Gigabyte AB350N ITX Ryzen Motherboard Review

This is a Ryzen itx B350 motherboard from gigabyte It isn’t the first ever in this form factor, but it is one of the best you can currently buy despite its odd quirks We’re going to cover all of that in this video including overclock ability feature sets and pricing I’d first like to address motherboard features most of the stuff you can just read online I say that pretty much every motherboard review video at this point But there are a few strange Locations a few placements that might have you scratching your head starting first with the rear i/o this is pretty much typical stuff HDMI display ports for Amd Apu s 7.1 surround Sound BUT no optical support, six USB 3.1 ports Two which are type-A and a single RJ45 port oh and a PS2 port though if you’re still using this in 2017 and ehh idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯ A huge selling point of this motherboard though onboard Wi-Fi That’s a huge plus. Especially in this form factor now on to the internals this board layout is a bit unorthodox now on to the internals, this board layout is a bit unorthodox Sure the CPU socket is centered but ram slots are off to the far right where the 24 pin and sata usually are Gigabytes have done this to make room for stock amd coolers which can be a bit bulky see the slots occupy the far right side of the board, so Everything that would normally go here on a typical motherboard including 24 pin Sata like I said, that’s all been moved up here most coolers fit pretty snug But it’s no different on intel side with its squared off layout the typical format had to be altered But gigabytes done a fair job on account of the new socket a few extra Compromises have to be made more so than what I mentioned in this video right here You always lose a few features but in this case a few Mandatory features had to be moved to strange new places on the board take this 24 pin for example It’s all the way at the top of the board so you’ll have to route your cable through the top of your case not the right side where it usually is routed and Here’s the 8 pin Eps dock, way down here behind the Mosfet Heatsink Super strange indeed these locations could drive you crazy USB 3.0 is also up top as is the front I/O dock and all sata ports Potentially a cable management nightmare depending on which case you choose nonetheless. I cannot go without stating these downfalls in this review Oh, and I suppose all having only two fan hubs is pretty negative You’ll have to find a fan hub without a doubt if you are planning using a case like the nzxt Manta but don’t worry but don’t worry this is where the quirkiness stops everything else about this board is what you might expect from gigabyte by this point those are positives for one overclocking is consistent and actually decent for a board of this size and also Considering the fact that it’s only a be 350 chip and not the X370 Supreme overclock or chipset I get the exact same overclocks with both my 1600 and 1700X on Ryzen CPU’s 3.9 Gigahertz of piece that I hit with the Aorus X370 board as far as I’m concerned the systems are stable at these frequencies even under heavy load and In idle 64 My RAM Frequency is still a bit finicky though I can’t pass 2400 MHz despite Bios updates though I’d point to the youth of this platform as the cause since most Manufacturers are still dealing with these repercussions, even NewEgg pretty blunt about this on their website something I did not expect with the AB350N Was it’s full on RGB support Was it’s full on RGB support Not only from just a hardware standpoint you have leds kind of lining a full right side of this board but also peripherally The RGB fusion software gives users a variety of color presets which can be mixed with different pulses and cycling effects It’s a nice touch for a board that won’t break the bank another pleasant surprise was the RGB w led header near the PCIe slot Good for dedicated light strips with a dedicated white leds, hands the fifth pin, this board also supports a single M.2 slot around the back which is always nice on a ITX board and onboard Bluetooth 4.1 for Wireless device Connectivity now many of you are asking for bios uefi tours and Motherboard review videos So here you go. This is gigabyte signature Bios UI pretty consistent across both intel and amd platforms at this point in time You find all of your overclock settings here on the far left page you also have a fan control software built into the BIOS So that you can kind of visually manipulate your fan curves and as mentioned earlier you’ll also find the RGB Fusion app where you can manipulate motherboard colors and cycling effects the simplicity here is key I’m glad Gigabyte hasn’t changed too much with this particular UiFi It’s very easy through which to navigate and it’s not buggy at all I haven’t had a single crash since I’ve started testing this board look I know it has some quirks And I don’t know how much of that gigabyte could really control given the youth of the platform and the form factor This is one of the first on the market by the way But it has the typical gigabyte flare it has the beauty, the looks, it has the RGB integration It has the steel-reinforced pcie slot down below. It has onboard wi-Fi you get that out of the box It’s it’s a nice board it just has a few Quirks that are going to be difficult to get around for some depending on your case choice like I said But I still recommend it maybe not for all ITX builds it would look pretty weird in nzxt Manta due to its strange I/O placement But it worked nicely in something like a fractal node, a true small form-factor Build the AB350 is also a decent price just over 100 US dollars which isn’t an extraordinary figure given the form factor Smaller PCs tend to cost a bit more especially when it comes to power supplys So having a board at this price with all the features that gigabytes included is very nice So if you’re in the market for a small form-factor Ryzen PC build as most budget conscious consumers are and should be Don’t look any further than this motherboard right here Just have a plan for dealing with these weird power and peripheral placements as well as the sheer lack of fan hubs with the gigabyte with the Gigabyte AB350 in gaming Wi-Fi the pros definitely Outweigh the cons as usual You can find this product linked in the video description too tied to my Amazon affiliate account because made small Kickback lets you make more videos like this one I do appreciate it, if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up thumbs down for the Opposite click to subscribe and if you have it already, I will catch you in the next video. This is science, studio Thanks for learning with us Translated by: NAlax

100 thoughts on “Gigabyte AB350N ITX Ryzen Motherboard Review

  1. great review of the board man…but as a strictly itx builder I would never buy this bc of the CPU 8 pin and the 24 pin locations. Corsair SF psu will have a problem reaching them in most cases.

  2. I Bought one of these boards. One case that would be a good match for it is the RIOTORO CR280 (I personally bought that case) its got routing for cables that match this motherboard well.

  3. That must be a nearly ideal spot to place the 8-pin power connector, right next to the voltage regulators!

  4. I wanted to go with Ryzen 1700 for my productivity oriented ITX build but I was tired of waiting and ended up getting the Asus Z270i Motherboard & 7700K still great but more cores would have been a slight better benefit for productivity

  5. This board does not have six USB 3.1 ports, like you say. It has four USB 3.0 Type A ports, and another two USB 3.1 ports, which also are Type A.

  6. Lol even though you used a camera to literally film your monitor, at least you did it realllly well.

  7. why have rgbs if the damn plastic is red all over the motherboard, thats dumb as hell and doesn't look good, the rub is shining off of the red plastic of the ram slots

  8. the only problem I have with Ryzen is that while building a pc,I HAVE to get a graphics card or I wont be able to use it.Any date on the APUs?

  9. This board got manual vcore adjustment ? How ? I got AB350 ATX and its got only offset… ??????

  10. I am saving money to upgrade to Ryzen. I have a 1060, so could you please give me recommendations on: AM4 board, Ryzen cpu (ryzen 3 or 5) and RAM. Preferably as cheap as possible :'D

  11. How is the overclocking?

    Is the CPU voltage, if you set it manually fixed and doesn't go down if the CPU clocks down @ idle?

  12. Spoiled … If you're a veteran builder, you were around for more days with zero location standards what so ever, features either… Like basic ones. But around for more of those days than you were during these lazy days of mindless PC building. It's all so cookie cutter, modular, standardized, easier than an IKEA tv stand to put together these days…. Spoiled.

  13. Joke aside, what should be the fair price for this box opener (I3 7350k) according to you Greg?
    Seriously? 🙂

  14. briliant review greg. if ryzen 2 sorts out the current ram speed issues with an improved intergrated memory controller, I might just have to pick one of these boards, and a small case so I can throw it all together with my current 1700, a 250 gig NVME drive, and 16gb ram for my mum

  15. Can you please do a review of the ASRock B350 and X370 mini ITX boards in the future as they seem to be the only competition to gigabyte on the ryzen mini ITX platform.

  16. I just ordered this earlier today. I was on Newegg's auto-notify list for the Asrock X370 itx board, they sent me a notification at 3 AM about the board's availabliity which I didn't see until I woke up at 9 am the next morning. Jumped onto my PC only to see it's out of stock. Thanks Newegg!

  17. Seems like a lot of youtubers just don't know that the PS/2 port is for enthusiast gaming keyboards

  18. I like how this guy who started building/using gaming PCs what like 2 years ago. disses PS2. Guess what? there's more than couple reasons​ why they are still there. People still want it. Lower Latency. Near Universal support. Nkey rollover.

  19. ASRock has been using on board WIFI for awhile now they have like 4 or 5 Ryzen motherboards that come with it either already installed or a slot available to buy your own and install it, My ASRock X370 gaming pro comes with it and it works great.

  20. What would you recommend for a small form factor case for this motherboard and a power brick In order to keep it very small. Also will gigabyte update the bios for higher ram speeds?

  21. 0:45
    Fun fact:
    PS2 is the best way to connect a mechanical keyboard
    USB have some kind of a bottleneck even tho you are using the razer RGB godlike ultimate over 9000 with ass RGB lights
    It will still register 1 key press every time you press a key
    With (just like normal 5 dollars non mechanical keyboards)
    With some keyboards being able to register 4 to 6 I think

  22. 0:50 If anything, I know for a fact that using a PS/2 device allows more voltage stability than using USB when overclocking. That's why the ASUS Z270 Apex has one. Certainly more helpful under LN2, but I'm not sure if it helps under water or air.

    2:52 Have you tried pushing the uncore voltage to 1.1V?

  23. I just got one of these boards for my second ryzen 1700 system. Instead of waiting on Threadripper, I'm just going to network render two 1700's. After doing the math, it ended up cheaper too compared to the 1950x(1600$ for two full 1700 system's). I'm sure the Bios will get sussed out eventually, my asus b350 prime plus runs ram fine(3200) with the latest agesa updates. I really dig the overall color theme on this board too, hopefully having the connections on top won't be a problem.

  24. The layout actually seems pretty standard for ITX, my MSI Z87i has almost identical layout, minus the M.2 and the wireless is a PCIE 1x card in a slot at the top near the 24 pin power.

  25. Too bad it's Gigabyte… Never buying anything from them again after owning a A970-UD3P mobo and a R9 270X windforce gpu.

  26. m.2 slot is pcie or sata based? reviewers always forget to give this critical information and we lose money buying the wrong m.2 ssd

  27. Though I'm not using PS/2, keyboards for it are still perfectly usable for everyday purposes, and you can get them very cheap. But, I do think adding it puts on unnecessary complexity, which should be avoided in ITX.

    What I really don't understand is why ITX boards come with a 24-pin ATX connector. It's completely unnecessary. That's a lot of room they could've fit for something else.

  28. Honestly, did you check out the voltages going through the processor… Because you will find the bios is screwed! Check out OC3D TV review and then come back to us! Because this review told us nothing…

  29. Greg, can you fit an AIO on this board? Just ordered the components for a mini-ITX rig as the family PC and have a Glacer 240L that i'm planning on using. Just wondering if it's going to fit.

  30. can i get a picture of our cable management in the node202 as i will be building in that case and would like to see what i will need to do in it before i buy the board

  31. I have only seen a few of your videos and only about 50 hardware related videos overall. But this was a very good video. I am very much a novice, having built 4 half-*ss computers. I think this will be my next build if I can confirm my GNU/Linux distro will work well with Ryzen. Can I run a $ 8 splitter cable for more fans ? How big of an air-cooler do you think you can fit on this. I have no problem with putting a mini-ITX is a eATX case. eATX motherboards are fricking expensive. I would rather compromise to just one DDR3L memory slot and have the M2 on top with another fan connector.

  32. While I can appreciate all the OC info, I am mainly interested in NON OC performance. Maybe have a perfrmance w/o OC and then as an addendum the OC stuff.

  33. I never cared for the wanting abuse of perfectly good hardware. I get it, the 7350k was at a stupid price point, in fact when I first seen the price I said, "no one is going to buy this thing". But, no reason to destroy one to make a point, many other constructive and productive things that could have been done with that cpu.

    Anyhow, I am much more exited about threadripper, that 1900x is looking very appealing.

  34. ps/2 port is the alpha that tells the processor what the input is whether it likes it or not. usb ports are plebs that ask for permission to tell the processor input.

  35. So this is a dumb question and I wasn't able to see on the mother board if it supported m.2. I was curious if anyone in the comments has this board and could tell me? Thank You.

  36. Have you used this AB350N with the onboard wireless? I have had issues with internet dropping out/ win 10 freezing Blue screening etc… ?

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