Gigabyte Motherboard Z97X-Gaming 7 Unboxing

Hi, im Wilson, and today we are going to take out
of the box the Motherboard Z97X-Gaming 7 from Gigabyte This is a motherboard pointed to the u$s 200 range
and it is a board that has a lot of adventages for those who want something
something good but not so expensive. As we start the unboxing, i can comment that this
board is socket 1150 and supports 4th and 5th generation of intel microprocessors. That
it is in the Gaming line of Gigabyte, called G1, that was redesigned recently, with black PCB
and details in red. The content of the box beside the mother itself includes
Drivers CD, details of the supports centers for Argentina, México and Perú, one multilanguage installation guide, an english only user manual, 2 sata cables,
1 SLI bridge, the backplate or plate for the case. As you can see the packing
isnt the best, but that also is because it helps for the motherboard to not be so expensive.
In the backpanel conectors we see 2 PS2 ports, one for a keyboard and one for a mouse,
three video outputs 1 HDMI, 1 VGA and 1 DVI, 4 USB 3.0 ports,
4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 RJ45 board, special for gaming, Atheros
Killer E2201, digital audio output and 5 jacks 3.5 with a golden plating that is going to generate
less interference that most motherboards. Thanks to this connectors, plus
the dedicated space in the PCB where the Japanese Nichicon capacitors are, and adding
the AMP-UP technology from Gigabye, the onboard sound is going to allow us to prescind from
an exclusive soundboard without losing much quality For those who overclock, the mother has
reset, power and clear CMOS buttons of easy access, plus a small digital panel, where
we are going to receive in code what is happening with the board to solve it easily.
As regards to storage, it has 8 SATA ports 6gbps, 1 sata express connector
and 1 ssd m2 socket. If the MAX 32GB of RAM are not enought for you
to play, the Gaming 7 gives you 3 PCI Express sockets for 1 VGA,
Dual SLI or a 3-Way Crossfire To close ill review again the Pros of this Motherboard thas are: the special network board for gaming,
the very well done sound hardware, support for SLI and Crossfire, connectors for drives of
10Gbps, two things I didnt mention in the video but worth to bring here are the
dual BIOS and capacitors of 10000 hours of duration, facilities for those who
overclock and facilities for detection of problems.
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