Goodbye Comrade – End of an Era

hello wonderful person you know I wasn’t
sure what to name this video because on the one hand it’s meant to commemorate
the last member of the great era who just passed away but on the other hand
it’s also meant as an inspiration for the future generation before Neil
deGrasse Tyson and Brian Greene and even Carl Sagan there were several prominent
Soviet writers illustrators and filmmakers who would create media to
inspire generations what you’re looking at right now are the wonderful paintings
created by the two incredible men Andrei Sokolov a prolific Russian
science artist and his friend Alexei Leonov the first man to conduct a
spacewalk that almost ended in the disaster many of you might know the
history behind it the spacesuit he was wearing expanded due to pressure
differences making him unable to re-enter the capsule so to solve this he
opened one of the inner valves releasing precious air and almost passed out and
died while doing so this was the first lesson for both the Soviets and the
Americans that suits had to be manufactured differently but for those
precious minutes alone in space specifically just over 12 minutes Leonov only thought about one thing “what struck me the most was the silence it
was great silence unlike any I have encountered on earth so vast and deep
that I began to hear my own body my heart beating my blood vessels pulsing
even the rustle of my muscles moving over each other seemed audible there
were more stars in the skies than I had expected
the sky was deep black yet at the same time bright with sunlight” but unlike the American counterparts who
became celebrities and made a fortune from book signings alone their Soviet
counterparts did not enjoy the same fame and fortune
many like Leonov had to support their families with additional income and for
Leonov he was painting he published many books a lot of them along with the
friend Andrei Sokolov and some of the paintings
are the ones you are seeing here many of these paintings were in a sense
equivalent to modern work by science educators such as the famous Carl Sagan
the work that was meant to encourage inspire and educate a lot of their
paintings were not just beautiful but very scientifically accurate and in most
cases included a bit of a science fiction element as well and some of
these elements were even borrowed by other sci-fi writers or film directors
for example in Stanley Kubrick’s opening shot of 2001 Space Odyssey there is a
similar undertone to one of the paintings created by Leonov and they
even shared a bit of a joke over it with Leonov creating a miniature version just
for Kubrick to keep interestingly Kubrick also borrowed a lot of ideas for
his film from the Soviet film director Pavel Klushantsev who was an extremely
talented soviet cameraman and who made movies about the lunar landing the first
space station and of course the first man in space but years or even decades
before it even happened and all of his movies were remarkably scientifically
accurate and you can even find a lot of his movies here on YouTube I’m posting
some of the links in the description below but why am I even talking about
all of these men well because with Alexei Leonov death the era has ended he
was the last surviving member of the five astronauts in the original Voshkhod program and all of the other men who inspired generations of youngsters
who created amazing scientific painting and film are now all dead it is very
unfortunate that some of their last memories of modern life and some of
their last things they actually said were not very happy they did not get to
see the world they were hoping to see in these paintings and neither their
paintings nor the legacy they left was appreciated by the modern society prior
to his death Pavel Klushantsev the movie director is known to have said the
following “popular science is dying because there is no money no demand
nobody wants to educate everybody just wants to make money every way possible
but one must not live like this this is how animals live men have reached the
level of animals all they want to do is eat and sleep there is no understanding
that we are humanity that passes a certain phase of evolution we must
understand the direction of this evolution for this would need culture we
need knowledge” he criticized modern Russian society but all of this of
course applies to the much broader generation in the West and to all of us
as well all of us are guilty of doing what he said we really shouldn’t just
living for the money just living to eat and sleep and though
he was right unfortunately not much has changed in 20 years since his death but
there are people out there in the world who do try to change who do try to
inspire and to create culture to share knowledge but sometimes the world
crushes them simply because it can nevertheless just like those other
Soviet men before me despite not being a famous astronaut or
talented artist or even someone who has very good diction I’m going to do my
part and continue seeding the hope for Humanity continue the work of these
great men and inspiring new generations to do things believe in science create a
better world because as Leonov once said the earth was small light blue and
so touchingly alone our home that must be defended like a holy relic the earth
was absolutely round I believe I never knew what the world round meant until I
saw the Earth from space goodbye comrade and thank you for all of the paintings

100 thoughts on “Goodbye Comrade – End of an Era

  1. Anton, he would be honored for this moving tribute. Farewell Mr. Leonov may you live on with the wonderful work you've left us…..

  2. It is a great shame that both the Russian and American space programs turned from that sense of wonder and exploration of space, to their current diminished states. There was both competition and cooperation. Despite the serious ideological differences, they did realize that their people and equipment needed to be safe and needed some things in common, in order to make better progress. The sense of wonder, the eagerness to inspire and educate, helped a couple of generations of people to be excited about space exploration, about science and engineering, and about things like art and writing. — Anton, thank you very much for this wonderful video honoring these men. — I was 3 when men walked on the moon for the first time. I was a young boy when the Apollo-Soyuz mission took place, proving we could cooperate enough to keep people safer in space, proving we did not have to annihilate each other over ideologies, if only we tried a little harder. I was almost a teen when the American Space Shuttle program started, and I recall the news of the Russian Mir shuttle plans. I was in college when the Challenger disaster happened. — Yet here we are, and we haven't made the progress that those first astronauts and cosmonauts dreamed about. Space is hard and needs more than just this or that nation. But it is worth doing. — I see both America and Russia falling into a terrible trap of demonizing the other, both internal and external. I long for us all to explore space like they did when I was born, and for us to work past all the old destructive fear and hate mongering, so we can build a better future for our world, not just one little country or another, and not just one giant corporation or political agenda either. If we are to survive as a species, we have to get past all that and work for greater things. Sure, it's a dream. But it's doable. They were doing it 50+ years ago. Yet now, both sides have become so small-minded and toxic, I don't know where it will lead. Thank you for being inspirational and friendly and proud. There is much to be proud of. It is worthwhile, worthy, to reach for the stars and planets, and it just might save our species from ourselves. Your videos always make me feel better and more informed and a little more excited about space.

  3. Don't sell yourself short Anton. You are a superb science educator, you make complex subjects accessible to us all, your enthusiasm is contagious and your diction is of no consequence. You are a wonderful person!

  4. It's remarkable that, even though they're not exactly like what we've developed, they're really close. You can see in every detail something that is relevant to a practical application. Elon Musk's "Starship" is almost exactly like some of these early paintings.

  5. This was one of your best videos yet, Anton, which is really saying something. Thanx for doing all these great, informative videos every day. And thanx for the gracious and friendly way you present them. You truly are a treasure!

  6. Hello wonderful person that Anton Petrov is.

    Thanks for this beautiful tribute to some truly great men which, I assume, inspired you to learn about and share the beauty of space.

    Just like they inspired you, you inspire me and, looking at the reactions here, many others while keeping us informed of the latest discoveries.

    Thanks Anton Petrov

  7. The end of an era full of so many wonderful persons with many wonderful dreams. Farewell comrade, may you rest in peace. Thank you for planting the seeds for so many people's dreams to come.

    Amazing tribute, and aheart felt video Anton. Thank you.

  8. I did not know of Alexei Leonov's passing. Of course he was not as publicly known in the western world, but from what little I was exposed to Mr Leonov in interviews in space documentaries he seemed like a ver affable man with a jovial, bigger than life personality. Despite not understanding what he was saying without the subtitles, he seemed to impress me with his big smile and even his eyes seemed to smile. This seems a quality of most cosmonauts/astronauts… that when they transcend their bonds of gravity, their humanity becomes unleashed.
    Thank you for your moving tribute.

  9. Wow Anton, that was particularly moving.
    Thank you for sharing this man's work with us. I'm in Canada, so it's very Interesting to hear about the Russian/Soviet space and science we don't get taught in school.
    I think your use of diction is fine btw. 🙂 keep up the awesome work!

  10. Beautiful piece. Nice work Anton.
    I'm an artist today because of artists like Leonov. I had no idea he was an artist as well. Thanks for this.

  11. We live today because of men made of iron. Leonov was just such a man.
    We have a poverty of spirit which they never suffered. Greatness was in their blood.

  12. I don't comment often, but I felt after watching this video I had to. I'm American, Red White and Blue to the core and proud of it! However space exploration, and the search for knowledge in general is what defines and is the common thread of all mankind. It was a touching video. Good job!

  13. One of my deepest desires is that my country, the United States and Russia can overcome historic enmity and work together to further humanity on our path towards the stars. We require peace, and cooperation not just to further science, but to survive. Both of our countries have been heading in the wrong direction for years and people the likes of which watch a channel like this must work together to bring consciousness and conscience to our nations.

  14. Very inspiring and well spoken Anton , greed and profit rule over the betterment of mankind now , stunting the hopes for our future i'm afraid.

  15. Thank you Anton! An amazing array of artwork in the video alone. I truly hope, that their Era isn't the last of its type. There is still so much waiting for us to get there.

  16. Of course they had nothing happy to say after fall of Soviet Union, after all it was Soviet Union who made many things possible, putting men in space, putting more money into art and culture than Capitalist America put into Imperialist conquests, and what is the result? Soviet cinema inspiring people world wide, Star Wars was even inspired by Soviet sci fi.
    But the greatest tragedy may not be the fall of Socialism, but the fact that Soviet space program never got around to send men flying around Venus, for that alone would been one hell of a feat and they were really planning on doing it and also Buran rotting in a hangar because Capitalism is so great, where is the space race today?
    Not much is going on, if USSR was still around who knows what kind of space race we would have seen today.

  17. I have to a group that last statement is not so much about the west or current Russia it’s globalism its current state and he’s right about humanity I am not trying to get into politics here but it is humanity and that’s why we are seeing a change which is for the good and a different direction that is been stale for at least 30 years there’s an update for space exploration science etc.
    and pride dipping my toe into politics the status quo that we have dealt with with globalism was just that eat and sleep just give enough to keep people happy there shut their mouth‘s but keep things chaotic enough so they can’t think outside the box that’s changing so their work will not be forgotten with people like you reminding us specially somebody like myself from the US both nations may not have been for the greatest reasons are the best for humanity reasons but it was about moving forward and getting humanity to the next level difference now it’s just not too big nations it’s worldwide it’s good things are gonna happen and are happening and the radical extreme globalists are not happy because that’s all but they care about profit they don’t care about national pride or heritage or anything their alliance is profit and every day people are their profit OK I’ve got you far I’m gonna have people agree with me and I’m gonna have people bashing me I don’t really care it’s just the truth that I see in my reality

  18. Yes this greed cult we live under is pathetic. We could be so much more if only everything wasn't based on money and perceived power.

  19. We share a dream, a vision of learning all we can learn. I focus my life to education and the betterment of others through my career as a manager. I get people to think as an adult and strive to gain knowledge. To better themselves and the people around them. You are not a man yelling into the void. You are yelling with the world, and I know people are hungrier now more then ever for that knowledge dispite the loud minority. Keep up the work, we are listening and sharing!!!

  20. You have the heart of a poet Anton. I'm sure the generation you just commemorated would have approved of everything you said. My these early 'explorers' of the final frontier never be forgotten

  21. Wonderful Anton, you are truly a shining diamond in a chest full of dull coins. Your thirst for knowledge refreshes us all!

  22. BRAVO! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Well done Anton! Your tribute is truly heartfelt. Your continuing to want to inspire is as well. Humanity needs more like you. I can't recall the name of the user who commented on your earlier post suggesting you look at the "Wonderful Person" in your mirror but I'm glad you did. Keep on keeping on!

  23. These renderings evocate for me some of the works of Clark Ashton Smith. Check it out Anton; they're scary but very cool.

  24. Interesting. I wasn't aware Alexei Leonov painted, and wrote novels. Guess they didn't want us reading Soviet authors back when I was a kid. An exciting beginning era in Space Exploration I missed out on, with very brave men from the USA and Soviet countries traveling into the unknown.

  25. New vistas change everything. Space exploration has expanded or understanding of our world. It's interesting how the experience turned engineers into artists.
    I wonder if Paul McCartney saw these images before he wrote "Because"?

  26. …come all yea muses , come adourn thy hearse ,with never fading garlands – and never ending verse … Peace comrade!

  27. Russia was a victim of Communism. There's a joke about and in the American government in regard to low quality widgets and that they are created by the lowest bidder. This is Communism in a nutshell. There have been and still are some brilliant Russian scientists, but Communism impedes growth. I can only imagine the heights of the Russian space program if the technology trickled down to the rest of Russian society in a free market setting, thus, essentially paying for the research and development of the multitude of science and technologies needed for a space program. Much of the NASA science needed for our space program actually has trickled down to the rest of Americans. Even the most impoverished Americans have benefited from NASA science and technology. Russians didn't receive these side benefits to the same degree of Americans. Even today, it seems like many, more rural Russians, have received a minimum of benefits from the Russian space program. I wish only the best for Russia and Russians.

  28. I only ever knew names and dates about Soviet space stuff. This really opened a more full window on the humanity involved, which I really appreciate. Thanks Anton.

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