Get ready for the future with the MAG Z390 TOMAHAWK | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

this is the MSI MACC 390 tomahawk an affordable and yet well-equipped motherboard for all your gaming needs supporting both the eighth and ninth generation Intel Core processors to propel your gaming rank with up to eight powerful CPU of course the NIGC 390 tomahawk features the newest Intel C 390 chipset with overclocking capabilities so we included a strong and full of digital CPU power delivery with coral boost technology the extended heatsink cooling make sure everything runs cool and stable even at the highest were close this motherboard is equipped with a pre-installed IO shield for better protection and convenient installation in your case here you can also find dual intel Gigabit LAN with bandwidth management support so you can prioritize your games for ultra-low latency the MACC 390 tomahawk orphis ddr4 boost technology giving you maximum memory bandwidth to ensure the highest frame rates the primary PCI Express slot is equipped with steel armor reinforcements to make sure it can handle the largest and most powerful graphics cards on the market there are two turbo and a two slots with interrupting support for blazing fast storage performance one slot is equipped with ember to shield Frossard to protect include or SSD in addition there is a dedicated slot to add an Intel CM VI wireless module the MACC 390 tomahawk offers a military look and feel as well as mystic light RGB lighting suite your ears with audio Boost technology to give you the competitive edge in your favorite games if you want to know more about all the other features that MSI mHDC 390 tomahawk has to offer make sure to visit the product page [Music]

19 thoughts on “Get ready for the future with the MAG Z390 TOMAHAWK | Gaming Motherboard | MSI

  1. Is this good motherboard if I want to overclock the new intul cpus? Also I'm interested in this because it has 5x system fan connectors and my new case will have 4 fans.

  2. So does this work with only the 8 pin eps plugged in? I'm going to be running an i5 9600k on it so I don't really see why I would need the extra 4 pin eps, I assume that its meant for overclocking the i9 9900k.

  3. do you guys know why it only has two USB 2.0 behind the computer and 4 USB 2.0 header? i really don"t want any of the 2.0 on the front, it"s way better to have it on backside.

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