GIGABYTE 100 Series – Z170MX-Gaming 5 Motherboard Unboxing & Overview

Hey GIGABYTE fans, welcome back my name is Leon And today, we’re going be doing unboxing and overview Of our gaming motherboard Now this gaming motherboard is the Z170MX-GAMING 5 The Z170 represent that we’re using the newest 100 series chipset The M at the end of that represent it’s micro ATX board and this is our gaming 5 version So let’s go over the outside of the box And then we’ll take everything out to show you the different accessories that come with it And then we’ll go over the board to
show in details on some of the technologies on the board So right here you can actually
see like I mention it’s using an Intel Z170 chipset It supports DDR4 as well as new USB Type-C™ connector USB 3.1 Now this board it’s a little bit cool, it has a flap that we can actually open And you can see a zoom in picture of the board and the chipset As well as the layout of the board overall right here But we’re going to give you something better, we are going to show you that actual board So let’s swing this round to the back to go over some of the features And then we’ll take everything out So again this board has the USB 3.1 capabilities on it We’re using an extreme version Because USB 3.1 actually only supports up to 10 Gigabit transfer That’s the bandwidth that is able to support For our board it will supports up to 16 Gigabit bandwidth But only 10 will be needed but it gives you that boost just in case you need it We also have the exclusive GIGABYTE audio AMP UP Technology The fact that it’s a gaming board it will have lot of audio features as well as networking features And so we’re using a Killer Ethernet and this is also a Gigabit Ethernet as well We have Audio OP-AMPs, specialized Audio Capacitors As well as an Audio LED Trace Path or Noise Guard On this board, we’ve also included USB DAC-UP or a Digital Analog Converter for the USB port And we’ll talk about that when we look at
the rear I/O We’re using Long Life Solid Capacitors As well as it does support next generation form factors for storage such as PCIe M.2 So this one is PCIe by 4 M.2. We also have the Turbo B Clock For those of you gamers like to overclock their system for better performance And then of course the exclusive one piece Metal Shielding from GIGABYTE All right, so I’m gonna take out all the components and laid out in front of me And then we’ll talk about the board in a few minutes All right now that we have all the
accessories laid out in front of us Let’s go over all of them, so we have a user’s manual for you, a multilingual installation guide And of course the driver disk so when you’re installing your Windows OS We have a G1 Gaming badge that you can stick on top of your case 4 SATA connectors, 2 being right angle connectors and other 2 being straight connectors And SLI bridge as well as a padded rear I/O And a G connector, for those of you guys aren’t familiar with G connector Feel free to check out some of our other videos such as Z170 Gaming G1 unboxing & overview Where we go over a little bit more detail of how this connector can help you during your installation of your new PC Let’s get this out of the way and we’ll talk about the motherboard So right here as we mentioned before this motherboard is a micro ATX motherboard And for such a small motherboards actually packed with a lot of features Again we said it supports DDR4 and this DDR DIMM slot actually supports a one side locking mechanism So you don’t need a lock on the bottom you only need to push that DIMM all the way down and lock
at the top We have FAN Pin headers Your standard ATX 24 power You have 2 USB 3.0 connectors which give you a total 4 front panel USB 3.0 We have the 6 SATA Ports right here on the side and all of these are coming straight from the chipset And with the 6 out of ports you have You can choose between 6 SATA Ports
or either 3 SATA Express Ports So each of these are actually SATA Express ports when you’re looking at it We have our front panel headers right here and this is where the G Connector gonna come into place It helps you organize as well as to connect all of your pin headers Before you connect it to the board, we have another set of FAN pin headers We have two USB 2.0 pin headers right here A TPM pin header, the COM pin header and then a different pin header This one is actually it’s label as THB_C This pin header is actually gives you the
capability of putting the THUNDERBOLT on to your board Next to that we have a little chip that might look like a BIOS chip to some of you But this is actually our OP-AMPs , now this OP-AMPs is removable And you can upgrade it with various OP-AMPs that you can find out of the market A lot of high-end receivers have this and if you want to change your audio characteristics to have more base or higher tone you can
do that by changing this chip Right next to that we have a front panel audio pin headers front panel audio connector And then we also have DIP switches, now what DIP switches does it allows you to change your game From a 2.5x to 6x, being that it’s very focus This gaming boards is focus on audio and
networking you’re gonna find audio features on this board. So just like we mentioned on audio features it’s using special audio capacitors that perform very well in that environment and it’s also using our GIGABYTE Exclusive AMP-UP Audio Technology which includes a Noise Guard with Trace Path Lighting Now of course this board is also made for gaming
So with gaming everyone’s focused on graphics This board supports multype graphics support but on the PCI Express slots you guys might see something that
you guys haven’t seen before These slots actually have a one piece metal shielding which provides 2 things for the board It support for heavier graphics cards that are slotted in But also increased protection from any possible ESD interference From the card to the board or the board to the card As there’s grounding points and the end of these one piece metal shield slots We also have the M.2 Slot, this is for next-generation form factors of storage If you guys aren’t familiar with it And we have it in a 22 by 42 or 60 or 80 length So you can use different size lengths M.2 to get your storage need completely Like we mentioned earlier it’s using a Killer Ethernet, So it has Gigabit Ethernet LAN right there You have another set of FAN PIN header right here and your 8 PIN CPU fan PIN connectors Moving to that rear I/O you can actually see all of the audio jacks are gold-plated We have 5 audio jacks along with this port We have your GbE Killer NIC We have USB 3.0 But this red one is a little bit different, this red USB port is actually a standard A And the reason why it’s red is actually wire to our USB 3.1 signal So for those of you that want to use next generation USB technology This board supports your new Type C connector As well as your traditional standard A connector We also have the gold plated HDMI port, a DVI-D, as well as a VGA and 2 yellow USB 2.0 ports and PS/2 Now the 2 yellow USB ports represent the USB DAC that we’re mentioning earlier Where the power grid for these two ports are separate from the rest of the board So provides for a more stable power source and you can actually disable the power
for these two ports in the BIOS So if you want it to connect an externally power DAC or anything that runs its own power You can actually connect to these two ports A lot of gamers like to use these ports for gaming as well because it has a clean signal And it has less interference Overall this is what you’ll find with our Z17 MX-GAMING board If you guys are interested in finding out more information about GIGABYTE board I have some right here to my left and you can click on the links Or you can search on GIGABYTE page If you like what you saw today be sure to like and subscribe to leave some comments below We love to hear back from you guys and
we’ll see you guys next time

37 thoughts on “GIGABYTE 100 Series – Z170MX-Gaming 5 Motherboard Unboxing & Overview

  1. very nice and detailed overview! One question though, does it supports thunderbolt 3? i only saw that 3 of the z170x motherboards got the thunderbolt 3 upgrade..

  2. can someone help me out i installed the z170mx motherboard in a corsair carbide air 240, with a intel pentium g4400 and 2×4 gskill ripjaws ddr4 2400 memory,

    when i turn in on, it wont post dosent show anything on the monitor, i tried 1st using a hdmi cable on my 1st turning the pc on usb key unknown something like that came up but after im not able to view anything on the mother board can someone help

  3. i have a question i just bought this motherboard but my intel is i3 3rd generations . i need the 6 genarations?

  4. you can tell this board is for gaming with a built in PS2!! omg can't wait to try need for speed underground on this!!!

  5. A word of advice to anyone that purchased this and cannot get the onboard sound to work. Do the BIOS update to F4. I have been dealing with this for about 2 weeks now on my own googling and emailing back and forth with their tech support. Tonight I finally just did the BIOS update and after the update and reboot, the REALTEK control panel appeared as was the availability of the various ouput/input ports on the "playback devices" I was not looking forward to taking my PC apart to exchange it for another one. This has made my day / week / month

  6. Hi, I have the following pc, (this motherboard + i5 6600k), I updated to F4, however now Fast Boot is not working. There is an option called ULTRA FAST, nothing is working. I tried AppCenter (Gigabyte) but it does not help at all, now if I uninstalled it the bios goes back to F2 (don't know why this software does that).
    What do I need to do? Do i need to uninstall AppCenter and start with a clean Windows again? Bios goes back to F2 if I format the ssd and install Windows again?


  7. How much fan headers this motherboard has? Can I use fan header splitter or fan header expansion card?

  8. Just one question, I ran out of space so, it's possible to connect a M.2 Wifi/BT card in the M.2 slot? or is it only for storage?
    BTW This board works like a charm, I'm very happy with the performance and the quality build.


  9. so many wrong talking… calling fan header sata port, calling CPU power 8pin a fan header… please be more professional next time

  10. Question about the M.2 side of the house. So M.2 is broken down into B and B+M. Which one well work with this mobo? Excuse my ignorance, I don't know the differences between B and B+M. Thanks.

  11. Hi guy need help this is my first z170 and in the top right corner of the mobo is a 2 pin that's called OC turbo!!! whats does it do please tell me?????

  12. Just received this board. It says it is a rev 1.1. Box says it supports 6th generation intel cpu, but the web says 6th and 7th. Will my board support a 7th gen Kaby Lake processor? And what bios rev did this come with?

  13. Used this board in my new build, my PC boots for 5-8 secs and shuts off and repeats. I have no installed an OS yet nor even made it to the bios screen

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