Gamers First Reactions to Marvel’s Spider-Man! | Marvel’s Spider-Man

100 thoughts on “Gamers First Reactions to Marvel’s Spider-Man! | Marvel’s Spider-Man

  1. 1:35 It may just be me but looks like his suit in the hm hm area is more…feminine. Like shouldn't that be, lower? It looks like he's like…tucking. oh this is embarrassing I'll leave

  2. That guy with the beanie "shh i wanna see the story"
    proceeds to miss almost everything cause hes reading out subscribers

  3. мда столько идиотов в одном видио я ещё не видел оО

  4. From what i learn from this is
    1.peter needs to pay bills
    2.peter needs to wash his suit
    3.Spider-man needs his own catchphrase
    4.peter needs to pick up aunt may from feast on 10pm
    Im pretty sure you guys can fill out the rest

  5. I started yesterday the New Game Plus and got mindblown when it jumps cause it had the outfit I had in the previous game. This game is AMAZING!

  6. Has anyone realized that when he didn't pay his rent all his stuff about Spiderman and web shooters was taken. I wonder how the person that took the stuff didn't realize he's spiderman

  7. Is it smart for a guy like Peter, who never pays rent and is about to get evicted, to just leave Spider-Man related things laying around? Which later happens in the game without any repercussions . . . And landlord didn't see any weird gear and sketches . . . ? Didn't think anything about the newspaper clippings?
    This is just meaningless nitpicking, the game is/was awesome.

  8. You should have made the video a little longer to show their reactions to the first web-swinging sequence

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