Gaming on “World’s Smallest Laptop”: GPD Pocket review and games (Rocket League, Overwatch and more)

I have been waiting for this for a long time. This is the GPD Pocket, which some claim is
the smallest laptop in the world. Let´s start with some backstory. Do you remember the GPD Win? This is a handheld
that runs PC games which I have shown time and time again on this channel. After the
success of that product GPD ran a crowdfunding campaign for their next idea… a miniature
laptop device that could fit in a pocket. After the crowdfunding campaign smashed all
expectations GPD got to work and very recently released this weird thing to the world. And
here it is… in the flesh, or metal. This specific one was sent to me as a review
unit by the good fellows at GearBest, that also provided a coupon that you can use in
the link the description to get a discount and support the channel. This is a very neat computer. Let´s start
with an obvious comment, this is slightly bigger than the GPD Win, but that was made
to be a gaming handheld and its tiny keyboard was for thumb use. Useless as a laptop. But
Pocket is very much usable as a laptop so its claim as the one of the world’s smallest
laptops still kinda stands. Since everything about the design about this device is geared towards
being as portable as possible there is definitively a learning curve. The tiny keyboard takes
a bit of getting used to before you can be efficient at it and this nob, which is used
as a mouse, is not as efficient as an actual touch pad but it is an ok substitute considering
the size. Altough if you are going to game, you are going to need a bluetooth mouse or
something. But the built quality… GPD really has outdone
themselves with how good this looks and feels. The whole thing is made out of aluminum, to
the point that everyone I have shown it too asks if it is some sort of tiny macbook. The
keyboard feels really good after you get used to it, even tough the layout is special and
the 1080 screen is just fantastic. Really Also, this is totally a touchscreen so you can use that instead of the mouse Really did not expect this level of quality, or the
fact that it has almost 120 GB of hard drive space or the fact that it has all these ports,
something that that can not be taken for granted in modern laptops. It has a full USB port,
a headphone jack, a micro HDMI port and a USB type C that while not thunderbolt so don’t
expect any external GPUs, can be connected to a dongle for an extra USB or HDMI port. This device is just really functional… Which leads to performance, the thing you
probably have been wondering during the length of this video. The GPD Pocket is equipped with a Intel Atom
X7-Z8750 with an IntelHD 405, which is an improvement over the GPD Win’s Intel Atom
X7-Z8700. Also, the pocket has 8 Gygs of RAM vs the 4 you could find on the GPD Win. Not a bad improvement overall. But, if we are going to talk about performance
there is an important note to be made regarding temperature. One thing I learned about the GPD Win after
months of using it is that in certaing intense games the device can get really hot. It seems
GPD did not want that to happen with this laptop because, even tought the Pocket has
an active cooling system the max temperature seems to be locked somewhere between 65 and
70º. Meaning that on my initial test I noticed the Intel Atom was throttling… throtteling? *Alex complains about his lack of English skills* The intel atom was reducing its clock speed
really early, so games were not really using all the resources this PC had available. I have still not quite managed to figure out
where the line is were the CPU starts suffering, something I have been discussing with viewers
over the past few days, but there are a couple of things you can to get the best out of that
chip. The bios that came with this computer is locked,
so there is no way of changing the max temperature there. GPD very recently released an unlocked
version of the bios that I am still experimenting with, keep an eye on the channel for the results
of that in the near future. In the meantime you can use throttlestop (link in the description), a software that allows to monitor and play around with a lot of options including disabling CPU turbo
boost. The X7-Z8750 can turbo boost from 1.6 GHz
to 2.56 GHz but the thermal limits pushes it down again while gaming so the CPU is stuck
going up and down with no end. Ironically by limiting it to the its base 1.7 GHz you
can get better performance on more GPU intensive games. Your experience might vary, so experiment
with turning it on and off for every game. It also helps if you have it on top of some
surface that grants it decent airflow. This means that CPU intensive games like Minecraft
will ocasionally struggle when loading parts of the game, and that is even after using
optifine but other games saw more… interesting results. Portal 2 did fine on the lowest settings and
720p as I expected so I decided to experiment with something a bit more intensive. Like Skyrim, the game that never dies. To
my surprise the game started out very fine on the lowest settings and a resolution of
720p, only slowling down in the presence of more enemies or particles but still remaining
inside playable parameters. Just removing the shadows using the mod in
the video linked in the corner helped a great deal in getting some smoother performance,
and that is a very small tweak. If you are interested in getting more I would recommend
dropping the resolution further (since you are really not going to notice it in small
screen) or using the other mods in the video. Since this is a laptop with a proper keyboard
I originally wanted to focus and games that play better on Keyboard and Mouse but Rocket
League has become a bit of an obligatory test for low end hardware due to well it performs
and using the configuration file I use on the GPD Win video the game outperformed my
expectations. I was able to comfortably play a full match here using the internal resolution scaler. Getting back to mouse and keyboard there is
the first Dishonored. This game did not perform very well on the normal minimal setting but
applying the configuration file in my dishonored video, plus the resolution scaler from the
Rockeat League video I was able to get it working decently… with one observation,
aparrently the resolution scaler screws up the player interface on this game which makes
it look pretty weird. Still playable, but I will have to look for
another way of getting this work wihout damaging the interface. And if you know me, you know that I like to
throw a curve ball at this kind reviews and test something a bit more intense. So I went
ahead and tried Overwatch using the configuration file in the video in the corner and a resolution
of 960×540 and to my surprise the game did way better than I expected. It struggles, of course, on more intense matches
but still hovers around something I would consider playable which is impresive given
the dimensions and specification of this computer I am using. So, in conclusion. The pocket is a very good
looking device that will likely turn some heads every time you take it out in public and that
packs a bit more power than expected. Even tough the thermal limit is very annoying (considering
this is meant to be used on a table) you can, with some effort, game on it quite well…
as long as you also bring a small mouse or a gamepad in your bag. There might be some modification that can
be done to improve is temperature but that will have to wait for another video. Thank you once again to Gear Best for sending
me a review unit, remember that you can check it out in the description with a discount
code and thank you to people in Patreon who keep supporting me in any way they can. See you soon!

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  1. 買わない理由 値段が高い 修理不可能 キーボード部分キー壊れても自力で直せない 画面割れても捨てるしかない パッテリー寿命短い(数年程度で老化)
    外で持ち運びながらゲームする人いない、ネットが遅い、軽くない3Dゲームには遊べない エミュでもやりたい名作の3Dが重すぎてイライラする
    その金額でいい4kテレビといいパソコン買えば 快適にプレイできて 気持ちもっといいですね。

  2. You have probably noticed that I have commented many times before on this channel, and you may have thought I was really rude so I am trying to politely ask you to try to run Fallout 4 on the gpd win 2. All you need to do is change the gpu name to Inter (R) HD Graphics and do whatever you want.

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