GPU Acceleration In Premiere Pro and After Effects 2017!

Hey guys what’s up how’s it going Welcome back to another video and today I’m gonna be showing you how to enable GPU acceleration within Premiere Pro and After Effects 2017. Now to be Completely clear this will not work with AMD cards, just because the technology is different from Nvidia cards. But if you Don’t already know GPU acceleration allows the software to Take advantage of the hardware, in this Case the GPU instead of the CPU, to Render things such as you know your Graphics and things like that. So there Are two different steps for each product So if you open up the File Explorer and Then go to your computer and you just Want to figure out where it’s installed Mine is on the C: drive, program program f– Program Files, Adobe and then I Have my Premiere Pro and After Effects So let’s start with Premiere Pro. So we’re Going to the directory of it You’ll see all this stuff, right, you want to Scroll down until you see cuda_supported_cards.txt. Now if this isn’t Already here Just right click, new text document, and Call it to cuda_supported_cards.txt with the Underscores and stuff and if you can’t Create directly in here, create on the Desktop and then drag it in, but if we Can figure out where it just went, you Should you know automatically see a cuda_supported_cards.txt. If you double-click on That open the text editor as you can see I didn’t have this so all i had to do Was create the file and then when you What you want to do that inside that File you want to put the name of your Graphics card. Now make sure its case Sensitive with the appropriate Capitalizations and spacing and things Like that also it will not work so edgy GeGorce GTX 970 so I put that in there And we’ll be all set and then you’ll be Able to use the mercury playback engine Within Premiere. Now you might already be Able to use this without having to do This, but certain cards I know it won’t Work unless you do this. So that’s how You do it for Premiere, now there’s two Ways to do it in After Effects, so let me Open up after effects For a brief moment Okay so I’ve After Effects open I’m just Going to open up a random project, this Is my intro and outro sequence, so if you Go to Edit, Preferences, and Previews you Will see a GPU information button at the Top. Click on that, Now if your card is Not is, not sorta supported but if it’s an Nvidia card all you have to do is click Enable unlisted unsupported GPUs then You’ll get this little pop up, click OK And then change the drop down from CPU to GPU, and at at the bottom in CUDA it Should show your graphics card now I have two, so it shows it that way, but if For whatever reason it doesn’t show up You want to close out After Effects and Go back to your Adobe Products Program Files folder find After Effects 2017 or Whatever version you’re using and go into Supported Files. Now if we scroll down You should see, and you might not, a raytracer_supported_cards.txt file. If you Do not have this, do the same process Where you right-click, New, Text Document Call it that And if you can’t do it directly in the Folder make it on the make it on the Desktop and then drag it in So do the same thing, you just double Click and you should see a list of cards If you already had the guy already there You just want to add your graphics card And I actually haven’t added mine Because mine was supported for the Unlisted So you wanna make sure that you put your Card in, so we’re gonna do GeForce GTX 970 Click Save. Close it out, and if we open Up After Effects it will you know do the Same thing where it shows that our Graphics card is being used Go back to GPU information and we see That our card is still here so yeah That’s pretty much it, that’s the easiest Way to get extra performance out of your Software in your computer maybe you have a Slower CPU and you’d like to utilize Your GPU for rendering and things like That but yeah that’s pretty much it Thanks for watching guys hope you Rnjoyed the video if you do leave a like Subscribe, do what you do best I will see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “GPU Acceleration In Premiere Pro and After Effects 2017!

  1. The problem I have is – in the project settings it says "Mercury CUDA blah blah enabled" so that's good, but when I want to export my project it says "Software Only" and "Supported hardware not detected"… 🙁

  2. have a gtx 1080 ti. not sure how i'm supposed to type that in the txt file. but anyway i just navigated to every folder and found a "sniffer.exe" or "gpusniffer.exe" or "aegpusniffer.exe" and ran all of them. i think that's what you're supposed to do. not sure why the software itself doesn't automatically do that at startup… amazing how adobe could drop the ball on something as fundamental as this.

  3. I made it all the way until you have you type the name of your graphics card. I have no idea what a graphics card is…

  4. Great video! Thanks. I subscribed! You are so close to 1000 subs, you deserve it!!!! Keep up the good work.

  5. Why is it not supported when i added my gtx 1050 in text docu of AE and Premiere? Please help. Thanks!

  6. How will i type for me with a "Ti" 980Ti or 980 Ti? And i did both but at the end when you open up "preview" i see 2x 970 but my shows only 1 GTX 980 Ti. Is it because of that you have 2x 970 in SLI?

  7. I have GTX 750 2gb, when i try to enable VR, its says, this effect requires GPU aceleration. What can i do to fix?

  8. Dope! I did all of this with my 1080 on Premiere, but how do I know that it works? Or how can I enable it in PP?

  9. I don't have previews and anything that related to CUDA, but in few systems say that it has cuda, but softwares don't have it. Can you help me?

  10. Okay i did this and the performance is noticeably better but some random effects still say that this effect needs gpu acceleration. In one project I could use lens flare no problem but in other it says this effect requires gpu acceleration. Idk what is wrong with it… And im in middle of a CSGO montage which ive been spending weeks on… PLS HELP

  11. gpu acceleration in after effects is fake – i got Nvidia RTX 2080 ti and i cant even use it to render in acceleration mode !

  12. Thank you!! I was searching for a long time but it was the cuda_supported_cards.txt that I missed! Now My CPU is not always on 100% usage

  13. Hi,
    great video first of all.
    But one question: Do u have a skin or something over your Windows, bc you have darkmode and all that good stuff.
    Thank you for answering!

  14. That's pretty much it?! YOU NEVER SHOWED HOW TO ENABLE IT IN PREMIERE PRO!!!!! WTF?!!?! What YOU showed was how to FORCE the software to recognize an "unsupported" card BUT YOU NEVER SHOWED HOW TO ACTUALLY ENABLE IT IN THE SOFTWARE!!!! Uggh!!!!!!!

  15. i wonder if i should see any impact of this settings in my task manager GPUs graph??? it i constantly at 3% while cpu goes up

  16. If I have a Radeon RX 590 series do i just write it like "Radeon RX 590" or do I put "Radeon RX 590 series" ? which one lol help pls

  17. hey, what is the enable untested tick button, i mean what is the real purpose of clicking on that tick button?
    I have a gtx 1070 btw

  18. This just isnt working 2019 here, only allowed to make folders and cuda folder isnt in the files. I have a Nvidia 1070 founders

  19. It doesn't work for me.. I have wrote 'GeForce GTX 1070
    ' But it still doesn't let me select the box on Premiere.

  20. Got it but when I want to edit in premier pro. Its freeze and nothing happen? Do you know why? Cheers

  21. Sorry sir but I have an "AMD RX 580 Series" GPU I tried so many names in the ray tracing supported cards text file but none worked any Idea what I should write ?? Thanks.

  22. hi. i am using a GTX Titan Z graphics card. I have tried this method but the GPU in After Effects is still disabled. Can you help me figure it out please?

  23. it says i need permission and when i insert my graphics card into the notepad it tells me to SAVE AS and make a new document to replace the current one. what do i do? PLEASE HELP

  24. I have MX 150 graphic card. Does After Effects support this card for GPU rendering?
    It doesn't show in the ray tracing list 🙁

  25. I am using Nvidia GTX 1060..i have followed all your instructions..but still the rendering is happen on my CPU instead of GPU..task manager showing 1% and 0% performance of GPU in the rendering time and cpu working on above there anymore settings do??

  26. thanks for that, really cant understand the 231 who booed. anyway i have a new Geforce rtx 2080. inside after effect i can see it uses cuda but it doesn't show up in the Raytraced….txt file and when i tried to add it i cant save the file cause i need Admin permission (I'm the Admin dammit) or a message that i shouldn't be making changes to that file. any thought on that ?

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