Gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC 4K Gaming Benchmark

hey guys what’s up this is Pete from
HardWirePC and in this video we’ll be doing a 4k gaming benchmark with the GT
X 1080 turbo OC graphics card so this video is a follow-up of my unboxing and
noise test of the gigabyte turbo OC card so you can also check out that video by
clicking the card up top now giving you guys a grind down off the GTX 1080 turbo
OC graphics card the cooling system is your traditional blower style cooler
where the fan channels air through the cooler and exhausting the hot air
through the rear of the graphics card this configuration is identical to
nvidias founders Edition however the major difference is the heatsink inside
which has free copper heat pipes directly contacting the GPU together
with aluminium fins to help dissipate the heat
according to gigabyte this has an increase of 8 percent cooling
performance over the founders Edition now I won’t be going into the specs of
the Pascal GPU as there are several videos that you can check out on other
channels but I will say that GT X 1080 turbo OC has a base clock of 1657
megahertz in OC mode and this of course will boost up to 1797 megahertz with
NVIDIA GPU boost now the great thing about the gigabyte 1080 turbo OC is that
currently at the date of making this video it’s one of the cheapest GTX 1080s
on the market right now one downside of this graphics card is that it doesn’t
have any backplate which for a higher-end graphics card in 2017 is not
the norm and makes the graphics card look a little incomplete
however this of course does come back to its low cost and another downside of
this model is that it’s quite loud due to its blower style color
however graphics card with blow style coolers have their benefits when
installing them in small form-factor systems such as my Mini ITX system and
this helps of reduce heat from the graphics card by
blowing it out of the case and not inside like other colors do so I decided
to benchmark the GTX 1080 with 4k resolutions to see how it holds up and
whether it will make a decent entry-level 4k gaming GPU so the system
I’ll be testing the 1080 is my Mini ITX gaming PC housed in the Cooler Master
Elite 130 case the CPU is an i5 6600 K off that 4.6 gigahertz with a gigabyte
Z170N G1 gaming motherboard 8 gigabytes of corsair lpx ddr4 2400 memory and an
Intel 600 P 512 gig nvme SSD I will leave the full specs in the description
below now with the graphics cards overclocking ability I was able to boost
the core clock by an extra two hundred and five megahertz and also the memory
by another 155 megahertz this allowed the GTX 1080 to still run
stable without getting too hot so now that we have that out of the way let’s
get straight to the benchmarks anyway guys here are the results of the
benchmarks so as you can see the GTX 1080 actually did a very very good job
at playing 4k now most of your mainstream games such as csgo
overwatch honestly speaking you can crank these settings up to maximum with
no problems at all at 4k resolution when it comes to your triple-a titles that’s
when you will need to turn down your graphics so keep that in mind it really
depends on what you are playing but definitely the GTX 1080 makes an
excellent entry-level 4k gaming graphics card anyway guys that’s it for me for
this video if you have any questions on this graphics card please leave them
down in the comments below if you like this video please give it a like and
subscribe to my channel for other videos now if you guys like to see the unboxing
of this graphics card and also the noise test please check out the video I’ll
leave that in the description as well anyway guys I will see you in the next

24 thoughts on “Gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC 4K Gaming Benchmark

  1. I’m looking at Geforce gtx 1080 8gb turbo OC and a Geforce gtx 1070 windforce for my first pc gaming build which one would you recommend?

  2. Suggestion, when you capture gameplay footage i guess you are using shadowplay, you should be able to set the capture value to 130mbps and find it only takes a tiny bit of performance away, i tried this with Forza mototrsport 7 maxed at 4k with a GTX 1070 and it ran fine, ideal if your capturing footage to run in the background on a video rather than trying to capture/benchmark at the same time, hope this helps.

  3. I'd say If you're on at least a $1000-$1200, buy this card as it would be able to play a lot of the new games in 2018-2022+ in 1440p 60FPS and only minor upgrades would be needed for like RAM, SDD etc.

  4. your grafic card maybe not well because here with ROG 1060 OC and 8700K i can play dota2 UHD max 85/110 fps and other games i get almost same results

  5. runs at 2000 mhz easy and stable with the fan turned up lf not runs hot as hell 90 plus and is as noisy as f### unless water cooled,water cooled however runs amazingly well im getting 2025 mhz non overclocked settings . Non water cooled thermal throttling down to 1500 mhz good cheap 1080 if your water cooling it

  6. Would this still work well with a 50 inch 4k tv? Ive got an i5 6600k, 8gb ram, MSI Z270 MPOWER Gaming Titanium Intel Z270 LGA1151 motherboard but the gpu only does 60fps on eurotruck simulator and other games. Am i using this gpu the wrong way of something?

  7. Thanks, I came here to hear your your shitty music. I didn't care for a single world you say since you didn't think it was relevant. 👌👍

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