Gigabyte Aero 15x vs MSI GS65 – Gaming Laptop Comparison

The Gigabyte Aero 15x and MSI GS65 are quite
similar in many aspects, both are thin and powerful gaming laptops, but which should
you buy? This comparison will show you the differences between them and help you decide
which one is right for you. First let’s check out the differences in
specs. Both laptops have the same Intel i7-8750H 6 core CPU, and well that’s about it in
terms of similarities. My Aero 15x came with 1 16GB stick of DDR4 memory at 2,666MHz while
my GS65 came with 2 8GB sticks of DDR4 memory at 2,400MHz, so although there will be some
performance differences due to this, both laptops are available in a number of memory
configurations and both can take up to 32GB at 2,666MHz, this is just what I had in my
review units. As I’ve got the 8RE version of the GS65
here it means that it’s got Nvidia 1060 graphics, while the Aero 15x has 1070 Max-Q
graphics, so another important difference that will affect performance, however the
8RF version of the GS65 is also available with 1070 Max-Q graphics, so assuming you’re
looking at that model in theory the performance differences shouldn’t be that drastic between
the two. As both units have different graphics though it does mean I can’t really fairly
compare gaming benchmarks, so we’ll primarily be looking at everything else here. My Aero 15x has a 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD while
the GS65 has a 512gb SATA SSD, however both laptops have two M.2 slots that support PCIe
NVMe storage and are available with different options while buying. It’s also worth noting
that inside the GS65 the motherboard is basically upside down, so if you do want to perform
any memory or disk upgrades you’ll need to first unplug everything and fully remove
the motherboard to do this, which is not the case with the Aero 15x, making the Aero better
for upgradeability. Both laptops also have 15.6 inch 1080p 144Hz
panels, more on that later though. For network connectivity both also have gigabit
ethernet ports, support for 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth version 4.2 in the Aero and
version 5.0 in the GS65. Both laptops have brushed matte black metal
lids and interiors, I think they both look quite nice and unobtrusive, although the MSI
one has gold trimming around various parts like the hinge and touchpad while the Aero
was all plain. As for size differences they’re very close
together, although the GS65 is just ever so slightly thinner, in either case still quite
small for 15 inch laptops due to the thin bezels. As for the weight differences the
GS65 was over 200 grams lighter than the Aero 15x, and closer to 300 grams when you combine
the 180 watt power bricks and cables for charging. As for the IO, on the left both laptops have
their gigabit ethernet port, the GS65 has two USB 3.1 Type-A ports while the Aero just
has one, the Aero also has a single 3.5mm audio combo jack while the GS65 has two separate
headphone and mic jacks. The Aero also has its mini DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 outputs
here, while the GS65 has its video outputs over on the right hand side which include
mini DisplayPort 1.2 and an unspecified version of HDMI port. The GS65 also has one USB 3.1 Type-A port
on the right side while the Aero has two, either way both have a total of 3. Both laptops
also have a USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port with Thunderbolt 3 support, and the Aero also has
an SD card slot which the GS65 is missing. The GS65 also has air exhaust vents on the
sides in addition to the back, while the Aero exhausts air out the back below the display. The screens are also somewhat similar, both
are 15.6 inch 1080p screens. The Aero uses a LG Philips panel while the GS65 uses an
AUO panel. The Aero’s is listed as IPS, while the GS65 is listed as IPS-Level, but
I think both are advanced hyper-viewing angle, or AHVA which are basically IPS in terms of
quality. They’re both 144Hz and to my eye they looked pretty good. I’ve measured the
current colour gamuts of both displays using the Spyder 5 pro, and the one in the GS65
scored slightly better, however to my eyes both looked great and I’d happily use either
for gaming or content creation. Viewing angles were great with both too, even
on sharp angles there was no noticeable colour shift, and the display of the GS65 was able
to go right back 180 degrees. Neither laptop has G-Sync available either, but with 144Hz
refresh rates that’s less of an issue while gaming. The bezels on both screens are really thin,
both are around 5mm or so, however despite this the GS65 is still able to keep the camera
at the top in the center, while the Aero moves it down the bottom giving you that lovely
up the nose view, but in either case the quality from the camera isn’t great, but the microphone
on the GS65 was noticeably better than the Aero. There was some backlight bleed detected with
both laptops, there was less with the Aero, I could only just barely notice it in a dark
room while I could occasionally notice the bleed from the GS65 in a normally lit room
when viewing darker content, however this will vary between laptops, this is just my
experience with a small sample size of one. As for screen flex, both were pretty similar,
there wasn’t a clear winner. Keyboard flex was a bit more obvious in the GS65, but realistically
this isn’t an issue unless you’re intentionally pushing down hard, no problems in either under
normal use, but overall I’d say the build quality of the Aero 15x was just a little
better. When it comes to typing I’d rate both keyboards
about the same, I had no issues typing with either, however the Aero was able to cram
in a numpad which the GS65 doesn’t have. Both have individual key RGB backlighting
with similar effects, the Aero appears to be flickering on camera but that’s just
to do with the shutter speed of my camera, in person both look great. Touchpads in both were excellent, both surfaces
felt extremely smooth however the Aero used ELAN drivers out of the box making it suboptimal,
but you can easily install precision drivers which made it perfect, while the GS65 was
great out of the box and used Synaptics drivers. As for the batteries, the Aero has a larger
94 watt hour battery while the GS65’s is 82 watt hours. While just watching YouTube
videos with the keyboard lighting off and background apps disabled, the Aero lasted
for around 50% longer, and both were using Intel integrated graphics during this test.
While playing the Witcher 3 with Nvidia’s battery boost capping the frame rate at 30
FPS they lasted within a few minutes of each other, however after an hour the GS65 dropped
the frame rate to around 10 FPS making it essentially unplayable with this game, the
battery didn’t seem to be able to provide adequate power after this point to play the
game well. This would probably be less noticeable with less demanding games though, but also
remember my laptops have different graphics cards, so the differences in gaming may be
different if the GS65 also had 1070 Max-Q graphics, as that can use more power, although
while capping the frame rates of the game I can’t see the differences being too great. As for the temperatures I tested the Aero
15x with an ambient room temperature of 22c and the GS65 at 19c, so a little difference
there as I had them at different times. Additionally, as mentioned remember my GS65 has 1060 graphics
while the Aero 15x has 1070 Max-Q, so again there will be some differences due to this
too, so take these results with a grain of salt. Despite this though, the Aero seems
to be a bit cooler in general. When the CPUs get to 90c they’re both thermal throttling,
and this was taking place prior to undervolting. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough in depth
undervolting testing on the Aero 15x to compare the two, but I was able to remove all thermal
throttling on the Aero with a -0.150v undervolt while the GS65 was thermal throttling in similar
tests with the same undervolt applied, but only just barely. As for the areas where you’ll actually be
putting your hands both were about the same at idle, look at the temperature readouts
rather than the colours as the colours will differ. While gaming the GS65 seems to stay
quite a bit cooler, and with the fans maxed out in a full CPU and GPU stress test the
GS65 is again a bit cooler. As for the fan noise produced by the laptops,
I’ll let you have a listen to some of these tests. When it comes to overall system noise both
were around the same at idle, while gaming the GS65 was just slightly quieter, and with
the fans maxed out they were again very similar. Overall the GS65 seems a bit better here,
but again remember when I tested it the room was 3 degrees cooler so that would be some
of the difference, and of course there is the difference in graphics cards which will
change things, in this case at least the results are very close. We’ll just quickly look at the hard drive
speeds, this is largely irrelevant though as both laptops are available with different
drive configurations and both support NVMe PCIe based storage. Something important for
content creators like myself is that the Aero 15x also has an SD slot which performed fairly
well, while the GS65 doesn’t have one at all. Now perhaps the most important difference,
the price. For fairness I’ll be comparing using the GS65 8RF, so the one with 1070 Max-Q,
making it about the same as the Aero 15x in terms of major specs. Here in Australia they
both seem to go for the same price, around $3400 AUD and these both have 512gb NVME SSDs
and 16GB of single channel memory at 2,666MHz. In the US though the GS65 is about $100 cheaper,
at $2200 USD compared to the Aero 15x at $2300 USD at the time of recording, this will of
course change in the future so you’ll have to decide what you’re willing to pay when
picking. However with these examples from Amazon the
Aero comes with a 512gb NVMe SSD while the GS65 has a 256gb NVMe SSD, and the GS65’s
dual channel memory runs at 2,400MHz while the Aero 15x’s is single channel but runs
at 2,666MHz, so there are some minor differences making the Aero 15x a little better there,
but up to you as to whether or not that’s worth the $100 difference. Personally I’m leaning towards the Aero
15x, but I’m looking at it from a content creation perspective, and the SD slot would
be great for offloading video from my camera, and overall I thought the build quality was
a little nicer. As for gaming, assuming both models had the 1070 Max-Q I’d expect them
to perform quite similarly, however as mentioned I was not able to test this myself as my GS65
had 1060 graphics. Otherwise the GS65 is a little lighter, cheaper, doesn’t have an
up the nose camera, while the Aero 15x has the numpad and a larger battery. In the ones
I’m comparing the Aero 15x also has faster memory and larger storage. There aren’t
really too many major differences, I think both are great laptops so it depends on your
personal preferences. So which of these two laptops would you guys
pick? The Aero 15x or MSI GS65? Let me know what you guys thought down in the comments,
and let me know what other laptops you want to see compared, as this video was made due
to a high number of requests. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for future
tech videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “Gigabyte Aero 15x vs MSI GS65 – Gaming Laptop Comparison

  1. Have a worst experience with MSI, RM5k product sent in twice within 6 months of purchase. I am yet to receive any email after requesting for refund.

    Please refer to youtube links for my problem i am facing with MSI laptop

  2. Thank-you for such an in depth review of these two laptops, this really helped me narrow my choices and expectations on which one I should get. I'm leaning towards the Aero 15X since I'm a content creator aswell, but I also really like the sleek and premium design with the MSI GS65…

    It's a though choice…

  3. I was in the position of choosing between the aero15x and the msi gs65. I had decided against the Razer blade as it has had comments about it thermal throttling and that the service is absolutely rubbish.

    The main advantage of the aero was the fact that it has a significantly larger battery and much easier to upgrade (as well it giving one stick of 16gb ddr4). However I ended up going with the msi gs65 as in my opinion, it looks better with the gold edges, slightly lighter but not significantly, and that that battery size is decent enough for me for college and that 16gb ram and 256gb ssd should be enough for me so I highly doubt I will be looking o upgrade any time soon and if I need more storage I can use external hard drives. Also another big deciding factor was that according to other people, the software and stability on the aero isn’t amazing and multiple window cleans have to be done as soon as you get it. For me paying so much amount of money and not being a ‘computer expert’ this will be a lot of effort that I’d rather not have.

    In the end I ended up going for the msi gs65 1070 model from Currys for £2000 as this seemed like a fair price as most other retailers were selling it for £2400 and out of stock and was cheaper than the aero15x.

  4. This is one of the best and detailed reviews/comparison I've ever come across… Please like his vids and subscribe.

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  7. I am buying a laptop but i have only budget of 1500$ and i want msi with higher spec 😂😂 what should i do? Which laptop is best under 1500$ which spec is same as msi ?

  8. Thank you very much for this comparison. first time i see an honest review with detailed explanation, also first time in my life i subscribed to a reviewer after watching a video, great job! You helped lots of people so much. I was afraid of that blinking rgb keyboard lightning, but you proved me that it's only while recording.

  9. My biggest issue with MSI is the bloatware just ruins the laptop and is so annoying. Aero would be my choice plus it’s battery is really good.

  10. how is the aero 15x keyboard issue? keys repeating or if you press multiple keys they don't register? how do you game with that keyboard? how do you fix the buggy and slow app loading of the aero 15x? if these can be solved, i'd get the aero 15x for better build and easier access.

  11. Great review! I went with the GS65 1070 as it was on special and my God it is a beast of a machine! very sleak. Not as sexy or as well built as my previous mackbook pros but WAY more power.

  12. I was wondering if i was gonna buy the gs65 stealth thin 8re and your videos helped me out so much ! You're the most underrated channel i have ever seen ! The quality of your videos are astonishing and the depth of your reviews are incredible ! Keep up the great the great work and i'm sure you'll become one of the top tech content creator !

  13. Somehow your channel is like my main decision maker more than other channels lol, thank you! Do the performance between the two differ by a lot? Because some reviews once said that 15x had some stutter issues if i'm not mistaken? And about battery, for gs65 if i were to just open msoffice and emails would it be around 4 hours as well? And do gs65 really gets hot on your lap or is it just while gaming? Is the heat from both laptop that hot that you have to buy a cooling fan?? Thank you!

    Edit: i might want to put an extra storage in due time, is it that hard for gs65?

  14. your infrared pic comparisons show lots more WHITE area in the MSI than the Aero – a lot more
    WHITE means higher temperatures, NOT cooler

    Blue or dark is cool

  15. Man, your laptop videos are soooo nice. I'm looking into a laptop for black friday and you've been such a huuuuuuge help. Thank you !!!

  16. To be honest , looking for a new laptop for Black Friday or cyber Monday. I’m looking for one that’s easy to carry for school and use for gaming, doesn’t overheat much, and easy to find parts. Later on, I will buy parts and make my own desktop.

    Which laptop would fit that criteria like out of all the laptops or top two?

    Ps still watching your reviews !!:) love your videos
    Best regards, Mimi

  17. As the owner of the msi gs65 for a few good months now, I highly recommends this laptop as it is INSANELY thin and light and packs an insane punch(I have the gtx 1070 max q version) my only complaints are that it feels a bit fragile and can get hot but is not nearly as hot as i would expect

  18. Definitely the aero 15x. It's more durable, has better performance and has a little bit thinner bezels than the gs65, though the trackpad is still bad and the speakers are the worst and the keyboard is cramped.

  19. The choice is so hard though. Both seem great. I really like the msi design though. On the other hand the Aero also seems to have some advantages. What to do?

  20. dude could you have please done a comparison between 15x and 8rf version instead of 8rE? because im trying to decide whether i should get 15x or gs65 8rf

  21. I bought an Alienware M15, because I could not get my hands on a GS65 with English keyboard in Germany. I think the GS65 is soooo much better than the Alienware tho :,(

  22. Ever thought about comparing the XPS 15 9570 to the newer 8th gen gaming machines from a content creator perspective? Clearly the 1050 TI cant hang with the 1070MQ but how much does that really matter in Adobe Creative Suite?

  23. Thank you for showing the Color Ratings, Super important. How does the Macbook pros screen do? looking for 99% or better AdobeRGB,SRGB coverage

  24. Did you experience any screen bleed on the Aero15x? Seen a lot of tech reviews saying it has a bad screen bleed which is the only thing keeping me from choosing it.. It could be the first batch of aero but i dunno.. Should I pick MSI instead? I love MSI's design but I think Aero offers better hardware.. 1 stick of 16gb ram easily upgradeable to 32gb unlike msi(8gbx2 ram).. 512 base ssd compared to msi 256gb.. Anyone who owned any of these tell me!!!!

  25. I prefer the monster msi gs65 s….this machine has a super performence .. cool display . Lot of usb ports and more and more…… it's perfect

  26. My GS63VR, which is the predecessor of gs65, the cpu fan suffers from rattling and noice issue twice in 16 month of use in an air conditioning room… The customer support required me to RMA, ship it to a repair center which could take a month, and refused to send me a new fan… Ended up buying a fan from eBay and liquid metal it to keep it cool…

  27. I've been looking for a replacement laptop for work (Illustration and 3D Modelling) and after going through your channel I'm torn between these two in terms of price, specs and overall size.

  28. I went for the msi gs65 because it was $400 cheaper at the time. It has some flex but after 6 months of use zero issues. I dont smash my hands on the laptop to cause it to flex so unless you have the hands of a gorilla you wont really notice. Cpu gets hot on some games and thats my only complaint so far.

  29. Hallo Jarrod,

    Happy New Year toya Mate,

    Was wondering if you cold please help me out with a notebook which MSI GS73 8RF Stealth (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 ?

  30. The GS65 is currently down at $2499 for anyone interested. Aero 15x still at $2899 for now…

  31. I don't like the MAX Q Design.I know it is made for portability but that much thin laptops aren't required.Laptops with PASCAL GPU Have a portable size.By the way,if a laptop fits in the bag,it's OK and The performance of MAX Q Is no where close to Pascal GPU'S

  32. I have the MSI GS65 32gb RAM with GTX1070. It's a great and powerful beast. I only play ONE video game – which is Gears of War 4. And apparently, this is the ONE video game that has issues with NVIDIA drivers, causing gears of war to eventually freeze & crash after playing for a while. This really sucks.

  33. I like the MSI because of how thin it is. Would it be good for world of Warcraft and learning to program yo? I just returned my 2018 MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar so I could buy MSI GS65. Plus I can’t afford aero it’s almost 3000 on amazon

    Edit: I forgot to add yo at the end

  34. My pc has an Intel 2130 with 16gb of ddr3 and a 1060 6gb…it's about 7 years old and I have only upgraded the gpu..last night I just bought my self the gs65 for £1400gpb with a gtx1070maxQ and 512gb nvme ssd and 16gb ddr4 2666hz…fingers crossed it's a good performer..time to clear out my desk and give my pc to a child in need in my local community…thanks for convincing me people.

  35. I almost got a Aero 15x with 1070… but instead got a GS65 with 2060 at basically the same price. So I glad I went with the MSI one. The 2060 is slightly more powerful than a 1070 with the addition of raytracing, also dual memory sticks on the GS65 gives it a slight advantage over the aero too. A win in every way

  36. For those prices I'm gonna keep lookin at Razer Blades I found a 1070 144hz for $1,400 refurbished.
    Would anybody trust those Amazon Refurbished laptops?

  37. Do you plan on comparing the new models? The new Aero 15 is supposed to have better cooling and I'm trying to decide between the two. Looking at i7-9750h, RTX2070 models.

  38. New versions became more similar 😂
    Gotta come up with a new one i think!
    Taking about the gtx1660ti versions 🔥

  39. I’m glad that in 3 years, laptops will (hopefully) be greatly improved than what’s offered today

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