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What would you do continues. You gotta be kidding me We gotta put a stop to this Hey, why are you playing this game? I know, it’s like… so much worse than the first one. Like you would know the difference. *tsst* What is that supposed to mean? It means that girls SUCK at video games Here, give me that. Why don’t you just go get your nails done or something? You’re at a video game store. Where you see a gamer being harassed simply because of her gender. Do you let the bully play on? Or do you step in and tell the boys, GAMEOVER What would you do? Girl gamers? They should be called girl lamers. Trust me, we’re doing you a favor. We’re at the game xchange, in Bridgeport Connecticut and it’s game on, for our bullies. You shouldn’t be playing that. No I’m serious You’re a girl. You shouldn’t be playing that game. Girls don’t play video games. Those words quickly catch this shopper’s atttention. They play video games for girls, but not like that. Are you serious? Yeah Absolutely Why don’t you just leave me alone? I don’t even know you. Because you shouldn’t be playing that. This is a guy’s game. Girls can’t play video games like this. With all due respect why don’t you leave her alone? Let her play all the video games she wants how about that? Do you know her? No. So let her play video games man. And now another customer joins his cause. You got something against girls? Find something better to do than pick on her, how about that? I’m not picking on her I’m just stating facts. You certainly are, telling her she’s a girl and can’t play games. She could probably kick your ass at some of these games. Why don’t you just back up and let her play? Maybe you should mind your own business. Mind your own business? Take your own advice. This is a game she shouldn’t be playing. I would love you to leave. I don’t work here though so I don’t have the authority to tell you to leave but if I did, I would absolutely tell you to leave. Come on. Let’s just go. Whatever. Just keep playing Thank you Time to tell them we’re just playing too. Fantastic Why is it good to stand up for a stranger? I’m an educator So, uh, this is what I do. I see this kinda stuff, and, I never want to see this happening. uh, yeah. This is nuts. We hit the reset button Our bullies are all charged up. Yo, I want this back You’re still playing this game? Stop it. Here, look. I got you some movies. Stick to that. Stick to what you’re good to. Stay away from video games. We just told you not to play. This woman is watching from across the store. I don’t understand how you really thought you could play like, this is a guy’s game What are you doing? I mean, I was trying to play video games. But it’s her daughter who decides to stand up to her bullies. I’m a girl. I can play whatever I want She can play whatever she wants too. Really? I disagree. You really think that girls can play video games? Ya, actually, yes she can. Just shut up She can play whatever she wants Why are you defending a stranger? You don’t know her. Because she’s a girl and I’m a girl. That’s what she’s doing You guys are ruining the video game culture Ok, sure. Sure. What? It’s like a guy thing to play video games. Come on, let’s just go. We’re out. As the boys leave the store, she shows compassion for our girl gamer. Thank you so much. Hi there. How are you? I’m Johnny Kenyonas This is the show “what would you do”. Proud of her? Very I taught her well. Some guys feel like it’s their domain. Like, my brother says that to me Like you can’t play this game, I can. What do you say? I keep playing it, because I can do whatever I want. Our guys continue the harassment all day long. Why are you even here? You know, video games are for guys. Why is it a guy’s game? It’s a war game. It’s a game If it’s fun, play it. This man tries to convince them that gaming isn’t a boy’s club. I’m just trying to keep these games for us guys There’s girls out there playing. There’s probably girls out there better than you. And this woman fiercely shuts down our bullies. My son plays online, he plays with women. OKAY?!?! So she can play the damn game. Shut it. Because I don’t want to hear it. OKAY? Thank you very much. Oh hell no. Helll no. No you didn’t. This is your daughter? Yes she is. What is the message you want to give her about these things? That men and women can do the same thing. We’re equal. We’re rolling one last time. Girls don’t play video games like this. Why are you doing that? James Anglis clearly doesn’t like what he’s hearing. But will he press play on his opinions? Statistically, there are more female game players than there are guy players. That may be the case, but not games like this Why not? If girls can actually be in war, they can play real war games. Duh. What do you mean? Girls can’t play video games. Why the fuck not? Because they suck at them. That draws in a newcomer from way across the store. James’s mom. Do you know her? No. You don’t know this girl and you’re talking shit to her? She shouldn’t be playing this game. If you would have said that to me I would have wooped your ass out loud. I would fuck you up. You don’t know that girl and you’re talking all that crap? She’s in a video game store playing video games for guys. Mind your business though. If she’s paying, that’s none of your business. If you don’t know that girl, leave her the fuck alone. Buy your games, and bounce. Why are you defending her? Because she’s a female, and you opened your big fat mouth, and you said that girls can’t play games. And now Steve Gonzalez joins the team. You guys sound really ridiculous Why don’t y’all keep your fucking mouth shut and let everybody go about their business? Why y’all doing this bros. Cause I’ll fucking take all you out for being ignorant. That’s a wrap, so shut the fuck up and have a nice day. It’s a wrap for us as well. How are you brotha? It’s part of a show. What would you do? You alright? Why is it important to speak up? You can’t just let nobody talk to you like that. That’s crazy. I wasn’t brought up like that. Loud people take a lot of people’s kindness for weakness. This is your mom. Tough lady. Why speak up? For one, I’m a female and I have daughters. You’re not a big person. I have a big heart. What do you say to those who don’t say anything? Who won’t speak up for someone else? Stand up. Because there will be a day when you’re the one who’s being attacked and no one will stand up for you. And in the end, when the players unite as one. We are all winners.

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  1. Who the fuck calls them "War Games" they're called shooter I would've made fun of THEm for that . Guys who have a problem with girls playing video games are weirdos like that's lit let's party up

  2. If anything I want more girls to play. The gamer world is Male dominated and it's a nice change to Team up with a girl and save the world. It would be so cool if there was a tournament where girls vs boys but we don't have enough girls who play

  3. This was literally the best reactions I've seen from people lol I want more like this what city and state did they film it in?

  4. This has never happened in history. No one bullies girls for playing video games. No one cares if girls play video games. That’s why not a single person in the store sided with the actors playing the bullies.

  5. I like this episode! However, the quality seems a bit worse than some others, the video seems a bit blurry but the episode was interesting

  6. Ok don't get me wrong but girls don't play games what boys play alot, it gives a stupid feeling that makes cuz games boys feel stupid

  7. Most of the girl gamers I meet r fucking degenerates. Good that it's 80% of the population while the other 20% are normal.

  8. If there's anyone out there that thinks that gaming is only for boy think of this people that make games on phones for girls make 10× more money then any of these console games

  9. usually in my experience if theres a toxic player especially one that teams up with (other toxic) friends, it's usually a group of 2+ girls. shocking, but true

  10. what would you do is controlling me all over
    when I ever see a person needs help I just help him thinking that its what would you do

  11. “Why are you helping her? She’s a stranger.”

    “Cuz I’m a girl.”

    Jk I understand and agree with her. Not only because she was a girl but she ALSO got offended by that statement that the actors said.

  12. Excuse me! My two sisters and me (also a girl) have an entire rack of Video Games! I would have lost my temper like crazy!
    I legit play Star Wars BattleFront, The Last Guardian, Spider Man PS4, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, both D. C. Injustices, and basically other combat games!

  13. I'm a girl and I was doing a live on Instagram playing assassin's Creed, One of my followers was strongly against it and said that I sucked, so I asked "is it because I'm a girl?" And he said yes in the comments. So I decided to shut him down by saying "some girls might be better than you a some of the games so you better shut the fuck up and leave my live"
    Not to long after that I was getting bullied online and at school cuz I'm playing games that are "for guy" apparently

  14. I understand the “you’re ruining video game culture” because I know there’s some cringy ass gatekeepers like that but they should’ve also used the “you’re only doing it for attention” excuse too. That’s the only thing I hear from male gamers who even care about gender.

  15. This doesn't even happen. I've never seen a girl get harrassed for playing video games. Lol.

    I've never in my life heard anyone tell girls they cant play games. Maybe its because I grew up playing video games with my sister. But I've never met any guy tell a girl they cant be gamers. Lol

    "I'm just trying to keep games for us guys" I laugh everytime i hear the person say that. It's so ridiculous


  17. Video games are for all people. No matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or health status. I play games with females, and they whoop me in most games. We're having fun. That is what it's about.

  18. This is why I just get games online. I'm not a hardcore gamer I'm more of a bookworm but a lot of games have really good stories! I just like good stories and I dont know much about other games so I dont really like shopping in public because I dont feel real enough to buy.

  19. First off,
    I am a girl. 38 years old.
    I want EVERY game console ever. From Atari (pinball machines are too big) to whatever the newest one is. I have an Atari, NES, SNES, Sega, Gameboy, Super Gameboy, PS, PS2, and a PS3. My fiance and I play games like Burnout Revenge, BTTF, The Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz, he likes a few games I can't remember the name of, and Pokemon. My faves are car games and Pokemon. I am super far on both. We love to challenge each other on Burnout. We also have a PSP and I love his war game. Not to play the war part but to be "trigger happy" with it. I am against war in real life and hate guns. But love video games with guns. We love to go to places and play arcade games. We have a place in our area called Games Ahoy. I have been there sooo many times just this past summer alone to get new games. He loves the games as much as I do. Plus, we also have jobs as well. Would love to get jobs playing video games and have part time jobs as well.

    Plus, when I get my own place, I want an extra room for a game room. That is where I will put my video games in. My man and I talk about this ALL THE TIME!!!!

  20. when he said "What would you do if a GaMeR gIrL" was being harassed I paused the video, wrote the comment and am about to click off

  21. perfect response to "it's a war game for men" I'd say "OH IT'S A WAR GAME, WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO….cause I mean there are ZERO women in the military….stfu just cause it's war games doesn't mean girls can't play. I play call of duty, resident evil and mortal combat with my brothers all the time. I'm better at mortal combat than them. ALSO getting your nails done is WAY different than playing video games. Painting nails IS a girl thing. Video games aren't JUST a guy thing.

  22. “Your destroying the Video Game Culture”

    Doesn’t Video Game Culture need more people to expand the community


  24. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen oh my lord XD
    ‘She’s ruining the video game culture’
    ‘Girl gamers they should be called girl lamers’
    ‘Why are you doing that’
    The last guy that tapped his head to emphasise how braindead the bullies are
    ‘No dude it’s a war game’

  25. Boy, grabbing my controller: "Why don't you go get your nails done?"

    Me, looking at my bit-up nails because of stress of losing videogames: * "uuuhhh.." *

  26. I'm a "girlgamer" I play tons and there have been plenty of ignorant fools in multiplayers, but mostly the guys are just surprised i'm a girl during the times i've beaten them. Can be downright cruel then. You've just got to roll with the punches and play with people who have your back both online and off.

  27. If i was in this situation. I would be nervously laghing at the bullies. Like you (Jordan) and your little DEMAN friend are nothing but a joke. How did yall make it this far in this world of female gamers

  28. am a boy gamer But I’m not a asshole if this happens online you should report them there is a lot of toxic people in this world

  29. Out of topics or what xD ..? i mean ye there is maybe some people who says girls suck at video game but was never taken this far. Cmon

  30. I've had a similar experience. I was wearing my brothers old Avengers hoodie, and I was walking around my school yard by myself, when suddenly I hear,
    "That's a boy shirt !"
    I turn and see a 6th or 5th grader and he's yelling the same old bullshit. Ever since then I've just kept doing the same thing, wearing "boy" Shirts and such. Video games have always just been a part of me and I'm fine with that

  31. Boys: girl gamers should be called girl lamers

    Woman defending a girl gamer: BOY GAMERS?! MORE LIKE BOYS THAT SUCK AT FORTNIGHT

    Lol i just made that up

  32. 2016 this makes sense….


    Omg pokimane I love you baby, Belle dolphin I'll buy your bath water! (Yes I said dolphine)


  33. any idiot that would think video games are for boy are dumbasses. im a girl and love playing them from the regular nitendo to the wii u

  34. I love how when that tiny woman is saying, “If you woulda said that to me, I would ** you up, straight up,” the dude sitting behind her is watching with a big smile on his face 😆

  35. The dudes (actors) are right. FPS games and other games consisting violance are intended for men, not women. Same as toy weapons and soldiers are for little boys, but not for little girls.

  36. I’ll play video games online and when they found out I’m a girl they’ll be like “your a girl so ur bad” and then I’ll beat them

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