GIGABYTE 100 Series – GA-H110M-S2H GSM Motherboard Unboxing

Welcome back to the GIGABYTE Motherboard and Brix YouTube channel. My name is Leon Chen and today we are going to do an unboxing and overview of one of our H110 boards. Now to the left you can actually see we’re gonna be looking at our H110M-S2H-GSM Now this board is actually part of our
GSM program in the United States and Canada for those are the guys that don’t
reside in that region this board still available you just without the GSM benefits now we’re going to cover around the the box as well as what’s on the board but we’re
going to highlight some of the features of a GSM board. So from the front of the
box you can actually see that GSM stands for GIGABYTE Stable Models and this
board is just one of the boards of many within this list. The board provides for
a reliable products supply it has 14 + months product lifecycle and has a three
year warranty and easy and will men program and of course advanced
replacement service for those of you guys that are system integrators were small businesses and
you guys choose to use these boards you always have the option of doing advanced
replacement service. Now on the back of the board you can actually see that it
shows the key features of the board such as a long lifespan solid capacitors, high
quality audio capacitors, that we provided on some of our other gaming
boards but for the most part it’s very straightforward. We have one dSub or
VGA connector, a DVI D, HDMI, six USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0, a GigE LAN
as well as audio connectors. Now this is using an Intel H110 chipset so it does support chipset so it does support the new a
sixth generation Intel Core processors let’s take the board out as well as the accessories and we will see what you guys get. All right now that we have all this out
in front of us let’s go over them very quickly. You can see that we do have a
driver disk for the 100 series H 110 board we have a user’s manual that covers the H110M-S2H.
If you’re purchasing any other regions we have our GSM version which were
showing here today as well as the DDR3 version, as this board supports DDR4 or we have a specific DDR3 version that takes DDR3. We also have a rear I/O and two SATA connector cables, one being a right angle connector, and another a straight connector. Of course for
the US region they do have a comment survey that you can actually fill out
online and win a Brix product. So let’s get these out of the way we can talk more about board. So for the motherboard we talked about some of the features earlier but just so you can see some of
the placement locations and what it actually has on it. It has two DIMM slots
for DDR4, the 24 pin power connector, USB 3.0, front panel connector, four SATA
3’s which allow for 6 giga bits per second throughput, your front panel headers, two USB front panel headers at each end, a TPM connector, as well as your audio and com ports right here. Now a lot of times GIGABYTE will introduce a lot of technologies
that we provided on our high-end onto some of our more budget or mainstream boards. Such as our audio noise guard or path lighting so this board actually
has the noise guard and path lighting here and actually better audio capacitors on the board. We also have some fan headers here as well as an 8 pin CPU power connector and a CPU fan header as well.
Now moving to the back of the board this we talked about earlier when we were
looking at the colorbox we have a GigE Nic with six USB 3.0, six USB 2.0 goes two being USB 3.0, a
VGA/dSUB, a DVI and HDMI, and two PS/2 ports. So basically this board has a lot
of features if you’re looking for a basic budget board for desktop
computers and it one of the big benefits part of the GSM program. So if you’re
doing system builds and you need advanced replacement service definitely
a board that I would consider and you guys can use for future projects. Thanks
for joining us this time we’ll see you guys next time for some of our other
unboxing or DIYs. And remember to like and subscribe and comment below and tell
us what you think

17 thoughts on “GIGABYTE 100 Series – GA-H110M-S2H GSM Motherboard Unboxing

  1. Can I use Intel pentium G4400 on this board

  2. Hi there, so I bought the GA h110 MA and the Intel G4560 cpu, i think its a great deal the only thing is I've read in forums that the MB nees a Bios update BEFORE it can POST with the g4560, so apparently I need another CPU so i can get this MB started and update the bios for it to work with the G4560, so am I correct in this or when a plug my G4560 for the first time will it work?

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