve seen people say
that the game is fun but then the game is bad I mean I don’t even know what’s
going on here it’s absolutely crazy and that’s just one side heck there’s fans
out there that we’re literally saying I’m not gonna get this game no matter
what and I swear to you they went out there purchased the game played it and
said you know what maybe it’s not as bad maybe we’ve seen a n64 3/5 million times
online isn’t the full game me seemed a crappy double or double kick animation
multiple times maybe there’s actually other good stuff
about the game me seeing one of the legendary Pokemon spin on a y-axis
whatever maybe that’s not the full game maybe there’s actually things that are
good about it and that’s the funny thing with Pokemon sword and shield all I saw
beforehand was everybody just highlighting so many bad things here and
there but then when you actually play the game you realize that there’s
actually a lot of really good-looking parts in the game and it’s nowhere near
as bad as people are trying to make it out to be and I think that’s where this
whole flip-flopping thing just makes me say what what’s going on now don’t get
me wrong I’ve been playing Pokemon sword and shield still not beat the game yet I
put 35 hours into it I’m about halfway through when it comes to the gym badges
I think I have like four or five or something like that so I’m getting my
way through the game collecting Pokemon and having fun there’s some areas that
they can definitely improve right I mean they can use some more tree textures
maybe kind of use some of those sudowoodo textures on some of those
trees next time Game Freak but at the same time the game is actually
beautiful in a lot of different areas and improves on so many different
aspects of the Pokemon universe especially if you’re playing the games
from the GBA and the D s and then Tendo three years this is a pretty big upgrade
and I think that’s where the flip-flopping kind of comes through
right like if you look at the previous games and you compare them I mean
obviously it’s a massive upgrade to those games I think the problem that
people are doing is that they’re comparing it to Legend of Zelda or
they’re comparing it to a lot of single-player RPGs which I’ve never
really understood about that maybe you should compare it to games that are kind
of like it you know like yokai watch or like did you monitor something like that
but the compare it to like Legend of Zelda which doesn’t have to worry about
400 different Pokemon or doesn’t have to worry about competitive multiplayer and
doesn’t have to worry about all of that it’s just a single-player game you know
so I always find these comparisons really weird and a bit unfair
considering the developers don’t have to worry about other stuff like multiplayer
like online like a bunch of different Pokemon and all that stuff but that’s
beside the point I think the whole thing with this is is probably just play the
game yourself that’s the biggest thing here and that’s why we’re seeing
flip-flopping people are too quick to judge based off how something looks you
see the graphics and you’re saying oh well this is going to suck and
everything’s going to suck in this game where it should look like X Y & Z but
then you kind of realize or you kind of lose sight of access playing the game to
have fun alright I mean that’s the main goal of any game unless it’s death
stranding then the main goal is to not have fun at all but I mean like jokes
aside jokes aside I mean like the main goal is to have fun and enjoy the game
and every game doesn’t have to be perfect and just because a company has
this much money or that much money doesn’t mean they’re gonna have the
experience doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to do things better than other
people that have better experience how many times have you seen players in the
NFL or MBA or whatever the case is more teams that have a lot less be a better
team that has more it’s about experience there’s varying factors there’s all
sorts of stuff that play a part into game development but absolutely Game
Freak can get better but at the same time doesn’t mean the game is horrible
or doesn’t mean – game is bad and that’s where the flip-flopping is kind of
coming through now once again if you don’t like Pokemon so
shield and that’s fine don’t like the game don’t play it do whatever stick to
your guns but I think that there’s been a lot of flip-flopping considering how
popular this game is you would have thought by looking at all the different
comments you would have thought by looking at all the different outrage you
would have thought by all the different videos out there from people who have no
idea how to make a game or even talk to a single developer out here backseat
armchair developer you would think that this game was going to sell zero copies
or I was going to sell very few or would not reach anywhere near what the 3ds
games did considering the install base is lower than what the 3ds was that but
that’s not the case because I think 95% of people who play pokemon games want to
have fun that’s like the number one goal is to have fun and they’re willing to
take compromises in this area or that area in order to get that experience now
the one thing that I’ve noticed with Pokemon out of the whole gaming industry
people will sit there and say it doesn’t do that or doesn’t do this but there’s
not a lot of games like Pokemon there’s barely any games like Pokemon and you
have big companies like Activision you have big companies like EA you have big
companies that could easily well not easily but they can make a
Pokemon type of game or a clone where you have a bunch of different monsters
that you collect and you trade them and battle them that is something to where
most of the time when you see in the game industry if somebody does like
something successful other people will copy it right like Call of Duty or even
Dark Souls whatever the cases but for some reason they don’t want a copy
Pokemon and I think I know the reason why because it’s too hard to keep up in
terms of everything you need to do from time to time because everyone’s gonna
want to keep those monsters from one game to the next game to the next game
and it’s just really difficult we see that with Digimon Digimon doesn’t have
all the Digimon from previous games and Digimon survived the new one isn’t gonna
have everything we’ve seen it with yokai watch we’ve seen it with so many titles
you know so I think that’s what’s going on here but that’s what also creates to
the allure of Pokemon that’s what also creates so I have such a big fan base
and why people are going to continue playing Pokemon because there really
isn’t many other experiences like it that can do it at that level Pokemon is
pretty much the best experience with that monster collect
battling trading and all of that and I think once you play and you stop
worrying about all the other external things and stop listening to what
somebody else says in order to form your own opinion you start realizing that hey
this is actually pretty cool it’s a good game and I’m trying to explain why maybe
we have some of this flip-flopping going on why we have people saying that it’s a
fun game but it might be bad or that it’s a bad game but I’m having fun or
whatever the case is right like when people are just saying all sort of stuff
I’ve heard it from all over and it’s like whoa I mean just play the game and
have fun you know what I’m saying just worry
about that just worry about what is cool about the game once again you can
critique stuff right you can critique you can sit there and say this or that I
actually have no problem with that whatsoever people are allowed to say you
know whatever when it comes to it and if you’re playing you know that’s fine
that’s fine to do that but at the end of the day that’s still important when it
comes to fun like that’s the most important thing because if you’re not
motivated in one way if the game isn’t interesting or fun and there’s nothing
to keep you playing then you’re probably not going to and that’s when it turns
into a game for most people that turns into a bad experience you know so for me
I’ve kept on playing despite some of the faults of the game has I’ve kept on
playing and I thought that it was going to be a great experience no matter what
but I will be honest I was taking a little off guard I guess by how good the
game did look in certain areas and everything because all I’d seen was the
wild area and everyone complaining about the same thing over and over I also was
a little bit surprised by some of the animations in the game because everyone
pretty much before the game wanted that all this just sucks
every animations trashed the reusing everything where is that’s not the case
there’s a lot of cool beautiful looking moves and animations so I think at the
end of the day I think the moral is just kind of play yourself and form your own
opinion and stop heading into things with so many pre thought you know
conceived notions on what this game is going to be or what it is and try to
just have a little bit more of an open mind
heading into it before you tear down the game completely or even build up the
game to be the greatest thing ever just kind of going through it and say hey
look I like it based off of this that or that I mean if it’s a known
friendship that you know you’re going to love then go into it that way I mean if
it’s something that is it then hey go into it with an open mind you might like
it a lot more than you think and you won’t have to go kind of back
and forth but this is just me trying to explain maybe what’s going on with this
game everything that I’ve been seeing so far from content gamers out there from
like lots of stuff it’s pretty crazy but at the same time it makes sense it makes
a bit of sense considering how diverse and considering the range of software
that we have on the Nintendo switch we have a lot of games that are open-ended
we have a lot of games that are big different types of experiences and
you’re gonna get a lot of people saying a lot of different stuff with these type
of games so overall that’s just my thought on this guy’s once again
no shots to anybody out there I just felt that it was very compelling and
interesting to see this type of dynamic with this game pokemon sword and shield
but the game is continuing to sell really well the game is continuing to be
a game that many people are playing and enjoying and having fun with so uh yeah
that’s pretty much it so what do you guys think about all this when it comes
to Pokemon stories yield let me know your thoughts in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here thank you guys so much
for watching this old Jay X video make sure you like subscribe comment and
share the video if you can and we will see you guys for the next one peace

38 thoughts on “Gamers CAN’T Make up Their Minds on Pokemon Sword & Shield!

  1. *shots fired 👀 (naw it's all fun n Games) but I've put over 100 hours in so far. It was, is what I expected. My expectations weren't very high for this franchise. It brings what it brings to the table and others do the same. It's the same, but better. Missing features, but gaining features.

  2. Sword and Shield has become one of my favorite games Nintendo published this year. There is stuff that the game is lacking (voice acting), but this is easily the most comfortable one to play. It values your time by adding QoL improvements like getting Fly in the beginning, removing random encounters, XP share, and accessing the boxes wherever.

  3. Great work as usual oj, the modern mob mentality is dangerous, people really need to start thinking for themselves. Hopefully I can catch one of the streams soon keep it up

  4. look I knew about the falts of the games but I ended up buying 3 double packs and a switch light so a cousin could play I haven't stopped playing since I got em

  5. I was someone who I will admit to being one of those people who wasn’t going to get the game. But I am glad I did I love it

  6. Honestly, I didn't think the game was good after playing a copy I borrowed, but this is a topic that will eventually die in a few months when a new game is announced.

    There are definitely people that jumped on the hate too fast for the sake of just hating. Either way it's just a game so play it if you want.

  7. The greatest thing about this game for me is its just pure fun. Thats all I need. Donno when did graphics and some other stuffs became more important than "having fun" part.

  8. I was just annoyed by people complaining about a game they hadn’t even played yet. I’ve been playing the game since launch and it just makes me so happy to play. Been enjoying my time with it.

  9. I recall some youtuber saying it best: "It's fun because it is Pokemon, but it's also disappointing because its Pokemon." Pokemon is just so ingrained, its kind of inevitable. Also FOMO is a thing. You still buy it even though its ripping you off in my opinion. Should be 40 dollars. But considering its a Pokemon game, you are bound to get caught in the motions and enjoy it despite knowing this Pokemon game actually has more flaws than its predecessors, especially for the first console entry.

    Edit: Also comparisons on a switch game by switch game basis is a pretty fair critique to make it. It's a good game, but it doesn't push the envelope as much as Mario, Zelda, and Fire Emblem did with their console entries.

  10. Congrats on 2k subs!
    Pokemon was a fun game for sure. I was binge playing it like crazy during the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm honestly amazed how much controversy this game has had. It isn't even over since I'm hearing about people trying to impersonate Game Freak employees and making false claims.

  11. I've put in about 40 hours into the game and have four badges I believe. It's safe to say that all the issues that I had heard about the game are in fact true. The texture issues, the lack of variety in Pokemon animations, the generic story and general lack of innovation are all there. Not to mention the pretty awful online functionality. Other parts of the game are good, no doubt but that doesn't mean that the complaints people had about the game leading up to the launch are any less true.

    And I don't really buy the lack of experience argument. They've made two HD game prior to this one. What people want isn't cutting edge or new. Game freak wouldn't have to break new ground to do these things. just look at how fire emblem three houses turned out. Or how animal crossing New horizons is looking. People just make excuses for game freak. think the fact is they don't want to do these things that fans want and at the end of the day that's their choice.

    I'll also add that I think when people say they want a breath of the wild Pokemon, they don't mean they want a Pokemon game that is like breath of the wild. Breath of the wild was a paradigm shift for the Zelda series and Nintendo as a whole. It took huge risks, didn't take shortcuts and is now the top selling Zelda game. I think that's what people wanted out of the first console Pokemon game.

  12. Sword and Shield is a great game. People who are flipping on their opinion just need to admit they were wrong and stop trying to save face.

  13. I accidently bought Pokemon Shield and caught all 400 Pokemon. Last time I played Pokemon it only had 151 Pokemon, so for me that's 2.6x more Pokemon.
    Pokemon Sword / Shield have a lot of quality of life improvements, the things Pokemon goes good they do great, but the biggest fix they need is with Max Raid Battles – when those work they're the most fun / best part of the game. Sadly an exploit has people spamming empty raid battles, plus the game has bad online code. We have empty raids that even after you tried to join them and your console knows it's closed the game will still show it – That should not exist, they need to remove that lag on removing empty raids!

  14. I have remained by my word and haven't bought the game. The only way I would give it a chance is if there was a demo, or someone bought it for me. From what I seen of people show off, (including this vid) I'm still not impressed.

  15. It is good but not great. It has cool new Pokemon, great gym leaders, and awesome music. But the massive cut to the Dex is horrible. There is a lack of post game content. Some animations and glitches here and there. Among other things too.

    It was good but not great. It needs a lot of improvements. And GameFreak needs to take the backlash against the cut Dex into consideration for future games and quite frankly DLC.

    Maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10.

  16. I just want voice acting haven't played since GBA days and my biggest gripe is lack of voice acting. like 30 minutes into the game and I'm like whew that's a lot of dialogue for a game that's just shoving happy go lucky songs in your ear. of course more tense scenes have a more intense background music but I found myself tapping through a lot of dialogue I probably should have read jus to get on with the game voice acting probably would have kept me more engaged with story based points. also a little jarring to see the cool animations but not sound, you know? also the rival was annoying as all get out at the beginning I remember being ready to take off and being like gosh I gotta talk to him again?? cant we just go?? ahhhh!!!! overall pretty fun game but man… Gamefreak that voice acting….. get on it I mean even if its Japanese audio or a pokemon specific language

  17. I'm not getting it for 3 reasons
    1) not a Pokemon fan anymore
    2) need money for next year's games
    3) Christmas/Birthdays

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