GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Gunrunning DLC

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  1. Buying your supplies is far better. Stealing is far too slow. I have made 43 million in the last week alone. And total investment was 3.2 million. Also you only spend 225 for resupplies.

  2. I need some help with my bunker restocking it in my sales in my counterfeit cash Factory I would appreciate it someone help me add me as a friend my gamertag Tha_504_Prince on PlayStation 4 that's where I'm at

  3. It's an old video since it's debut in 2017, but there is a few things I want to voice out about this DLC.

    1. You need to have quite some bucks in your pocket (~2.5 to 3M) to start up making money with this DLC, for the bunker and the productivity upgrades. Alternatively, you can steal supplies with friends if you don't have the upgrades. Otherwise this bunker will not make any money itself if you decide to buy supplies rather than stealing them (75000 for buying vs 75000 for selling in Los Santos, assuming no additional income from High Demand bonus).
    2. After you get all the upgrades, you will gain 210k for selling 20% of stock in Los Santos, which is the amount of product you can generate from one purchase of supplies. You will get 135k profit from the sale, which is not bad considering you pretty much did nothing other than buying supplies and shipping them.
    3. Buying is always better than stealing even if the bunker is poorly upgraded (that is unless you get a bunch of dudes with you doing supply missions as it racks up how many supplies you can get in a mission run), which is true if you are doing this solo. The main reason is you can do missions or I/E to cover the cost, with the latter easily gaining 75k+ assuming you didn't massively fuck up the sale while the bunker will still produce stock instead of doing nothing.
    4. No need to sell a bunker at full stock, but sell it when you are at 20% stock (aka per supply purchase). Not only you risk getting raided and losing profit when you have full bunker, you also gain nothing specifically high in a full bunker run, but instead you can have runs that only involves a single vehicle and hence less risks.
    5. All and all the bunker is a poor choice of generating money on its own. It works best if you can get a bunch of friends doing heists, crates or other missions. However once you get it going with MC missions and break the even point the amount of money generated is massive.

  4. here is how i make money, (this is a little scummy) just spam invites to the whole lobby in your CEO, so that you have like 3 other randoms. then start up a mission, let them do it, only intervene if someone is ghost or is heading towards it. or if you are solo and see someone with an import/export car heading TOWARDS the city, sit outside you garage (you should have the cheapest one and he should too) then once you see him shoot him. and drive the car into your garage. BOOM easy money. now if you are feeling like a real douche, (if you are on Xbox) start up a looking for group post, saying something like ''if you help me i will help u'' then after they help you. remove and block them. easy as that.

  5. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN so my bunker was attacked and in that moment i had 400k stock and when i deliverd my product i got only 140k back.. What have i do wrong

  6. LAPVs and weaponized flying bikes and tanks and wedge semi-trucks that would make
    Jeremy Lin and Michael Bay blush ….

    and Guzman and I in TP Enterprises still stuck flying a Cessna … -_-

  7. Buying supplies is better I have multiple businesses and it would take hours to resupply just figure out how much your ganna spend then start grinding to get it back import export works fantastic for this it work just be smart about it

  8. There is an inconsistency in this video, and I wanna point it. First, you say is not profitable to buy supplies, because they cost half the profit of the bunker. But you didn't count the most profit scenario, that is when selling on far location. You can buy supplies, and sell them on a far location, to get almost the same profit that you would have by not buying them. Plus, since you bought the supplies and don't need to do them, instead of doing the supply missions, you can do other stuff, like contact missions, heists, and all the other stuff you mentioned. This is a better use of your time.
    As an additional info, you have to re-do the missions every 2h30min in order to get a full supplies bar, since that's the time it takes to empty it. Imagine how much you can do with that time in your hands.

  9. My problem with the bunker, is keeping up with Supplies… At $50.000, I really don't want to BUY supplies…

    Any tips???

  10. NEVER steal supplies in the BUNKER. Doesn’t worth it, while your things are in production you can recover the 75k doing other activities such as cargo warehouses or car selling. And if you steal supplieses it just fills 1/3 or 1/4 of the bar supplies

  11. Im new to GTA V and was wondering what is the fastest way to get money to upgrade your bunker/businesses etc.

    I bought GTA V Premium Online Edition but havent got a clue how or what to do with anything?

  12. I have a nightclub and bunker i sell guns to blain county with bunker and guns to los santos with nightclub just perfect money if you are only and just a arms dealer

  13. 9:00 i had that once and selled them both alone. It was very fucking irritating but i completed it my first try with only 30 secs left

  14. If you sell in a public session u make about $1,350,000 even if u buy supplies so you still get 1 mil. Plus while you are waiting 4 ur products to build up u can do ceo missions, challenges, etc to make the money u spent on supplies right back. So it ain't "Bullshit"

  15. this DLC is not for people who don't own other businesses. You gotta own something to make the costs not seem as bad lol. I have Weed, Cocaine, and Meth labs. And i have CEO. So i jsut buy supplies for each for the bunker and the businesses while selling cargo. i basically spend $450,000 to fill my three businesses to capacity and when i sell, it brings me a good $1mil(when the lobby is empty) and selling cargo brings me a good 750k. it pretty much takes two full cargo sells and my businesses sales to completely fill the bunker. by the time my bunker is filled i've pretty much already broke even. and then selling the full bunker makes full profit so ehhh… this DLC is not for the lazy lol you gotta have other shit going on

  16. Word of the wise , if you are a solo player and are not part of a crew. Do NOT waste your money on this !!! I have lost my mind with the bullshit Rockstar pulls with the delivery time they give you on this shit DLC. Take the dune buggy delivery, 5 drops on the map so far away , it takes over half the time to drive there, let alone dealing with the multiple enemies that try to kill you after the first drop. Rockstar needs to tweek this and allow a minimum of 20 mins. Bottom line dont waste your time or money, save some hair

  17. No to do the research with 50% staff just leave you console idle and make sure your watching tv in your house or in your bunker or somewhere so them hours account when your asleep

  18. I would buy the supplies especially in 2019 because your spending most of your time doing that where you can make more money else where if you have no friends

  19. I absolutely love your presentation, I feel like I'm watching a professionaly made video. You def got a sub and like from me.

  20. Is there a way to change the type of ammunition you're using without having to go and modify it with a different type of bullet. If I put armor piercing on my Combat MG MK II, and can only get a low level of max ammo then when it runs out, is there a way to change it in the middle of a mission or am I fucked with that?

  21. This DLC gives the most money for the least grind. Plus the vehicles, and weapon upgrades make it my favorite.

  22. Luckily I took that cheap one when get enough dough in the Billions I’ll buy all property in Los Santos, San Andreas. I made Millions in Vice City.

  23. So it’s pretty hard to lose money with the bunker😀😅

    My advice is to fast track that shit every time you can

  24. Know how to combat the whole "Losing half your profit by buying supplies"? Do contact missions until you either get your money back or make money. Simple. Or do literally anything else that makes you money without you spending anything to enter it.

  25. im so excited i put my bunker to create and research so ill be selling for money AND upgrading my self im new to this game so its exciting

  26. Hi, are you playing gta online? I need help with sell bunker its full. My username in gta online is lipyyy2002.

  27. Everyone bitches about rockstar but these people forget every single DLC has been free since day one, plus the only microtrabsactions are cash cards which is optional and non essential.

  28. I’d recommend doing client jobs to earn the money to buy the supplies is basically not spending the money you have before you earn it

  29. How to people afford all this? And I think Rockstar should allow story mode funds to be transferrable to the Online account.

  30. Tell me why every time I watch some video on gta 5 online money guide the player has some crazy ass number like 236 million and idk if they buy shark cards or actually hustle for it??

  31. Hey ty for the great videos.. I’m afraid I’m just a beginner but I’m so hooked on this game! So please if anyone wanna add m to their mc or missions just add me on (( IQiiQI )) on ps4 ! 🥰👏🏻

  32. You know, I can work towards my real life or play other games and be happy with those instead of this "purchase shark cards" bullshit. Thanks for the video guide/insight.

  33. Only one question on my mind: when you fail that bomb defusing mission do you lose only your current product or your entire bussiness gets shut down?

  34. Yo add me on gta if you want to make money in my mc squad. I have a bunker making at least $375k profit a day. Psn deezaboss2

  35. When I buy supplies for my bunker (75k) I only make 40-50k then my supplies run out. so I’m barely making any money what should I do, I don’t have any upgrades

  36. I just got my bunker when it’s was on sale. For 700k. How many crates do you need for one vehicle. Thanks in advance

  37. The way I'd do it is buy supplies, make my money back with doing missions, and selling once I fill the buisnesses

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