Gamers Reactions to The Butcher Gang (Jumpscare) | Bendy and The Ink Machine – Chapter 3

The butcher gang AH What the frig oh my god die Die Die Jesus Christ is another new character. Oh my god. Ah I can’t believe that just happened That was good. I love that that was awesome. Oh My god That was insane the butcher gang is it… Oh god AAHHH OH SH*T That doesn’t look very generic to me. No it’s not that was a great Scare although the combat in this doesn’t look very good. It’s prety garbage by one Click it That scared the living f*ck out of me that would be great aye That was that was a good jump scare of really clever one. I really liked it The butcher gang, OMG Boys you hear that boys get over here well, oh my gosh horse brought a switch We out here nope We’re out of here You may hear me scream it up boy. I’m but to start Hello the butcher gang okay Boris four skillets or is kill second Boris Boris, what are you doing? Don’t design? Okay? I got you Boris Oh my gosh You scared me to death are you dead? Oh? It started to inking that bait it away You okay now Boris you good Gosh what is wrong with this place? That was not pleasant at all All right well let’s be a little bit more careful this time Are you done is anyone else gonna pop out of there should I be worried right now? I need to know these things Hello I’ll fight you don’t you dare pop out at me again? Why is it all flashy flashy over here, I don’t Force Morris Morris was just sit there you freaking asshole, dude, dude, dude No No I Was trying to find the one of these really ever where did that thing go fool screw the butcher gang, man Where are they I’m so scared right out You know what I oh? My god really I gotta kill him Come at me bro come at me bro come on Yeah simple piece of shit What the fuck was that I’m sorry guys I totally thought that I would have died there if I if I I thought I would have to hide I think that’s more for bendy. I gotta do The butcher gang well fantastic Stuck I’m stuck. I’m stuck on pressing the wrong Keys Horace Horace. Oh god. He’s hiding he’s not even gonna help me Well do I go run and hide I don’t know do I hit him Oh? God Are you the butcher getting Boys I’ll protect you oh, don’t worry Boris oh I was gonna give him that weapon Boris. Can you not up up? Well thanks for your help Boris Thanks so much for your help. Oh my god Yes, definitely something huh what then okay? What are you no? No, no, no, what is even that? Okay, all oh, yeah Boris. You’re such a good help you were so great okay Robot is he chasing me is he chasing me, okay? He probably is we shouldn’t wait around to find out keep on going all right. They can’t just introduce other characters like that, okay? I’m just trying to hide. That’s all I know Get in there Now see what the meetly is it’s really smart to what he’s done. He’s introduced other things when no one suspected it It’s the element of surprise well now. I know why we have a pipe He’s not he’s not chasing. Yes, so I guess we got to go freakin beat him over the head with this pipe Oh there you are Here all right all right you want to freak against these heads He’s got a always got a rich – what are you? Man I owe So he’s just an ink monster We’ve seen a poster though. I didn’t really get a good chance to look at it I was all scared that for just freakin hood. I slept that food. Okay. Let’s get the butcher gang I don’t like that. Oh oh What’s happen? Oh? What does that die? Is that a plunger what was that? Okay, I’m just gonna turn that on that was okay. Oh wait I do Hmm wait what who are they? the first oh whoa oh Wait what you’re evil die die die oh no. No, no no wait stay back stay back. Ah the butcher gang. What are you? Okay, hold on stay away stay far away. Dude look. Hey Boris. Help me out. Help me out, bro Help me out. Dude do something oh god. He’s gonna hit me. I’m gonna hit you first I’m hit two cars dude ain’t gonna stop me Oh, oh, oh you think you’re the main. Huh know who you’re dealing with goodbye butcher more like Not sure, I don’t know I’m so bad at those Not a butcher there you go What don’t like this the butcher gang? That’s not a good thing? Watch Get out of here get out of here bad club get out of here. Why why star club o Beat that I climbed today beat him That was horrible Boris what you don’t take the violent side. He’s what secret passageways out of here okay this game I can’t take this they Do like the way, I express myself is probably not gonna be the most Hopefully got another pipe. What is this? I got a pipe? Would you do that for why did you scare me? I was trying to tell the Cub Scouts something and you just pop out like you somebody Oh Oh guys guys, I’m gonna need this pipe Wow die die oh My gosh you are disgusting oh Sorry guys that was terrified What’s up barb or that was fun. How did you do? Did you have a freaking creepy Inc clown after you or was that just me? Oh just me how lucky? the budget gang Take that take that take that so you’re positive buncha gang, huh Mother of God okay Dad really got me good. I gotta be completely honest. Let me claim. That was that was pretty good The butcher gang Took a few hits Feist little bang ooh possible thing oh My gosh The butcher gang Betty in the book What is that big Boris Boris Boris don’t be scared Boris I will protect you Boris I will protect you For sabit, I got it just for you man. What the hell was that? Holy, I was not expecting that oh My god. Oh my god really Borscht dude that was insane man the butcher day. What is That’s right, that’s right What only I’ll get you down anyone else huh I dare Sooo This is bad something’s gonna get me the butcher gay. Oh here the god Frank But hey what is that beat? It beat it in the face? Holy heck that was freakin scary piss off What are you whenever you are you’re freakin dead Is he dead dead? He’s dead dead Boris you good. He’s fine wow that was actually pretty freakin scale take this. Thank you the butcher gang Oh, it’s over there, okay? Oh I missed that one right gonna beat you up. Yeah, yeah, alright. There’s actually fighting in this game I might supposed to fight or am I supposed to run I feel like maybe I should run But I’m doing pretty good at fighting it you are you were a sight for sore eyes right there? That was ugly huh the ink goes away So it broke right through that maybe I shouldn’t look or put my head in a big Hole where a thing just came out alright. Oh, no, I’m by myself again the butcher gang. What wait? What what is this thing ah This this is a brand new enemy. This is crazy tonight, and I actually beat him up. I’m trying I did I beat him up oh He’s just gonna splat her into ink again Okay, so that was one of the members of the butcher gang, which are brand new characters that we’ve never seen before Okay, so I assumed there might be those weird ink monsters that come which is why it’s given me a weapon we had What the heck of you get out of here are you Seri what help job killing fire flip for lays eggs Get out of it what? Are you serious oh Why is he hiding behind the poster the butcher gang oh my god Okay, we did this kill them all right Yeah, yeah, yeah clapping the cat And that’s I’m not poverty Kappas. That’s what the gun, but I say it anyways did instill fear in my victims Okay Okay, yeah, I’m Boris you give me some backup. You know Boris where you just look at him. He’s just chilling just He doesn’t look shocked in any way shape or form just like the butcher gang The heck what the heck was that oh my God look at this dude get the freak out Holy could he looks insane keep going keep going. It’s going good. I we took him out. Oh Literally pull that lever Boris we gotta go this is where oh my god. Oh that posters really cool. The butcher gang. There’s really nice Sort of feel cruel for the way that you were built a shit boo, that’s a crazy crazy turn of events there Sonny I’m gonna die now All right pulling that lever don’t anything come out of that hole Oh god. That’s bad Jesus Christ What is that oh damn the butcher game Hell That’s why I took the pipe dog pissed. I’m pissed and I’m ready to bust some ass all right so I don’t know who that from the butcher gang was but that mother can move right along because he ate Oh Wait what whoa what do you have what the frig is this thing? Okay at least it’s a bit more of a threat. That’s good So far chapter. Three is so farts. Okay, so far so good. What ill okay. It’s exploding an ink All right, I see cuz I have I was a skeptic of this game I like the idea, but it wasn’t that great starting out. It was yummy, and there was so much Hype with this game, and I was just like I don’t see why there’s so much. Hype, but okay, that’s better the butcher gang. Oh Hi, butcher gang um no eat eat. Pipe a pipe you little creep, No nu nu nu Horace Horace now will be the time to help Horace the door isn’t going anywhere you jackhole Oh Hey in the door Boris we’re leaving was that was the game what game oh? That little son of a gun came out of the poster But the secret passage I get one there I can’t get in there Oh, No Oh, what is this? Okay is this a tease for chapter 4 Because as you know Alice was teased like this in chapter 2 So, maybe we’ll see the butcher gallant in chapter 4 Oh hell no See moving where he’s living Voice oh my god help me can I kill him? Have a go Maybe we are introduced to them in Chapter four no right now who the butcher gang Beat him I’m gonna beat him to death or you think you got a wimp opera by me Oh, yeah, oh yeah, you got some you think you can mess with me. I wasn’t even looking at you All right take two huh now your turn to die, so I’m gonna Oh-oh-oh little man little man a little man. I did not even see you Oh Little tiny boy all right boys flip that’s what’s quick all right dog You’re Boris, oh now I love a son you straight you straight chillin right now okay, nah see It’s a butcher gang who the hell of a Bonus cool place by school bass oh My God, he’s coming Come on yeah Yeah, you ugly piece Oh Does he help them or defeat them, right Sailor I’m feeling we might get familiar with them soon. Don’t worry about it Okay, I just what I didn’t see you coming you have to smack him you have just smack in There you go. He just walked on there. Yeah Yeah Yeah boom Oh didn’t even faze us that ha

100 thoughts on “Gamers Reactions to The Butcher Gang (Jumpscare) | Bendy and The Ink Machine – Chapter 3

  1. With the cardboard cutout reactions not everyone was freaked out, but the butcher gang jumpscare gets people most of the time! 😂🤣😂🤣 LMAO

  2. This is Boris 🐺

    He is afraid of attacks and people blame him for not helping.
    This is Boris abuse

    1 reply comment = 1 brave and happy Boris

    EDIT: one more thing. I know this is old but I never did this

  3. I feel more concern that everyone likes POiiSED's reaction in the video because he was more emotional…

    [Instant play]: 4:22
    [Instant Jumpscare]: 4:25

  4. Awww, Boris is not an asshole! xD (Or a Son of a bitch.) Poor Boris getting crap from youtubers. 😂😔

  5. BATIM Players: Oh, the Butcher Gang? Maybe they will make an appearance next chapter…

    Butcher Gang:

  6. Most of them: runs for boris BORIS HELP ME!!!!!!!,

    Also them: Well. Your just hiding…I'll save you Boris!

  7. Stephanie: I have a feeling we might get familiar with them soon, don’t worry about it.

    Literally the next millisecond, jumpscare Of said enemy. Man, talk about a self fulfilling prophecy jeez.

  8. Zalzar was analysing and thought they would be in chapter 4.
    Then they pop out and scare the living crap out of him.

  9. The Most Emotional Gamers (in my opinion) (including jumpscare timestamps):

    TheRPGMinx 0:56, POiiSED 4:25, LaurenzSide 4:52, dlive22891 10:56, CistReactZ 11:47, DAGames 15:21, DomPlays 16:11, Daz Games 21:13, and GTLive 21:47 (9 Youtubers in my list)

    and dawkos was so laggy for me ;-;

  11. What kind of violent horrifying childhood must John Wolfe have had to always be so stoic no matter what horrors are thrown at him?!

    I mean players are running, screaming, falling off their seats, shouting for Boris to help them, and hiding in a box. Then he sees the little man pop out and looks at it like, “Was that thunder? Oh look at that… it’s raining again. Well where’s my umbrella?”

  12. For the people that ask who are you he is the leader of the gang of the butcher and an old worker from the studio that Joey Drew mostly know as Joey Drew studios or for Henry stein the caracter we are playing says Joey Drew nothing if you finish all the chapters of the game and go back to chapter 1 with the message glass you can see an hidden message on the logo of Joey Drew studios at the beginning Henry wrote nothing after the Drew so it say ( Joey Drew nothing) instead of (Joey Drew studios)

  13. They used the LEAST creepy one to introduce the butcher gang. And yet they act like its scarier then bendy

  14. A youtuber named GameCubeDude200 also played all 5 Bendy chapters but was never featured in these videos and in this jumpscare, once he killed it he said

    WHO ELSE IS IN THERE?!? Inside the poster where it came from followed by, “YOU WANNA TAKE A FUCKIN PIPE TO THE SKULL?!? I DONT THINK YA DO SINCE YOUR MADE OF INK!

  15. ghvgjsdsagdasgrukaghfialhfkihfnkdjwlajkafnakseionwfioanisojfdoiwnaiofnsaodmnaiondisoadniwondiosnfioandioawmwdoa*thats what he said when he popped out*

  16. While I was watching this vid i had a Boris plushie, a bendy plushie, and a bendy water bottle 🤣🤣🤣

  17. I love how most of them get scared and run, but when they see Boris cowering, they turn into protective daddy bear.

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