Gigabyte GA Z270XP SLI LGA 1151 Motherboard

Hi, everybody. Welcome to my channel. My name’s Dennis. Today, we’re going to talk
about the gigabyte Z270XP SLI, the 1151 socket that has pretty
much everything in the 1151 series, including
CrossFire and SLI, which is really difficult to find. So this was the
only one aboard that met all of the requirements
that a friend of mine needed, so I suggested this
to him and he we bought it. He’s kind enough to let
me do a review on it. So before we get started,
if you’re new to my channel, hit that Subscribe. Then go ahead and hit that Like. Hit that bell for
future notifications. Here we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re going to start off
getting this out of the box, and we’re going to have
a look at what’s inside. Of course, we have
our motherboard, which we’ll have a more in-depth
look at here in a second. Oh, it comes with it. Well, typical stuff. We’re going to find
installation guide, and here I have the user manual. And inside this, I can see
there’s something else. Oh yeah, of course, you’ve
got your CD, or DVD. It’s actually a DVD, but anyway. All your drivers and stuff. Don’t forget, when you get that,
do the network driver first. You can do all the
rest of them as well, but don’t forget to go into
the websites and update them. They’re updated through the
software that comes with. The other thing we have
with us is a SATA cable, and you’ve got two of those. And you have, doo, doo, doo– oh, this is kind of nice. You don’t get those
with every motherboard, and I’m going to show
you what that is. Just let me pause
this for a second. OK, so I’m not going to take
it out because it is his. But you can see
on there the power LED, the reset, the hard drive. And if you could
see the other side, you’d see the other
LED connectors. And what’s nice
about that is you could plug it all
into there and then just pop it onto the
pins on your motherboard. That makes it easier to see
them and to put them in place. So the other thing we’ve got,
of course, is the I/O shield. Nothing fancy about this
one, not colorful or nothing. So we’re going to get the
motherboard out and have a look at it. OK, so having a first
look at our motherboard, you’ve got your heat sink
here, another one here. You’ve got your 8 pin power. And on the other side,
you’ve got your 24 pin. You’ve got four DIMM
slots for your DVR4. You’ve got room for
three graphics cards. Now, this motherboard also comes
with your CPU fan, your CPU optional fan, and
three system fans– or system headers, I
should say, for your fans. It also comes with,
of course, your slot for where your CPU is going
to go, and it’s socket 1151. And it also comes
with two USB 3.0 slots, which is pretty handy. So I’m just going to pick
this up and show it to you so you can get a better look. So having a closer
look at it, you can see your two USB 3.0’s here. OK, all your connectors are
going to be on the side. So you’ve got your
audio, home, your LPT, which is basically if you had an
old-fashioned parallel printer, which I don’t know if
anybody has that anymore. You’ve got your TPM,
Trusted Platform Module, what it stands for. And you’ve got your two USBs. And it’s color-coded here, which
is quite nice, for connecting all your LEDs, like your
power, P-LAG, reset, all that kind of good stuff. And that makes it
pretty unique, actually, and they made it
easier to spot as well. So having a look at where your
I/O shield is going to go, you’ve got your two older style
keyboard and mouse, USB 3.0, your type C connector, Type-Am,
your HDMI, two more three 3.0s, and two more here as well,
your gigabyte ethernet, LAN. And then you’ve
got all your audio, like your mic and
your speaker here, all that kind of good stuff. And of course, having
a look at the back, just so you can see where
everything is going to go, you have your holes for
putting in a cooler. Nothing fancy, nothing
out of the ordinary. Now some other specs you’d like
to know on this– at least I hope you’d like to know–
would be they are DDR4 3866 is how much the
memory will go up to. X&P ready, of course. Has USB 3.1 Gen
2 and USB Type-C. Now, it also has an
n NVMe PCIe 2210 M.2 slot, which is right there,
just in case you didn’t notice. It also has support
for 7th and 6 Gen CPU. PCIe, like I said, is times
16, or times 8, or times 4. So 16, 8, 4. You know how that breaks down. If you don’t, ask me in the
comments and I’ll explain it. Has dual channel
DDR4, four DIMMs. There’s one SATA Express,
6 SATA 3, and one M.2. It has SATA RAID
0, 1, 5, and 10. It has eight channel
audio, and, like I said, Intel gigabyte LAN. And it is an ATX form factor. Now, that M.2 drive is
also capable of going up to 32 gigabytes per
seconds because it’s the PCIe Gen 3 times 4. And a USB 3.1. Gen 2 will go up to 10
gigabytes per second, which is better
than the USB 3.1 Gen 1, which is 5
gigabytes per second. Your audio in this board is ALC
1220, capable of 120 decibels. SNR HD audio with
smart headphone amp. And like I said, it has,
also, the two eight SLI and three-way CrossFire
for a multi-graphics cards. It has the patented gigabyte
DualBIOS technology. Has the long lifespan
solar capacitors. The anti-sulfur resistor
with ultra durable design, your durable gold-plated
CPU socket design. And of course, your gigabyte
LAN comes with cFos internet accelerator software. You get that for a
little while and then it becomes no good anymore. This is a trial version. And you can buy it. I really haven’t noticed any use
to it, but it’s good, I guess. It has 4K support and also
HDMI, which I did point out. Now, in total, it has
five hybrid fan headers. So there are three system fans
and your CPU and your optional. It has a smart fan
5 configuration, and it has six
temperature sensors. So that, I have to say, is
one of the nicest motherboards I’ve had. Unfortunately, I have to
make sure the person gets it. So I didn’t have a whole lot of
time to do as thorough a review as I’d like, but I think
I covered everything. So let me know if you have
any questions, because even if I don’t have the
motherboard, there’s still research I can do. And if there’s something
you need to know, I’ll find out for you
and I’ll get back to you. So I hope you like it. If you do, hit that Like. Hit that Subscribe. Hit that bell for
future notifications. Think about donating
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maybe go through there. In any case, not required. But I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for feature
videos, and thank you very much for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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