Gigabyte EP45T-UD3P Motherboard

Alright, so if you have a 45NM processor,
and you’ve got some ACI video cards that are ready to go into Crossfire, this is the
type of board that you want to be using in the current state of things. If you’re not
going to be going X48, or X38, this is the P45 chipset, it does give you 2 PCI
Express 2.0’s. Now this is the Gigabyte versions. This is the
EP45T-UD3P. Now I know that’s a mouthful, but this is actually quite an awesome board. It
does have that Ultra Durable 3. I don’t know, you can’t really see. Zoom in on
the side of the board here. The Ultra Durable 3, it’s actually got 2 ounces of
copper in the PCB. So there’s one ounce, of copper on one layer, and one ounce of copper
on the other layer. It’s good for cooling, and for power. It makes sure that your power is
all clean. It’s got 6 phase CPU power, so you’ll see 3 and 3 right there, so 6 phases
of CPU power is awesome. You got Solid State Caps, you have dual Bios Chips, you have Crossfire
X-Support, it’s absolutely incredible, if you want to run a gaming rig off of that.
Now, take a look over here, you also have.. This is the DDR3 board, so just
keep that in mind. This is a DDR3 board. It will do DDR3 up to 2200 megahertz natively,
I’m not talking about Overclocking, I’m talking about native. Nobody even makes that
memory up, but if they did, this would support it absolutely natively. Now,
they went with the kiwi… What is this? Like kiwi color?
Color scheme there? What is that green and pink? – Kiwi and fuchsia.
– Kiwi and fuchsia? It’s pretty cool, but it’s not really important
because it supports 8 gigabytes of DDR3, and again, 2200 megahertz, 2000 megahertz,
1800 megahertz, 1600 megahertz, 1333, 1066, all of those DDR3 should be supported natively,
which is actually quite awesome. It’s got a great a cooling for the P45 North
Bridge. It’s actually connected with the VRMs and the Mosfets on this one, which are all low
RDSON. Also down here, this is the ICH10R South Bridge chipset which
is extremely useful. As you’re going to see here you got 6 SATAs and
you have another 2 right up here, those give you RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0 + 1,
RAID 5. So you have a ton of RAID support, on here. You have a bunch of slots looking over
here, you have 3 PCI Express x1’s, you got 2 PCI Express 2.0 x16’s. These are going
to run x16 if you fill one, or if you fill both are going to run x8 and x8,
but that doesn’t really matter, because PCI Express 2.0, so you shouldn’t lose
any bandwidth, as long as you’re not using like some super-duper fast card, which is not going
to happen anyway, ’cause unless you have a 4870… Even 4870×2’s are not going to do that
and those are the fastest cards for Crossfire. You have 2 conventional PCI slots, right there.
You have 4 USB headers. You have 2 headers which can support 4 USB
ports each. You do have IDE, you do have floppy, if you
want to use those you can, they all are on board, not a problem. Now, let
me show you the back of this thing. Just so you can see the type of conductivity you
can get, this is ridiculous. PS2s, S/PDIFs with coaxial and with optical.
A ton, you get 8 USB 2.0s, you get dual Gigabit LAN with teaming technology,
you get an i.Link Firewire, you get a regular, firewire, and down here at the bottom, my favorite
part is another amazing amazing HD audio. Gigabyte has been putting some awesome HD audio
on their boards. This is the Realtek ALC889A. Which is a 106 decibel noise.. Signal to noise
ratio, which is absolutely incredible. It means again you will not buy a sound card, it will do
all the awesome sound right off of there, and it’s really cool. It has 3 firewires, so this
is a great board for anyone who’s building an editing system. DDR3, you get tons of
firewire. You have 2 firewires in the back, you have another firewire right down here under
this little plug. Let me pull that out. I pulled the little plug out. You got a firewire right
there, so that give you a total of 3 firewires, on 1 board, that’s absolutely ridiculous. You get
Dual Gigabit LAN. You have all those amazing Overclocking features.
This board is absolutely phenomenal. And it comes with a bunch of stuff in the box,
so let me show you what you get with it. You get a padded input/output shield, actually I’m
sorry it’s not padded but it’s painted and pretty. I like that one a lot. You get a driver disk.
Dolby Digital. By the way, that sound card, does support Dolby Digital Home Theater, so
if you want to use it, you should. Very nice H-channel HD audio. You get this
cool little device.. Whoops, which I just dropped. Luckily it’s very durable. Thank you Gigabyte.
These are really cool. These are eSATA, these are Molex. It comes with a cable that’s
Molex, it says SATA. Yeah, it’s a SATA pretty much. You can get
an external hard drive, or not even an external hard drive. An internal hard drive that’s mounted
externally via an eSATA, that’s a SATA cable, and a Molex to SATA power connection. So if have
old hard drives lying around, you don’t need to get a dock, you don’t need to
install them in the case, you can run them right off the back, with just this little device
and the cable that comes with it, which is this one right here, and as you can see, it goes
in Molex, and comes out with Dual SATA power connector. So that’s really really cool.
I love that. You also get this nifty, nifty, nifty cable. It’s
eSATA on one side, as you can see that’s eSATA, and on the other
side, it’s just conventional SATA. So that is extremely extremely cool. It means
you can plug it in to a regular SATA hard drive, and then use this eSATA connection to the back
of your computer, which is awesome. Also you get, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… You get 4 SATA
cables of floppy, and a IDE cable. Or IDE and floppy. I don’t know. Free gift. And then you get
really good manuals. Which are very important and awesome. This one
is really cool, ’cause it tells you.. This tells you like all the extra features, that
you know, they offer. And, your TPM. Trust and protection module.
2048 bit encryption. If you so desire to make this like your some crazy
workstation for the CIA. You can use this Plug and Play, 2048 bit
encryption. I don’t even know what that would be used for,
but, it’s there if you want it. The EP45T-UD3P motherboard from Gigabyte. If
you have any question on it, email me. See you guys next time. For more information on Gigabyte EP45T-UD3P
Motherboard, type in G452-0002 into the search engine of any of these major
retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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60 thoughts on “Gigabyte EP45T-UD3P Motherboard

  1. Cool board but don't like Gigabyte because of the stupid colors there put on there boards I mean green and pink! Yuk! Can't beat black and lime oh black and gold!

  2. Tyy for making this video… i have been waiting for it. I want to put this Mobo in my new budget build but wasn't 100% sure yet.

  3. what the hell, i bought a board like this, put SLI in and couldnt fit in the sound card because the damn RAM stick is blocking it…. HOW DID U GUYS OVERCOME IT?

  4. You don't have to use ATi. You can use nVidia but this board is CrossFire only. So if you want multi graphics card you need ATi cards.

  5. firstly no need to call me names and secondly, if you gona pay for ddr3, which is the most expensive part of an i7 setup in comparion with a core 2 setup, as in decent core 2 mobo, close to x58, i7 920 close to q9450, 9550, then memory, ddr2 much cheeper than ddr3, ddr3 dual and ddr3 tripple not much different if not same, for insatnce as i write this i found dominator 1600 mhz 3 x 1GB cheep than sms 1600 mhx 2 x 2gb… kay

  6. im not talking about ddr3 against ddr2 im talking about if your gona go core 2 it shouldnt be ddr3 and if you are thinking of a core 2 setup which needs ddr3 you should just go x58 … plus the prices have came down loads since i7 came out

  7. Does this mobo only use ddr3 ram ?
    wondering if any of you guys no if 4gb Kit-800 (2x2GB) Kingston 72 would work on it ? message back .

  8. I am buying a EP45-UD3P mobo, and a C2D E8400! to be used with my ATI Radeon HD 4650, and 4Gb 667Mhz ram. (Decent gaming rig?)

  9. i will keep my ram, unless i can tell it is slowing me down, then i would probably get 800mhz with heat syncs and OC if still slow.

    how much would you OC Kingston 4 1Gb DDR2 667Mhz dimms without heat syncs?

  10. yea, but the deal is that i don't wanna buy
    ANOTHER 4 dimms. i already have 4 1Gb 667Mhz Kingston ones. cost $12.99 each. but i don't wanna buy another 4, that would be even more expensive, and i would probably get 2Gb dimms so that adds price. i just wanna know what i can get out of these first, cache my drift? (LOL)

  11. 永遠支持技嘉!!料好.實在.價公道!!..兼俱穩定性!!一個字…..讚!!

  12. i have the ud3p ddr2 version of this board its a fantastic overclocker one thing i cant seem to find good info on is the robust graphics booster option in the bios options are auto( default) fast and turbo i have mine set to auto really want to try the fast or turbo seeting but with lack of info im a little scared to fuck up my newly built rig if anyone know a thing about rgb respond w/ your knowlege

  13. unfortunatly i do not know much about this setting nor is there much information in the manual also (p40).

    All i know is that it is set to auto and somehow effect the memory of the gfx.

  14. this and the EP45-UD3P (got1) are great, but I would say the biggest downside is that when in crossfire Both are X8

  15. Allow me to correct myself. They have both. If you go to gigabyte's page they have a ddr3 and ddr2 version of this same board. Both are the same, accept the ram. Hope this is helpfully.

  16. almost all dual gpu slot mobos have it that way. And its not much of a difference in performance between 16 and 8, so its not that bad.

  17. Are you sure you bought an EP45T-UD3P because the only ep45t is ud3lr and that isn't ud3p. These boards are wiped from the market.

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