Google Pixelbook – Why Is This So Expensive?!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here, and today’s video is about the Pixelbook, the new Chromebook from Google. And there’s a lot of good reviews about this thing, but I want to do something a little bit more encompassing because I feel like some of the reviews out there are a little misleading, not intentionally so they’re just not looking at the bigger picture of what this product is or what this product isn’t. So I kind of wanted to go through its paces. So let’s just talk about the hardware first. The hardware is fantastic. Everything that you’ve read about how good the hardware is, is exactly that. It’s literally the best built Chromebook available on the market. It’s expensive— it’s $1000—but it is really good. The keyboard is excellent, backlit, and way better than most other Chromebooks. I would say it’s better than a lot of other regular laptops, even. The trackpad is pretty good. It’s built really well with great material choices and a good button mechanic, but there’s a little bit of a stutter in Chrome OS. The white rubber pads are nice. They’re supposedly quite resistant to dirt or any kind of staining and they position them all over the device to kind of protect it when you have it closed or just give it a little bit of grip, so when you’re using it, you just feel more confident in its ability to not get damaged. The tablet mode is less awesome to me. It’s not super bad, it’s just not as comfortable as I’d like my tablet to be. The keyboards on the bottom, so you kind of touch that every time you use it. And it’s a little bit thicker and heavier than a dedicated tablet would be. But any kind of two-in-one foldable device is gonna feel like this and as a tablet, it’s not bad. One thing that seems a little bit buggy right now though is that you can’t run the apps in split-screen. So if you’re in tablet mode, you’re running in a full screen all the time. Hopefully, they’ll be able to fix that with a software update. There’s an optional stylus called the Pixelbook Pen, which I didn’t bring into work today to film. But, it basically works as intended. The lag is very minimal, as long as the apps have been recently updated. It’s a good stylus, as you would expect, but there’s this feature where you can circle things in Chrome and Google will search for it, which honestly feels really gimmicky. I tried it a bunch of times and just the accuracy isn’t there. For whatever reason, it’s just pulling up stuff that is somewhat related, kind of, to the thing that you’ve circled, but it’s just never something that I really wanted to search for. Performance is good, it’s running some 7th-gen Intel chips. But it’s a Chromebook, right? I feel like the average person that’s gonna be using this Pixelbook, probably won’t be able to tax it all that hard, and the battery life is… okay. I mean, it’s good, but I just expected it to be better, considering how low demand this whole system is. I’m getting around eight hours of battery life. Okay, I want to talk about the OS and Chrome OS is probably where this whole thing starts to break down. I like Chrome OS. I think it’s a great system. I think a lot of people call it a limited operating system. I disagree. I don’t think it’s—I mean, limited is just the wrong word. I would kind of want to approach it— it’s just a different way of using your computer and I think a lot of people out there can use Chrome OS perfectly and just get through everything that they need to do, and they don’t even realize it. They think that they need macOS or Windows to do what they do, but they don’t. They actually could do everything that they need to do with Chrome OS. The problem, however, and I think this is where, I think, everything breaks apart, is the price tag. This thing is a thousand dollars and, when you look at the price of any kind of competitor product, so a 12-inch MacBook, a MacBook Air, and XPS 13, Razer Blade Stealth, iPad Pro, all of these things can do what the Chromebook does, but more. Much more, and I feel like that is why I… That’s why this product is so hard for me to recommend to people. I think it’s a good product. I think it’s good for what it is, but it should be priced at like seven or eight hundred dollars. See, I did a video a while ago called, “The Best Chromebook”, and this was sometime in the spring, I think, or like early summer of 2017, and to me, at the time, the best Chromebook was a product that was five hundred dollars. It’s the Asus C302, I think. And that’s a great product. But, it’s very expensive for what it is. A Chromebook for five hundred dollars, kind of, took people aback. I mean, you can buy Chromebooks for two, three hundred dollars that are really, really good. A $500 Chromebook was, “Whoa, easy now, Dave.” Like, “Are you sure you want to recommend a $500 Chromebook?” This is a thousand dollar Chromebook. And, it is better. This is the new best Chromebook, but, like, WHO’S GONNA BUY THIS? And, the thing you have to keep in mind is that, if you’re gonna spend a thousand dollars, and that’s so much money, you have to justify its purchase. Like you gotta be able to use this and prefer it over any of the other devices that I’ve mentioned and, I think, for most people, that’s just not the case. If you want better battery life, there’s other options. If you want the ability to play games, there’s other options. There’s just so much more versatility with the other choices over this. Even the iPad Pro can do more than this can, just, for the average person. And It sucks. Because this is such a good device, it’s just overpriced, and, four or five years ago, when this original Pixel came out, like the original Chromebook Pixel came out, it was really impressive because hardware looked so amazing for its time. But, nowadays, everybody who’s got a hand in the laptop industry, is making really good hardware. Dell has good stuff. HP, Razer, like there’s so much good hardware to choose from, that is difficult for this thing to stand out just on hardware alone. I think a lot of the review out there are so impressed by the hardware, they’re like, “Ooh, shiny, pretty”, but the usage experience is still… very… it’s just not there. It just doesn’t have the versatility that a thousand dollar device should have. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “Google Pixelbook – Why Is This So Expensive?!

  1. Tbh it depends on ur generation n what you use your laptops mainly for.i grew up on chrom os n its currently what I use now,i woul not pay this price for this laptop but if they reduce it I will. Chrome os is for productivity and information syncing n i think what they about to do is to be able to operate desktop software's on clouds, look into that. @Dave Lee

  2. Why do everybody reviewing Chromebook assume that you can't install other OS? You CAN play game and use professional software.

  3. i would rather buy a gaming laptop for 750 a cheap tablet and get a bitch rather than buying a 1000dollar machine for watching videos

  4. a samsung chromebook plus or pro, or even asus c302ca will be a better choice rather than the picxel….it is over priced even though the design is really really cool……

  5. Its just pointless to have that much power on Chrome OS, so the laptop just isnt worth it, honestly its better to just buy a windows laptop at this price… Btw if you dont want windows you can just download Linux, which is basically just improved windows with better performance…

  6. Thank you so much! For a novice like me – looking at all the competition out there, it seems to me that this chromebook should be selling for no more than $500 – $600 – and only because it's nicely built and looks great. I'm seeing many other great chromebooks out there now for $400 or even less now! I only hope that there are built in speakers that deliver good quality, enjoyable sound!!

  7. I mostly agree, with only chrome os it's not worth the money. But with Linux support, that changes things big time. This can do way way more than an iPad pro. IPad pro is way way too expensive. I'd rather use a regular no android, no Linux chromebook than an iPad pro. At least you'd have a proper browser, not just stuck with a giant iPhone with no mouse support. What a joke iPad pro is.

  8. I can just remove chrome OS and install GNU/Linux in the chromebook. I'm not afraid to use it. Since the hardware specs has already met my needs…

  9. You could build a gaming pc that’s cheaper and better than this chrome book, the pixel book is a waste of money I’d rather buy a Mac book than this.

  10. Their trying to be like apple, main selling point being build quality and os. Unlike apple there are millions of devices with chrome os on them for far cheaper, chrome os is not a full os (and is pretty trashy imo), and doesn't have a complete exclusive ecosystem.

  11. "even the iPad procan do more than this can. "
    Yeah, that was a really ridiculous thing for him to say. I mean a year later it's obvious that's not the case, with crostini and complete Android support, but even back then, running crouton on a Chromebook took like 3 crosh commands and then you have A full Linux laptop. Hell, you could still switch to seabios and just run it only as Linux if you wanted to. The iPad pro is nothing but a toy compared to the raw usability of the pixelbook.

  12. Can u review the of pixelbook from 2012, used it's still competitive against new Chromebooks.

    Plus Google has delivered their promise making a device better even ten years after you buy it

    course if you use a laptop everyday for 10 years it probably won't work anymore, but the software experience is still better.

  13. Why even get $1,000 Chromebook can't you get 95% of the experience for 4 to $500.

    okay maybe to get the premium build quality I'll have to go 5 to $600 but the user experience is not very price efficient

  14. Chrome OS needs to intrigue a lot more developers. There isn't enough developers to justify the OS as a whole. If Chromebooks had a low end GPU like a GTX 670 then more developers would be putting their apps on Chrome OS. All you can literally do on Chromebooks is watch videos and do a piece of homework. I know that would be fine for some people but not for everyone. Chrome OS is new and has a lot of potential to be great. It super laggy though recently and that needs to be fixed. Thanks for the video Dave.

  15. Chrome OS has improved alot in recent months so becoming more attractive, but still can't justify this price, i actually bought the Asus C302 which was the previous best Chromebook, that thing is a great device and priced appropriate, I've been in IT for over 20 years and have access to many machines so no the Chromebook is not my only device but is a great second device, very productive device and yes you can do everything that you would normally do in an office environment, ms office, email and web browsing is pretty much all most people do, most people can work off their phone so of course they can do more than that on a Chromebook. i think the only people that would buy this device are Chrome OS junkies, or people that work in companies or schools that are Chrome OS environments and want to have the best device and don't care about the price, like maybe a school principle etc… IF it was USD500 I would absolutely buy it

  16. I paid $1300 for my original chromebook pixel 4 years ago and it's still a great computer. I want to buy a new one just to have a shiny new thing but I can't justify it because the chromebook still works faster and better than I need. I am willing to pay the $1000 just to get the fast boot up and fast updates without viruses. It's a great product. I would pay twice as much just so I don't have to deal with Apple or Microsoft. Oh.. and those cheap chromebooks don't have a touchscreen, which is essential.

  17. I was thinking, "This looks and feels like a great product! So what's wrong?"
    Then you told us the price, and I was like, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

  18. Chrome OS devices shouldn’t cost more than $200. If you want to make a premium device, you should have a premium OS to go on it. Hell, a free OS like any number of Linux distress would be better than Chrome OS…

  19. Just like pixels phones Google isn't trying to sell this at volume. More than a halo device to showcase what can be achieved when money isn't an object.

  20. 1:54 How about this, I give you a random picture or image and you find me anything that is even remotely somewhat related. If you can't then its not a gimmick, because you can't do it yourself.

  21. I just bought this at my local BestBuy for $520 plus tax. Is that a good buy or is it still over priced?


  23. I bought the most powerful model in April '19, and found it's the best "laptop/tablet" I have ever used 🙂 Just perfect !

  24. Google should put aside it's ego and learn from Chinese companies else it might end up like Apple. Now Huawei has its own os aswell. Learn quick google.

  25. I can give Pixelbook real world review because I gave it just over 1 year. The Pixelbook is awful. Google support is awful. I had Pixelbook for just over 1 year. The apps are very poorly optimized and often stop working with app updates. Many apps simply do not work on chrome OS. But about Google-specific software: Each & every OS software patch/update brought awful software bugs. Google support is awful. I gave it a full year trial and I wanted to love, heck, even like it but it's truly awful. I'm selling mine and going to move over to try Apple for the first time ever. I do not recommend Pixelbook at all. Buyer beware.

  26. Outdated video..

    Google continues to roll out updates for this. Built-in Linux now supports GPU acceleration, which basically means you can now not only have Linux, but have advanced graphics apps work well on it.

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