GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop Thin as Macbook Pro – ASUS Zephyrus

It’s always the same damn trade-off. Do you want performance or portability in a laptop? Well, Asus thinks they have solved both of these problems by creating a laptop that is only one and a half millimeters thicker than a Macbook Pro, but houses a freaking GTX 1080 graphics card! But even if you can cram all of that hardware into a form factor like this, Can a machine this thin possibly get the most out of those components? Not quite, but it gets close enough to watch the video and see how well they did. Laszlo – Supernova Cyberpower PC’s lineup of gaming desktops feature Intel seventh generation Core i7 processors. Check them out at the link below. The ROG Zephyrus looks and feels special and is possibly the most, uh, 2017 laptop that we’ve ever seen. Almost all the boxes are checked. It’s thin, it’s light, especially for a gaming laptop, and there is plenty of brushed aluminum and RGB lighting. There is a tiny bit of flex around the keyboard and screen, but for something this thin the chassis is impressively rigid, so full marks here. I also feel like this might be some of the best industrial design to come out of ASUS so far. It strikes a wonderful middle ground between premium, gamer-y, and professional. And honestly, I don’t think you’d feel weird pulling it out of a backpack, a briefcase, or even a trendy messenger bag. Looking a little closely-er, when you open the Zephyrus, you can see why it’s named for the Greek God of the west-wind and bringer of light spring. This six millimeter gap at the back is the one somewhat flimsy feeling thing on this device, but it serves a couple of purposes. Inclining the laptop slightly for a more comfortable typing experience and helping it move warm… Wait., did I say warm? Sorry. I mean HOT. Hot air away from the components. Crammed into this puppy is an NVIDIA GTX 1080, an Intel Core i7 7700-HQ, a 500 gigabyte NVMe SSD to boot, and up to 24 gigs of DDR4 RAM, although North American Models will ship with 16 gigs. I/O-wise, the Zephyrus strikes a great balance. Again, thin enough to be very portable, But thick enough that you can fit three full-sized USB Type As, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, and a headphone jack ASUS even chucks a USB to Ethernet adapter in the box, so you don’t have to game over Wi-Fi. But, and I feel like we need to get this out of the way pretty early in the review, the Zephyrus Doesn’t defy the laws of physics, and when we hit it with a full synthetic load, the thermal solution got overwhelmed and we did experience some thermal throttling. A LOT of thermal throttling. With that said in a more realistic load, like actual games at room temperature, both our CPU and GPU Put up a much stronger showing. Now, as some of you have probably figured out by now, at 1500 Megahertz, The Max-Q GTX 1080 in here is Probably not going to keep pace with a full-sized desktop one. Or even a full TDP mobile one, the kind you’d find in bulkier gaming laptops. But it’s still enough to crush games at the native 1080p resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate of the IPS G-Sync display. It trails its 1080 brethren by anywhere from 7 to as much as 20% but it should be noted that compared to the bigger, Heavier Alienware 15, it’s 10 to 15 percent faster. So its 1080 hasn’t been downclocked to the point where you might as well have saved a few bucks and gone with a 1070. Acoustics were another strong point. It’s very impressive how Asus was able to keep a laptop this thin so quiet. It’s easily one of the quietest gaming laptops that we’ve tested, with it not even being in the same ballpark as the G701VI went under load. But also, not particularly loud are the speakers, which along with the webcam get a solid… “fine” out of 10 rating. The keyboard though is both quiet and Comfortable. It features full RGB lighting with two zones, and the throw on the keys is short. but they provide enough feedback that I never questioned whether I actually pressed the key. At a desk, with the thankfully included wrist rest, it feels amazing, But on your lap, the position of the keyboard means that some folks will have a bit more difficulty balancing it at first, But it’s actually surprisingly easy to get used to. And at any rate You won’t have to worry about using it on your lap for very long. The Zephyrus doesn’t use Optimus technology to switch to onboard graphics at idle. So the battery life is abominable, even while performing mundane tasks. And the numpad/trackpad combo doesn’t get great marks either. I could get used to the position, but the shape just kind of sucks. I understand why they did it. Under the normal keyboard area is where you’ll find all that juicy hardware with swappable SODIMM and storage slots, which is nice. But I don’t have to like it. Thankfully though, ASUS includes a decent gaming mouse in the box, so I would recommend just using that. All in all, if nothing else, the ASUS Zephyrus feels like something new. Sure, it doesn’t offer the best performance available, but if that’s what you’re going for, Get a desktop. Because in as close to an apples-to-apples comparison as we could find, the value of this little beast is actually pretty compelling. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance in exchange for sex appeal. Freshbooks is the solution for you. It allows you to be more productive more organized and get paid faster. You can create and send professional-looking invoices in just about 30 seconds, you can set up online payments with just a couple clicks, and get paid up to four days faster. You can take deposits and you can even see when your client has seen your invoice. So put an end to being disorganized and trial Freshbooks today with an unrestricted 30-day free trial at “”. Enter “Linus Tech Tips” in the “how did you hear about us” section. So thanks for watching guys, if this video sucked, you know what to do. But if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button, or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description. Also linked down there’s our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one, and our community forum which you should totally join.

100 thoughts on “GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop Thin as Macbook Pro – ASUS Zephyrus

  1. I just don't get why would you buy a laptop for gaming. Just get laptop for portability and a desktop for gaming.

  2. whats with the weird trend of small keyboards on the laptops,just leaves a giant empty space before the screen making it look weird as fuck

  3. I have a 1080ti pc. Would you recommend the 1070 version of this pc for league of legends and warframe or would it be way over kill when i do my main gaming on my 1080

  4. Will you be reviewing the new zephyrus m? I'm curious to see if the new improvements are worth the investment

  5. This video made me feel a lot better about my purchase. Almost two years ago I purchased a Razer 14 at a Microsoft Store for $1800. Today that laptop exploded and the battery swelled and killed it. They told me I had store credit at that same $1800. I couldnt go ANY lower than the 1800 according to the manager on duty for some reason. I refused to get another Razer and the only laptop they had above 1800 was this laptop at $2600. I said screw it and paid the difference, with another warranty. Still downloading games so I dont know how it plays but this review makes me feel better about getting strong armed into getting this as it were.

  6. Cheaper than a mac, but far more powerful. Still confused why people buy Apple's potato computers.

  7. This would be perfect if they hadn't forgotten about us left handers and they did something about the battery life. Obviously, they were thinking desktop replacement here.

  8. Linus is an Idiot,
    I have this Laptop, and as a laptop user we all now how to fix the thermal throttling issue, the sound quality is pretty damn good when using the proper software.
    Theirs a reason these laptops ship with a special built ROG gaming center key to use the software for the sole reason he's crying about.
    As far as the heat dissipation, we all know you need a cooler for gaming laptops always have. every gaming laptop owner knows not to just have the laptop flat down on a surface.

  9. I saw only two comments about the comments in the comments of the video by which I mean the comments and you're reading one of those comments right now

  10. their are still shop selling old gen macbooks on my local store that cost much more expensive then the zephyrus. i just cant.

  11. Went for the 1070 version purely because of the massive republic of gamers on the front and the weird ass keyboard, shame because the quiet fans would have been awesome

  12. Turns out the GTX 501 series has a MAJOR flaw. Their HDMI "2.0" port is only HDMI 1.4. So, no easy connection for WMR VR headsets. Asus's last comment on this subject on their forums was over 3 months ago. Inexcusable at this price.

  13. >.> i'll be waiting for their newer models with i7 8750h, rtx 2070 max q and thin and nice bezels like their new zephyrus model.

  14. DO not buy this shit, do not buy from ASUS. I m writing from an asus zephyrus right now. The screen and keyboard are not looking very good because of the heat produced. AND, search the forums, many including me, are having problems with the sound, its getting noisy while you play or listen to music. This is my 4th laptop, until this one i had other few asus rog models, and they all had problems(keyboards not working properly, not turning on after hours of use, etc).
    I OWN IT, 3000$ for nothing

  15. I always borrow my neighbor's laptop for class assignments and exams. If only I could have my own laptop without borrowing, I would be very happy 🙂

  16. I would like a laptop case, That would let me transform everytime I upgrade it, like my desktop. Alienware 51m isn't there yet.

  17. Guys i have problem please help me

    First I charged my laptop asus gx531gw. To 100. But when I unplug the ac/dc the laptop get turned off.

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