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The dude bites your ankles and your done No wonder you cram on a little free cologne, sorry the freak wait we have like a super attic Y’all do you guys see this? I think this is grandma’s new pet Saint this is freaking grandma. Oh, okay. That thing is CD. Okay, so we got Speedy Gonzales up in here. Oh Holy crap, dude. Oh my gosh, it goes upstairs She’s in the floor. Oh my gosh. What is this, please? No, creaky floors, what is that button? I don’t know what this is. I don’t trust this. Oh My god What the Freak What there’s another floor What’s up here? No do not let it if it’s a spider. I’m gonna freak out it better not be a spider. Um Okay, let’s think about this It’s a spider. It’s actually a spider. I can see it. What am I supposed to do? It’s gonna kill me. It’s 100% gonna kill me. That’s like, is that food? What are you doing? Look at its eyes. Oh, no I’m not a fan of this an empty plate I Can’t pick it up. I Can lock it in though. There must be something over there. Maybe it’s gonna laugh They got me look at its face. It’s so creepy. Why is she got a pet? We have to feed it something What do you feed a spider? What do you feed a spider flies? I mean son spiders can eat bird, so I need to go find a bird This is cool Yep, oh my god, there’s another Floor here. What in the hell is this an empty plate? So we got a fun? It’s granny’s pit Know What Oh Wow that was so fast, we got to put the meat there to distract granny’s pet that must be what we have to do. Oh My What is going on over here Man what is that? Granny got a pet spider the size of a miniature schnauzer What is going on? That is cool. I like that a lot guys. All right, what’s up here? is this You have an attic in your attic granny. How rich are you that you have two attics? That doesn’t make sense? All right, whatever. I guess what addicts not good enough for you. Ooh Hello Who are you? He’s kind of cute. Look it’s a little spider. Bro. Oh, what is this thing? Is this um, an empty plates I Just this exists. Oh This feels real sketchy guys like this feels super sketchy Like I feel like if I go across this line, I might die, but I want to try for science guys. Here we go I really don’t like spiders but what’s right? Oh, gosh. It doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like Adele Did you just kill me I just got killed by a spider oh The spider was too strong, let’s put this here Dude she heard that she heard that all day all night. She heard that with her eyes alright, so this is the new room and this is An empty place a frog? Oh my god Really Freaking fastest fuck-boy spider. Are you kidding me? I see you big old bug eyes He you think I don’t see a spider right over here. You think that I’ll see it, right? All right over here Ok, so you can’t avoid the spider. So I have no idea what you’re supposed to do More shotgun shells Uh A spider her pet is a spider. I Gotta go get the meat What What is this? Another level. Oh My gosh, okay. There’s a whole nother Granny has a spider Granny has a pet spider Holy cow Okay, okay Yeah, I think I’ve talked about how I I don’t really like spiders and granny does the whole like spider granny thing under the bed? Now she has a pet spider Granny has a pet spider you guys Okay, that is What are you supposed to do about that let’s go ahead and do this, let’s go go to the key You see this It goes even higher she’s got like a three-story house on the go man. Granny is doing that building work. Um a freaky stick I don’t like the You see that’s not good. That’s just an open cage right there That’s like a red button to the side of it and there’s some kind of like dinner plate over there Yeah, what the heck is this? I don’t know how noisy the floor is Do I go over towards the plate? Is that what I do? She’s got a freaking spider pet you see that oh my God, look at this thing. Hey little guy Can I ask a nice shoot you in there walk away. I Just I’m really scared. I’m actually scared of this thing. Oh my god, okay move The dude fights your ankles and you’re done

100 thoughts on “Gamers Reactions to Granny’s Pet Spider | Granny

  1. Me playing granny:”opens door to other attic” ohhhh it goes higher “walks up and looks around” okay so there that cage thingy and what’s that “walks over to plate” okay well do i need to put something on the plate?

    Spider: hehehe it’s meh time to SHINE

    Me:”turns around” what there’s something in the box thingy

    Spider:”runs at me like a little bish” RAWR

    Me: “deadly afraid of spiders” WHAT THE FU$# DAT A SPIDER NOOOOOO!

    Spider: “kills meh” hehehe yes master will be pleased.

    Hiya if you made it this far then you care bout da sh!t I’m saying so YAY and thxs…..k bai

  2. Me:hello spider *pets*you look cute gives him a dead fly granny I found your pet :granny:thank his name is jack the spider:D

  3. My reaction finding the spider:
    Walking into the attic room, exploring, then all of a sudden, blood on the screen and spider beside me. Lol

  4. If you do the mouse next, i did got my reaction in 2 parts.
    So if you use mine, i recommend downloading both of it.
    The was that the mouse and wqs that seriusly the mo aaaah.

  5. Dude I found a secret base underground , so if you see a thing by the outside window if u go down there you'll see where grandpa was before he got mudured

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