Gamers Reactions to DEE DEE DOING A SNEAKY THING! | FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

I see you right there. So am I good is that good? I don’t know what’s going on guys. This is absolutely also open that Oh Can you stop Okay, yeah you can stop right up All right, so I don’t understand the snap Let me close that there’s something new that we now have to try and discover. I guess. How’s your voice a bass boost? What the Freak? Alright, so so far we see Bird likes you Okay, okay. Okay so sees is a distraction she’s like noise So say you can’t hear like if somebody who’s at the door or something good thing It’s only them have to worry about and it doesn’t look like any of thinking killed They’re all just distractions. I think golden freddy only appears when you go into your monitor and come back out, right? No Michelle disappeared. Oh, yeah Ashley bird I Can’t believe you just add your Challenger, let’s go soundproof cuz I don’t know who’s coming. I can’t believe you did that to me So is it just like a random animatronic like a new one that shows up if it’s a phone call that we’ve heard before? Let’s check out the rest of that and the map though while we’re doing that Oh Who are you who are you wait the fake the Vettii what Oh, What is happening a new challenger has appeared what is what’s that that wasn’t that wasn’t JJ? Oh My god, there’s somebody outside the door close it Is she gone that was nightmare? Who was that? I’ve never seen that character before I That must have been the girl from the the new irritation approaches on Sky Games Think she’s totally missed me. What was that? Why did she come in she needs to rake. I don’t understand She’s really maced me up though some panicking over the place Pull up your mass Oh I’m out this game is so difficult a phone call I’m making so much noise Whoo-hoo new IDs who have you ID’d Who have you ID’d Stark, how may I be of service to you know? Move you a deeds Guys, I don’t know who’s been a debug got seven seconds to live No, no. No. I’ve got this. I’ve got this Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Close that door What What no no, no, no, no, no no close the door. There you go. Oh, No No Fuck off Christ both eyes were there. Did you see them? Oh wait, there’s did you someone’s staring me in the face What Away go away go Away please This is like. Oh geez. Why is there I can’t do this? I’m so I’m so scared. I’m so afraid I don’t know what’s happened But I think I’m slightly misunderstanding wait no No way. She’s gonna be my kryptonite for this game So let me click that it close that I want the power to be 60% again or rather the heat That’s gonna be my thing. I should get rid of you who got added And then a and B, that’s it that’s the only time I should look at the camera My problem oh and then they threw a new jock what can I do for ya? Oh wait, wait we Soundproof sure. Oh I got a widen this sucker up. Um, wait, he’s that afraid. Oh, My oh What’s Papa Tony I Don’t like you What oh right I forgot See That threw me off because I had no idea what to do for toy pani. He wasn’t even in that challenge and why didn’t Why did JJ pop in there? Like does she just pop in randomly whenever she wants? Because that’s a pain in my booty ho No, it was DD not JJ sorry, it was DD Where I guess DD is like its own entity and not even part of this whole thing. It’s literally over Bauer’s every challenge. Okay, great You You

100 thoughts on “Gamers Reactions to DEE DEE DOING A SNEAKY THING! | FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

  1. I'm too much of a puss to play this SOMEONE GIVE ME CONFIDENCE!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. These guys are playing the beta version and didn't know what to do… so I guess DeeDee was a suprise

  3. Oh oh how unfotunate, oh oh how unfortunate I know how much you like to fight so I aded a new problem to you're night

  4. 1:20 –1:21
    Dee dee: uh oh how unfortunate
    Dee dee: uh oh how unfortunate
    Ericvanwiiderman: your unfortunate

  5. Whoever dawko was was just about the most annoying one in the comp! Dude said who have you added to Dee Dee like 7 times back to back. As if she can hear him like wtf.

  6. Oh oh! How unfortunated!
    OH OH! How unfortunated!
    I know how much you like to fight
    So i add another problem to your night!

    Oh oh! How unfortunated!
    OH OH! How unfortunated!
    I gonna do a sneaky thing
    trhowing you contender in the ring!
    P.D.: I’m not English sorry if there is a wrong word

  7. Dee dee:I will add a new problem to ur night

    Me:L0l YoU SuCk YuO Dow nUtiNG


  8. Uh oh! How unfortunate! Uh oh! How unfortunate!
    Uh oh! How unfortunate! Uh oh! How unfortunate!
    You mix me up with JJ a lot, You don't know what game I'm from,
    So now it's time to get revenge! So I'm going to get some sweet revenge! ~ Sincerely DeeDee

  9. DeeDee: I'm in a game lots of people hated/didn't play, you know what, I'm getting into UCN somehow!
    Scott: makes deedee annoying


  11. How unfortunate…
    How unfortunate…
    I know how much you like to fight,

    So I’ll yeet you out the window, have a good flight! 🙂

  12. Uh oh How Unfortunate! Uh Oh! I'll Add A Comment! In The Comment Whatever Its Called! A NEW COMMENT HAS APPEARED!

  13. My question is why do ppl think that Dee Dee is related to JJ??
    Anyway DD ruins everyone’s lives and no one likes her
    Agree below 👇

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