GIGABYTE AORUS 200 Series – Z270X-GAMING 5 Motherboard Unboxing & Overview

1, 2, 3, 4, 5! this is AORUS Z270X-Gaming 5 Unboxing You’re watching the official GIGABYTE Motherboards and BRIX YouTube Channel My name is Leon and today, we’re going to show you what AORUS is all about Now if you guys aren’t familiar with AORUS, AORUS is our premium gaming series powered by GIGABYTE and you can see that we have our motherboards and if you guys haven’t heard we launched at CES. So, right here we’re going to show you what this board is all about you can see it has RGB Fusion, it has Smart Fan 5, it has a Killer NIC as well as it being VR Ready If you guys are trying to be VR Pioneers this is definitely the board to get. As it will fill most of your requirements for VR, this board supports the Intel Z270 chipset, which means it has support for LGA 1151 sockets meaning it’s backwards compatible with 6th Generation Intel Core CPUs At the back here you can see that Optane Ready So when that technology does come available from Intel you’ll have it and you can get the best performance possible. Lets flip the box around you can see what other cool features we have on it. As we talked about earlier we have RGB Fusion support for an LED overlay, LED light strips and Smart Fan 5 which you can actually control and be able to set various fan curves directly for your system you can see it has 6 temperature sensors, 5 Fan Pin Headers We have the Killer NIC so you can get that better internet performance when you’re gaming and also triple NVMe support and USB 3.1 Down here you can see some of our other Ultra-Durable Technologies that many of you guys might be familiar with but we’ve actually made some improvements to some of them such as USB DAC-UP 2, where we now have adjustable voltage control for these ports making it the best solution for VR accessories and gaming peripherals whether it’s gamepads whether it’s VR headsets this is definitely the port that you want to have on your motherboard when you’re shopping for your next generation pc. Let’s take all the accessories out and show you what comes in the box As well as show you what the board looks like Alright Guys, so we have all the accessories laid out for you, so you guys can have a look. You get your usual’s, you have your user’s manual, your installation guide for first-time DIYers, as well as a driver disc. if you’re looking for the most updated drivers be sure that you check out the site under your specific product and support if you guys are looking to build your computer for the first time we do have DIY guides online as well, you get two packs of SATA cable each pack has a right angle as well as a straight cable so you have a total of four SATA cable in the box. You also have a padded rear I/O that comes with AORUS labeled on it as well You have an extension cable for your RGBW LED strips So this basically spins off from your pin headers onboard and gives you some additional cable length We’ve provided a G-connector so your front panel pin headers are always in a nice neat orderly fashion when you connect it into your AORUS Gaming Motherboard and also an AORUS case badge to show off your AORUS gaming pc. Hey guys, so you guys have now seen the outside of the box you’ve see what comes in the box Now, let’s get to the main course. So right here you can actually see this is the Gaming 5 motherboard it has its white armor all around even down at the audio zone and this section here actually lights up and it illuminates with the different RGB colors that you choose through the RGB fusion app in our App Center that’s a big mouthful but as we move over you can see that this is using that LGA 1151 socket and you have the multiple fan pin headers on the board and if you remember it has six temperature sensors and five fan pin headers these pin headers are all hybrid fan headers so they’re interchangeable and they can automatically detect whether you’re using a voltage mode fan or PWM mode fan as we move over a little bit more you can see between the DIMM Slots we have our diffusers so when you choose the colors that actually lights up a larger surface area on the board we also have our Accent LED Overlay right here and this overlay is interchangeable if you see us at any events be sure to stop by and check it out we might be getting some different types of overlays or even on our Facebook page. We have two USB 3.0s we still have that support for U.2 right here We also have a debug LED here and diagnostic LEDs these diagnostic leds at the very bottom are very useful because they can actually tell you if your memory is not seated properly or if your CPU is not seated properly or if it’s just the boot function, it will actually light up and tell you which ones causing the problem so you can actually troubleshoot a lot easier. As we move over we have additional two more USB 2.0 front panel headers and we have the RGBW pin headers. Inside the box earlier we saw that it comes with an extension cable so you can connect that extension cable here and have support for RGB strips RGBW strips or RGB/UV strips. If you use RGBW strips you’ll have a truer white and brighter white and more vibrant colors and you can also use UV if you want to have a more blacklight feel and a retro look to your system If you use the any type of UV reactive paint, UV reactive cable, or even liquid in a liquid cooling setup that’s definitely something that you want to consider. Speaking of liquid cooling the Hybrid Fan Pin headers also support water flow sensor so if you have an open-loop setup you can definitely insert a a water flow sensor inside to see how fast or how much water is flowing through your liquid cooling pc. We have our audio zone with a removable OP-AMP as we move up you can also see it supports 2 M.2s if you want to use your next generation of form factors for storage and this is where your optane memory will go as we swing to the rear I/O You can see that it has the combo PS/2 ports, you have our two new redesigned USB DAC-UP 2 ports these DAC-UP 2 ports like we mentioned earlier are great for gaming if you want to connect a VR headset any power-hungry devices external hard drives that require more power to operate or spin these are definitely the USB ports you want to use especially for any of these devices so make sure your next PC does have USB DAC-UP 2 We have HDMI and DisplayPort connectors onboard if you want to use the integrated graphics core and we also have two USB 3.1s right here one in Type-A and 1 in Type-C I flipped those right there so Type-A on top Type-C on bottom USB 3.1 Gen2 two NICs one being Intel one being killer two more USB ports and another two USB 3.0 and of course your rear audio jacks Alright guys if you guys are looking for more information on our Z270X-Gaming 5 Motherboard be sure to check out our site Like I mentioned earlier if you guys want to get any performance benefits we do have a very entry level and easy-to-read OC guide on our product page and if you guys want to see any type of promotions or win any prizes or just be funny and silly post be sure to like our GIGABYTE Facebook page, Thank you guys for watching the official GIGABYTE Motherboards and BRIX Channel on YouTube and we’ll see you next time my name’s Leon and thanks for watching!

4 thoughts on “GIGABYTE AORUS 200 Series – Z270X-GAMING 5 Motherboard Unboxing & Overview

  1. Leon any word on the Z270MX – Gaming 5 ?? I have one on pre order but wanna see a rundown and overview before hand.

  2. i have this same board. For some reason it wont let me change the Vcore LLC in the bios. I click on it with the mouse and use the keyboard to select it and it wont show me any of the other options, just shows "auto"

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