GTA Online: Doomsday Heist – Criminal Mastermind Guide (Masterminds Trophy / Achievement)

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  1. Warning do not do the doomsday because I doing the Mastermind once you do the deluxo setup it reset it straight away so do not do it when she tried to shut your application down it tells you it's still reset it

  2. Anyone looking for a crew member on Xbox? I’m a level 220. I’ve already done these heists multiple times just not mastermind

  3. Am i able to do the complete doomsdayheist again when i already finished it? And am i able to do the criminal mastermind mission when i did it again?

  4. Someone plz tell me if I’m wrong

    So the criminal mastermind bonus goes one bonus per set up or does it pop up on the heist after every setup?

  5. how do i find people actually willing to help me do this i still dont have any of the criminal mastermind challenges complete

  6. I’ve a problem me and one of my friends try to do criminal mastermind challenge but when we go to finally there’s notification appear call (this mission will be reset loyalty and criminal mastermind challenge) I don’t know why

  7. Act 2
    Step 1: submarine team goes to the stromberg and only kills enemies the are in the path of the prison cell. Air team doesn’t go into the avenger and drives a car to the beach and if sea sharks or a boat spawn drive to the ocean and pick up the submarine team when they finish

  8. The professional is richer than you in gta online and the The ULP rescue said a one guy on the lookout yea. Uses a kid ruma ad a distraction

  9. This achievement and elitist are what made me give up on getting every achievement in the game. These achievements are so damn hard to get and I want them to be removed

  10. Huge tip is to buy the Helmet that gives u Thermal vision so u dont have to use it for just a sniper

  11. ok, so I don't have a mic because I stutter terribly and I scared of the tryhards and whatnot. have any of you been made fun of about the way you talk??

  12. with act 2 final, the air team dont need to go into the avanger but have to go to the beach with a car, the choppers will go to the avanger but they will not shoot at the avanger because you arent in the avanger. Then when the sub sinks, go with the complete team to the avanger and go to the end point.

  13. I’m just sitting here reminiscing on the last update I had a lot of fun with friends and I would’ve loved to do the CM challenges but the part where you are forced to do the preps is fucking silly and I hate every part of it

  14. I know this is a old video but can someone awnser this please. If I have a doomsday heist activated with a mission done and I'm trying to do criminal mastermind on the original heists me and my friends have done everything good so far but will it not count for me if I already have the doomsday one started

  15. $21,000,000 if you get 85% of the cut and do the elite challenge and criminal mastermind II. You could do a lot with that.

  16. Actually Rescue ULP is really easy if you put a Half Track near the foundry entrance and just gun down everything using the Quad 20

  17. hey my name is ronsmith27 my psn is ronsmith27rp I need help betting the last heist on the doomsday heist I have been stuck on it for over three mounths now and I need help if you can help please add my psn

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  19. I’m looking for 3 high overall players do donit with me no games just business I’m trying to get money

  20. 1. What happens if somebody die in a final or setup and we would repeat the heist, is it still possible to get the Mastermind achivement??

  21. Can someone give me a reason as to why this might happen. Me and my sister have done all the preps and setups for the first doomsday heist. It's just been us two playing and we've never even done doomsday until now. So why in the fuck does this shit, retarded, spasticated game come up with a warning for losing the loyalty and all in order challenges simply by even clicking on the fucking heist. Why am I being robbed of a criminal mastermind that we could easily do. I'm fucking pissed

  22. Does anyone wanna do criminal mastermind I'm rank 148 and I got mk2 weapons in on xbox and I really need money. Btw nametag is:xXQuadShockXx and I dont have a facility so I need to be a crew member

  23. I'm looking for a high level team that's wants to get paid .I'm level 364 and have done the criminal mastermind wit the first set of heist.

  24. Bro, we were at 26/29, we were doing the last prep in the heist and for some reason the mission didn't count for the associates (3) but it did for the leader, is it okay if we continue since preps can be done solo?
    I'm deadass fed up with this trophy.

  25. "Salvage hard drives is the easiest mission out there"
    Dude, with 1 of my friends it took me half a year to do that mission…
    Like, ok, maybe we where retards and never thought of using the godamn truck as cover, but still, it was the hardest one for us LOL.

  26. Also,
    "AlL tHeY hAd To Do, WaS tO fOlLoW tHe DaMn TrAiN, cJ"
    he literally said allyou had to do like 9 times…

  27. took me and my friend 2 hours to complete this heist , we lost all our sanity during this but we got 1 million each ( loyalty challenge and all in order)

  28. Guys don't take the kjanjali. Take the barrage. They will sell the car that you left and the kjanjali will give you a 100k bonus while if leave the barrage you'll only get 50k

  29. Anyone want to join for doomsday criminal mastermind challenge? Ps4. My psn is GOD__DEXU
    Must speak english and rank 80+
    All heists finale money will be split evenly, we'll get close to 5mil total

  30. I completed „All in order 2“ yesterday but it didnt show the money reward on the end screen. So could it be that those rewards were just collectable for a limited time?

  31. If you have a kuroma and an insurgent, do this for 10:20 . First. Park an armored kuroma infront of one of the doors to block outside access from the russian waves and funnel them into tue alley. While ground team does that that, the sniper team activates the yellow checkpoint and parks the insurgent in the alley as far back as possible to avoid the helicopter from shooting you. The vents should provide the cover. Now. The ground team does their thing, while the armored insurgent takes out the russians. As soon as the team has the target, escape in the insurgent.

  32. Needing players from U.K with mics for this. PSN: Destroyer3569 Xbox One: Destroyer 3569 Add me and give me a message, thanks!

  33. Say if I do the things I need for the act 3 do I still get 3 mill or do I have to do every heist in order pls tell me o only wanna heft it for the last once

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