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♪♪ Hey, there,
I’m MatPat, and if you’re
watching this, first off, thanks
for being here. Thanks for being
a part of “Game Lab.” Since you’re on
YouTube Red,I get to show you
some special
extra videos from behind
the scenes of the show.
– I’ve gone rogue!
– [laughs] Yes!Learn the real-world
story behind some
of the biggest games
from YouTube’s
biggest gamers.Get ready
for “Game Lab.” ♪♪ [beaker bubbling] So, we got gamers
from allacross the spectrum,
We kind of span
the breadth
in order to really
showcase people
who are passionate
about games.
ALL: One, two, three…
Penetration! When MatPat said,
“Hey, I’m doing a show, “do you wanna
come be on it?” I’m like, “Yes! What’s
it about?” And then he never
texted me back. He emailed me and said, “Hey, do you wanna fight
with swords “at a castle?”
and I said, “Absolutely.” Um, hang out with
awesome people to learn really
awesome skills that may or may not
actually come in handy later? Yes. So, I basically was
just kind of told to show up. I was invited ’cause
I don’t think they could get
anyone else. Don’t know what
to expect, but, uh, I’m ready for anything,
I think. Hopefully, no one
gets hurt. I mean, I’m just hoping
that I don’t cry or poop myself. [screaming] MatPat mentioned something
about strapping a bomb to me,
so I’m not feeling super psyched about that
part of the thing. MATPAT:I guess two
of the gamers I was
most surprised by were
the Game Grumps.
Our manager was
just like, “Do you wanna do
a thing with MatPat, “um, where you
might die “because of bombs?” And we were like,
“MatPat?! Yes.” MATPAT:They were in
our first episode
that we shot, uh,Keep Talking and
Nobody Explodes.
I just wanted to see
if, like, we have to do, like, the clip
the red wire or blue wire thing. Like, that’d be really,
really cool. MATPAT:They’re goofy guys.They’re fun,
they’re fun-loving.
Like, they make jokes
all the time.
Gimme a thumbs-up. [laughter] – Very good.
– There we go. MATPAT:They put up
quite the challenge.
I was in the
hot Crow suit with the foggy screenand Dan was out
in the air conditioning
with a walkie talkie.MATPAT:Their level
of team work and cohesion
after years of
working together
was mind-bogglingly
Okay, use a small
instrument to gently lift
the metal faceplate. 10-4. Lifting thing. Over. I’m amazed that people
can do this in a real setting
for a living, over and over,
when doing it oncein a fake setting
was really, like,
very stressful
and uncomfortable.
♪♪You have those moments where,
in theory,
the episode is super-cool,
like, “Oh, yeah, this is
gonna be incredible.”Then you have that
moment, like, when
you’re at the location,
talking to the experts,
and you’re like,
“Oh, wait, this is real.”
Like, and there’s, like,
real inherent risks,
and there’s danger here.You’re gonna be balancing
on this fat pipe. Got this. Piece of cake.The scary thing that
people don’t realize
is that we don’t
have pads.
Uh, it’s not,
like–This is actually us
fighting to an extent.
Like, somebody got serious
with me about like, “These are swords,
so be careful.” I hope I’m not,
like, deadby the end
of this.
Since I actually
look the part, I feel, you know,
prepared for whatever’s coming our way. I am looking forward
to it. I don’t think
anyone else is. [laughing]
I’m terrified. [laughter] [screaming] ♪♪ [tires screeching] GROUP: Yeah! Okay. Why are we attempting
to run on a wall? It’s this way. – What?!
– What?! – What?!
– What?! Oh, my gosh. – No.
– Sorry, what? [engine revving,
tires screeching] Yeah, this is what’s
gonna save my life today. OFF-CAMERA: [laughs] You can tell how
confident I feel. I haven’t done
this before, but it doesn’t seem like
I can mess up too badly.What could go wrong?♪♪ [tires screeching] I somehow managed
to punch myself in the [bleep] while
steering the wheel. – [laughter]
– Really?! ‘Cause you’re like,
“Huh-huh-huh-huh!” Whoops! Another one who really
surprised me was, uh,Sohinki from Smosh Games.We had him on the
last episode that we shot,
which was the Final Fantasy
episode about ostrich racing.
– Wow.
– Look at that. When they start moving, [laughing]
it gets very difficult. They get around so fast,
they’re just like, – whoot-whoot.
– Right? MATPAT:He was like a rock
on those ostriches.
And don’t get me wrong, these things are
intimidating. So, the fact that he
was able to, like,stay locked in for
as well as he was,
it was impressive.– [laughter]
– This is insane! This is insane! You gotta turn, buddy! You just kinda hold on
for dear life and let them do what
they’re gonna do. – [applause]
– Hey! You did it, bud!
You did a good job. You were so good.
You did a good job, buddy.I hope that people
watching the show
will learn and gain
such a new appreciationof not just the games
that you’re playing
and the games that
we’re talking about,
but the world
around you…
It really just makes
you appreciate, uh, our armed forces
out therewho have to do this
every single day.
…and probably above
and beyond all else, to have a show
made by a gamerfor gamers.It’s been an amazing
experience. And to know that I
can conquer fear bit by bit is also really amazing. This is great. This is one of my favorite
things I’ve ever done. It was fun!
It was good. Like, I laughed
when I got scared, and that was great. The best part, though, is this outfit. Like, as soon as I put this
outfit on, I’m like, “Ah, man, I have to start
dressing like this now.” – Jordan during training
– Okay. throws out his
shoulder, he punches himself
in the balls. – Yeah, I did that, too.
– Yeah. [laughs] The most fun
was learninghow to choke someone out.
So bad.MATPAT:It’s fun,
it’s educational, it’s funny.
You see all your
favorite gamers
coming together,out of their
comfort zones.
And so, we’re all able to,
like, joke and laugh
and have a good time.I’m sorry for writing
all that Furry fan fiction! ALL: Oh! Oh, my God! [laughter] MATPAT:At the end
of the day,
it’s really about
celebrating all
the different types
of gamers out there.
MatPat? More like
PlanetMat! [laughter] MatPat? More like
MatPlanet! Oh! Astrological. – None of these are good.
– Nope, none of ’em. Absolutely none. This is why it’s in the
behind-the-scenes stuff, because it’ll get cut
in the end. [laughter] ♪♪ [laughing]
This is the most ridiculous thing
I’ve ever done. ♪♪

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