I think there’s still a little bit
of prejudice in the male community versus the female community
due to the fact that we still don’t respect fully on what girls can
bring into the gaming community. Well, I know they bully girls a lot
and they keep telling them that, you know, you can’t play this
game, you can’t do that game. People as a community, they see women as a trash scene, like
we shouldn’t be here. There’s male chauvinism
in every community and I think that the gaming
community exists, you know, especially online there’s a lot of people
who hide behind an internet persona and they sort of create this chauvinistic
approach to women in gaming. It’s hard for them to be taken
seriously, from stories of teams trying to get even a good practice
session in with other pros and being turned down just
because they’re women. I’ve seen cases where girls are
playing and they are forced to actually mute the microphone
because they will get harassed online just because they’re playing
or people will say, “oh you have to play support
because you are a girl”. And, let’s be honest, most of
the times that I saw that, the girls have better
aiming than I do. So there is no reason behind it. There is no justifiable reason. But what you find in real life
and real scenarios, they would never say that, they probably don’t even feel
that way a lot of times. Now, I’m not apologizing
for their behavior. I just think that gaming events in
general are much more inclusive than people online
make them out to be. When we look at the actual community,
we cannot say that it’s dominated by the male who bully
that because women population within the esports community
is up from 25% to 30% right now. They are also putting a lot of
efforts to make this community sustain as the male gamers are doing. When we realized that all the female
esports tournaments were side tournaments, we decided to create a GIRLGAMER
as a platform to make sure that, they are given an equal opportunity
to compete and showcase their talent. I like to see women competing,
you know, by themselves, empowering each other and you know,
having a great time. I also like to seeing men
and women compete together. My view is always:
I want the best players playing regardless if
they’re men or women. When I was younger, my very first computer
game was Golden Eye on Nintendo 64. I just love the first-person
shooter type of game and I fell in love
with Golden Eye. When I was a little bit older, my brother
left open Counter-Strike on a computer. I was about 12 or 13 years
old and when he left to go play with his friends outside, I hopped on the computer and I
feel in love with Counter-Strike. Welcome everyone to the first ever GIRLGAMER
Festival hosted by Grow uP eSports. I’m joined by Josh
“BurntSanctuary” from Germany. I’m Darren Kwan from Australia. And this is Bruce. We’re here live from the
Macau’s Studio City Resort and we are about to bring
you some of the best female Esports gamers
across the globe. There you go man. And of course, happening here. We got teams, different teams
from different countries, they’re best of the best competing
in CS:GO and League of Legends. My motivation is just
my passion of wanting to be the best female
gamer in the world. When my team and I got invited to be part
of the first-ever GIRLGAMER Festival, I knew that we had to go. To be one of the first
ones to come to Macau and play is just a great feeling
because we wanna be the first team to win this event and all of our
hard work comes down to now. Gaming is more mental. So you have to be emotionally stable. You have to have good hand-eye
coordination and your reflexes, and I think the difference
between males and females is just a more emotional
and mental side of gaming. I think it’s like a really great opportunity
for our team to come here, first as a travel but also as a competition,
because we are really treated like a gamer and not like
female gamer as side, I mean, as a bad side of the
competition, you know. It wasn’t easy at first. My father actually
always supporting me. He is the one that brought me to
Paris, at the World Cup and this is why also I started
the competitive gaming. My mother was a bit harder because
she was really worried about my study and stuff even if I
was a good student. First it was a bit hard but now, I’m
26 years old and she understood that playing competitively didn’t make me be bad at studies. I wanna become one of the best. And to become one of the
best you need to play a lot and you also need to have fun in the
game because if you don’t have fun and you wanna be the best, it’s gonna
be a really hard road to get there. There’s definitely male,
how do you pronounce, chauvinism in the, in the community. There’s like an example where I’m
gonna play a game with random people and I join the server and they
heard my voice and they notice that I’m a girl and they’re already like,
“Oh no, we’re playing with a girl. We’re gonna lose, good game. GG it’s over.” And then I’m
like, “oh what is it”, yeah, I’m getting not upset but it’s like
getting a little bit frustrated by it. So they, they don’t give me a chance
and then I’m stepping up the game and they see I’m, I’m
pretty good at the game and then they wanna be my
friends after the game. So it’s a little bit, I can
change people, their mind but it’s still happening a
lot but it’s getting better. It’s improving. I feel like as the sport continues
to grow, we’ll see more and more women actually, you
know, piercing the top level and you’ve seen that
in past actually. Some of the top StarCraft pros were
women and they go to Korea and you know, compete against
all the top players. My first touch of CS.
When I was in middle school, I was elected as the
monitor of my class. At that time, a lot of naughty
boys always went to a cyber café near the school to play computer
games during noon break. My teacher asked me to go to cyber
café and pull them back to classroom. When I watched them playing CS, I found
there seemed to be an unknown magic in this game and I could
not help having a try. To my surprise, I was totally
obsessed with Esports. I spent all of my time from 15 to
20 years old on playing pro CS. When I started to play CS, my
parents were totally against it. In Chinese culture, game
is treated as a hard drug that corrode people’s will to advance and playing games is
absolutely a waste of time. Teenagers who play electronic
games are labelled as bad kids and internet-addicted teenagers. Perseverance is one of the most
important things in my career. Finally, I proved my parents
with my CS achievements that I was not simply
playing for fun. I was born with talents to play CS. I could make good achievements. I was striving for what I love. My wife finished Skyrim,
unlocked everything. My wife finished all
the Assassin’s Creeds. She plays, she finished
Horizon, Uncharted. It’s really hard for us to put
more and more effort into gaming. I mean, for example, I’m working so
I cannot play like all day long. I mean, it’s different for us. Teams like Dynasty because,
this is, this is what they do for a living, at the moment, so
they can put a lot of energy on it and stuff like this but still
there is a level difference. You know, I think something
we need to ask ourselves if we’re giving girls enough
of the same opportunities, same investments,
same media attention. It’s really important to increase
the number of girl gamers. There’s a lot of opportunities to
show that female gamers, hosts, casters have the same talent
if not more than us. And if sponsors would take them
in and show them with male teams that they are capable of doing
it and getting a few headshots or even a good outplay,
things might be different. And I think we need to continue
to create that environment and that experience that people
have in real life events. We need to continue to embrace that
and try to push that further online. I came across Esports and started
playing video games in the 4th grade. At that time, I used to
play Tales Runner online and other FPS (First Person Shooters),
or games like the famous Heat Project, and then slowly changing to LOL and
eventually CS (Counter Strike). I am very lucky to have joined this
GIRLGAMER Esports tournament in Macau due to the fact that there were only 4
teams invited and mine was one of them. Even though we are a semi-professional team, having reached this stage makes me very proud. I feel extremely lucky to
have received the invitation. Our relationship is like a family, even outside the training
room gaming environment. We’re not only teammates
but also friends. Our goal is to become a professional
Hong Kong team since at the moment we’re only an amateur
team working our way up. About 5 years ago, a friend
of mine recommended the game, League of Legends to me. I’ve always liked playing computer
games and the first one was Dota, which I thought was challenging
and therefore started playing it. In the first few days, I felt the game
was just average, but after a while and for reason I can’t explain
I began to love this game… and just like that I’ve been
playing it for 5 years now. I did think about giving up playing video
games because it wasn’t a proper job but then I found out that I
could actually have a career out of playing video games
because it’s an Esports and since it’s a hobby
of mine, I decided to continue developing
my career in this field. Our team goal is to be China’s
first girl’s Esports team. I hope there is, we’ll have
professional women’s competition at China as soon as possible. All male teams are very
easy to management because there are just
little problems but the girl’s teams have more problems
just like emotion problems So the management and coach will take
more time to take care of their mood. The players showed us a lot,
everybody watching, showed us a lot. And the viewers at home sent me
messages saying, “Oh they play a lot. I actually enjoyed myself
watching that game.” A video game it has nothing
to have with physical. You just need brain. You just need knowledge. You just need hands to play. I feel like really,
those things are really bad that we are less good than they are. It makes no sense, like we can
play the same as them. We are in a position that
we have to prove our level but I think we can go to the top
side maybe in the future, yeah. The GIRLGAMER Esports
Festival is a great event. I was excited when I first heard the
organizers putting this together. I’m actually a father
of a 9-year-old girl and I definitely want her to
feel comfortable in this space. Talking, saying, oh I can do
it, is not enough anymore. They have to show and
they’re showing it. GIRLGAMER Esports Festival showed us
that they can actually make it happen. They can go to professional levels. So I guess it’s all about for
them to win more tournaments. I’ve seen players in this tournament
that I was not expecting. A lot of people were saying, “Oh
they’re going to pick Lux and they’re going to play that female
character”. Oh no they didn’t. They brought in Kled and
he is really aggressive. I was like okay, they brought in Kled and
they brought like two times in a row. So they’re not looking for
“Kawaii” characters and all that. I believe one or two female players
will show the entire world that those hands do the same. They were capable of playing. Their mentality is the same. Esports is a really unique industry
where women can compete as athletes, they can compete as owners, they,
they can do whatever they want because reality it’s,
they’re no different than men in terms of
performance or ability. Whatever their desire is to function within the Esports
ecosystem, they can achieve. We need to think about
in the long term, not, not only for the short term of
Esports competition event going on. For the future maybe, we need to have
more focus on the female promotion. There’s a girl who beats me in Street
Fighter and Mortal Kombat together. I know a girl who kind of taught
me League of Legends, honestly. Okay? She was the only girl that
said, “Okay I’m gonna teach you.” I think it’s critical for
everybody to encourage girls to be a part of this entire business. Right? Whether it’s
designing games or, or, being on the production’s
side of professional Esports. I work in advertising. I play a game and I am in esports community
so, maybe one day I can, you know, do something about, with those
things that I know. I think this industry has a
chance to really, you know, see a lot of women rise to the top
especially in the next 10 years. Today, women are watching Esports. They’re playing Esports. So it’s just a matter of helping more
and more girls feel more comfortable in this space and I think at the same
time from the business perspective. If we’re able to support more teams, if
we’re able to bring in more sponsors to specifically for the female
teams, increase the prize pools for female teams in female events, I think that will help support
the entire ecosystem. My personal expectations
are the same as the team. I hope to be well-known
in this industry. I would like other players
from Hong Kong, China, Korea to recognize that we’re
good once they hear our name. Fame is not the only important factor
but also the in-game performance which somehow should correspond
to the player’s reputation. This is my vision and goal. The only thing I know or remember
is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, they have something
called the Gamers’ Day. There were enough girls to
have one day just for them. We’re talking about like 80,000
girls going to the event. It just tells you,
there are girl gamers. It’s just that we have to
cater to them more and more. I’m slowly starting to see
more female teams develop, more female fans in the crowd and
the scene is just growing rapidly. You know, I’d love to see a groundswell
of girls being interested in this, being encouraged to pursue this, because
I think there’s a bright future. We, we can go far. Right? We should just, we
should not accept toxicity. My goal is to become the number
1 AD girl gamer in Hong Kong. I wanna be the best. But it’s gonna be a long road because there are a few players who
are really good as well. I hope Esports will soon
become an Olympic sport and female Esports should
be included as well. We want our tournament participants
to set as an example so that girls around the world aren’t
ashamed of assuming themselves as gamers. I can only expect more
tournaments, more games coming in because there’s a wide audience
for these sort of events. Sky’s the limit.


  1. This is all cool but I really think girls should compete normally with gamer guys… There's no disadvantage like there is in real-life sports.

  2. guys who discriminate in esports basically just haven't had a female friend showed them up irl. a friend shut me down real hard in arcade games & that quickly broke through my stereotype. although i was better at laser tag, my aim stats couldn't even get close to their consistent 95%+ accuracy. girl gamers are cute only until they reveal their gaming prowess

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