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I have an angel singing in my ears What the fuck is that I? Didn’t say the reef backs are my favorite big just in general because they’ve been there since the start I just love how they sound and they were the first creatures that I heard had like that And I just loved those sounds shit we’re almost at our max depth This is where I went into prawn suit shit gets scary down there, man Let me tell you something for nothing, but we have yet to come across my second favorite creatures Which are almost my favorite creatures, which is the crab squids I? Think some of them actually dwell down here and the only reason I like them so much is they look weird and They look scary, but the sounds they make are the best sound in the whole game And they did a really good job designing the sounds through them I Have an angel singing in my ears what the fuck is that? What is that the ghost Leviathan Holy fuck Whoa that’s cool have I seen one of them. Let me see one of them in the lab alone Dude this music is baller god, they’re fucking scary He was spazzing out there though he okay, here’s like all over the place This music going along with this is so cool Come back closer so we can see your shiny chain does the shine turn off whereas it just doesn’t far away from them. Oh What am I doing tempting fate like this but he doesn’t have any like grab her hands on the front like the other Reaper to come up and like attack me I Want to follow him I want to see his glowy shine And he seems to be swimming away instead of getting closer. Yeah, it is just cuz I’m far away Or. Are you luring me to my death? What sounds do you make That’s what I’m most curious about sounds are a big deal to me What’s happening? Oh? Oh? Oh? Oh God? Oh? This is a mistake wasn’t it? Hi-hi big beautiful boy oh Are you coming What’s coming for me. Oh it’s coming from me. Oh shit. Yeah, fuck okay? I didn’t know if you’re actually coming from me there for a minute. Oh my god. I’m at 49 health already Okay do not tempt fate fate will come back and bite you in your hairy ass oh But that was cool And then there’s a xxxx death ex note Xxxx who said mark legend has it that the ghost Leviathan is attracted to a big yellow submarine and a loud doofus who screams at everything he sees You’ve been warned That’s about dog wash I don’t believe that for a goddamn second nobody can convince me otherwise Okay I’m safe. Let me say before I do this okay I think the bones of this dead probably ghost Leviathan are good enough for spawning in the ghost Leviathan so I Oh fucking hell hi holy shit, hi oh Hi, oh hi, oh hi, oh you’re nuzzling I pissed my pants oh hi Oh god stop nuzzling oh Jesus oh My god. Oh my god. Oh my oh my god Oh Well that’s spooky Uh-oh, I don’t like that. Oh my god. It has a map oh Okay, all right, so it’s not fully implemented yet, but that is freaking terrifying. It’s not I Mean depending on this. I’m not gonna make any assumptions. Oh hi. Oh god. Oh, don’t do that to me Don’t do that to me. Oh fuck dude Oh fuck I Didn’t know you can actually hurt me I Didn’t know you could I thought you were like you know not implemented. Okay? He’s gonna ghost into the rocks there Everything is fine. Oh God he’s gonna come back for a second pass Whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa? Whoa? Maybe it is attractive to have a thing that just screams at it. Hey you’ll be very alone. Oh my god. Oh Yeah Okay, so I? Miss my cries by this thing and oh my god Oh my god Huh so fucking scary oh, so goddamn scary oh god. I’m about to run out of oxygen, okay? I don’t know if it did any damage to big box Barry, but okay Then guys so I think we have to type this right here spawn goes to the violin. I’m ready are you guys alright? Let’s countdown for this three two One let’s go oh oh my god wedeck oh My I must look a mine it’s now roaming the place. Oh, holy shoot dude. Oh my god Wait how dude I’m in silent mode is it legit attacking me? Oh? My gosh look okay. This thing is freaking insane. Dude. It’s kind of getting stuck down here, but wow Look at this. Okay. It is really aggressive whoa It is knocking I’m in silent mode, but it doesn’t matter it is still actually attacking the shit, okay? I have no idea where it’s gone right now Currently the Cyclops is stationary it seems to be leveling back out. It was I guess oh That’s right, I’m up in out of this. This is going into IMAX in the ship. Please don’t be nearby To a dude okay whoa What did it just do I like pulsed away? Please don’t tell me it’s gonna do that when it attacks me this thing is huge look at it It looks amazing as well. Okay. Okay? I’m gonna swim close to it. Okay. You ready you’re freakin ready. Let’s go Oh, my gosh. Whoa Wow okay? I froze I froze it. Let’s go. Let’s scan it. Can we scan the thing? That sucks right I’m freaking out. This is scary as heck so we can’t scan the ghost of ice and Eva just yet Dude, that sucks. We can really see in all of its beauty right there look at it I want to try and use the bones right here to shield myself from it once it gets free that first it for a long Time right there that is it more interesting me on my Cyclops. Let me just see I Gotta get right next to it to get inside okay. Here. We go. Let’s go. Let’s go get inside Why would he get inside get the Freak get inside dude come on get in oh no I can’t cuz it’s moving it go go go What is that? You fucking kidding me subnautica Are you serious? You stick a ghost Leviathan in this goddamn air this dude wasn’t this wasn’t here before oh? No, no that that was not here before What What Son of a bitch all right Well engine powering down looks like we get to have some fun today. Don’t we God damnit they stopped a freaking ghost Leviathan here, are you kidding me dudes come on? Come on. Why are you gonna? Do that? I enjoyed my Lost River experiences it was fucking It was fucking peaceful. It was fun. I liked getting to chill around here without giving a shit Ah Excellent crystalline sulfur I’ve alway always once sulfur in my areas Well I do need some crystal and silver don’t do that to me That’s fine I always need some crystalline sulfur yes Shit Okay I Have never once engaged a reaper or not a reaper a ghost leviathan before That thing is very big Actually If anything that thing is significantly Farther away than I expected it to be wayward I’ve got two storage modules on this thing this that just Just go straight up in here probably oh My god that is a big fish That is a big fish Okay, well I’ve got my drill arm. So that makes me feel. Just naturally better about this horrendous environment that I’m in I I used to like the Lost River. It was a fun area But no you just had to go around and make Oh It attacked one of them Not me Ah Monka s song is like my spirit animal right now spirit emo. That’s what we’re gonna call it

100 thoughts on “Gamers React to the GHOST LEVIATHAN! | Subnautica

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  2. Bricky, Sees Ghost leviathan and hears alien distorted message.
    Casually drinks coffee
    Just a normal day at the office xD

  3. It's not fun if people just choose to spawn the damn thing in. Takes the excitement of a random chance encounter entirely away

  4. You can't scan the ghost leviathan or track it on radar. I went into void and tried.

    I noticed this and realized the ghost leviathan is an actual ghost.

    I was surprised and told nearby people about it.

  5. In my world every aggressive laviathan is dead, justice server for my poor seamoth, never get attached to these things, if my cyclops dies every laviathan will die

  6. I was lying down lost on YouTube when jack gave me the best advice I’d heard “DO NOT TEMP FATE, FATE WILL COME BACK AND BITE YOU IN YOUR HAIRY ARSE!!”

  7. Gamers react: uses felix in thumbnail for a game he doesn't play.
    Pewdiepie: Can we copy strike this guy?

  8. Anybody else laughing so hard at the first clip that you just listen to it about 10 times before continuing ? No… just me lol.

    “I have an angel singing in my ears . WHAT THE -“

  9. “I have an angel singing in my ears”
    30 seconds later
    “This music is baller”

  10. Me: Drawing while this randomly plays on my playlist
    Jack: I have a angel singing in my ear WHAT THE F#%k IS THAT
    Me: Uhhh jack u okay?

  11. Okay why would you spawn in a ghost leviathan in the lost river, there are literally 3 in the river and one right next to the bone field where he spawn it in.

  12. I wouldn’t count the ones that spawn them in as “reactions.” Yes it is the first time seeing it but they know where it’s gonna be and they also know what it looks like. It’s boring.

  13. i had one of these beasts follow me all the way to the safe shallows…

    safe to say i was a perfect recreation of this entire video

  14. Tried to kill it with my prawn suit, because a prawn suit has tons of health, and I drilled its face for half an hour, and still not dead!

  15. It's really a shame I can't find the ghost leviathans too scary. Even with my crippling fear of water, they just kinda look like awkward earthworms with the way they move, rather than dangerous predators.

  16. Subnautica-a game like minecraft but a ocean version theres a real planet is full of water no land at all its like subnautica but boring

  17. "I think those bones of these deads, probably goes to leviathans, i believe…
    (Types command)

  18. For those wondering, the music for the blood kelp zone is called 'crash site' it plays in multiple places like jellyshroom cave or aruara site but the blood kelp is the main area

  19. The ghost leviathan is probably one of the most terrifying and most beautiful creatures in all of Subnautica!

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