Gamers Reactions Breaking the FOURTH WALL! | Baldi’s Camping Field Trip!

This campaign, whoa, I mean Have you check around the school a bit more longer the demo ends here and we definitely can’t no seriously Wait, why would I let me go VIN more forward stop. There’s nothing else look the more you do this You’ll regret this we know breaking the fourth wall on the halls Are you can? I’m, not shit. Hey, I’m gonna try the other side. I genuinely thought that was gonna be like a wall of something Let’s see. What happens here the demo until you say well, let me go ahead and see about that. Oh Okay, then I don’t think we or the demo ends here. Wait what I Thought I don’t know I thought maybe I could walk in it what’s over here though Oh Demo, that’s what oh, no, seriously, that’s it No stop they’re selling else. You’ll regret things liking the fourth wall in the halls scare the crap out of me We finally were able to break the fourth wall Was that literally the fourth wall there like that was a plane It was a bad pun shame on you miss man twelve But also I love you because you made a freaking awesome game the demo ends here Oh It does Hmm check out the other hallway the demo ends here no, seriously, that’s ant Stop. There’s nothing else. I don’t believe you Comic Sans Not at all. You’ll wreck rantin – no breaking the fourth wall in the halls So you just hanging out in the back of this hallway principal Well happened dear leg by the way, and are you wearing socks? Never noticed that before He’s definitely Smoking some weed back there found a secret. I can see the title now baldies basic secret area The demo and TLS no good stop. Okay, I Wonder if we can when the full games that we can like go back to these classrooms and stuff It’s like oh Well Okay, we can actually go through these. No, seriously. That’s it. Stop. There’s nothing else You’ll regret this No, breaking the fourth wall on the halls, huh? Really It’s a freaking principle, what do you doing here poor guy just trapped here for eternity. Well Okay, let’s just go camping guys You

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