Hackintosh | BIOS settings on ASUS motherboards

Do you have supported and recommended hardware,
but your Hackintosh is still not running or not running great? Ley’s find out what could be the problem. Hi, I’m Teresa from morgonaut.cloud and
I help people to save money on their Hackintosh builds, I help them simply to build a perfect
Hackintosh. If you are new here, then please click that
subscribe button and hit the bell next to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos. Lot of people search internet for ages to
find good working Clover folder for their Hackintosh, but still can’t find the only
one – the BEST one. So as you know already, the only BEST config
is the one you create and tweak yourself for your particular Hackintosh build. Or if you get some of the configs created
by myself which I offer to download, but again – it works only for exact component configuration. So now imagine you have such an amazing config
downloaded, but your Hackintosh is still not running as good as I showed you or as you
expect? So how is this possible? Easy question, easy answer. BIOS. The most important and highly overlooked step
in the process of building a perfect Hackintosh, is to correctly setup your BIOS. If your BIOS is not set up correctly, you
can in some cases will not even be able to run a Hackintosh on it at all. Even with perfectly matching Clover config. So I decided to make this problematic clear
forever and for everyone. In this video I will show you how to correctly
setup BIOS for your Hackintosh, built on top of Asus motherboard and next time I will show
you the same but for Gigabyte boards. So let’s get straight into it. In this Hackintosh running behind me I have
the Asus Prime Z370-A motherboard, so let’s have a look into the BIOS. To access your ASUS motherboard BIOS press
on boot DELETE key or F2 key. You will be greeted with this welcome screen. Access the Advanced Mode clicking in the bottom
right corner or with the F7 key. It’s a good idea to update your BIOS to
the latest one. Not always the latest BIOS version is the
best one for you, but in most cases it is. So first step – update your BIOS. Only in case it will not work as you expected,
then you can at any time downgrade it again. On top right corner click on TOOL and Enter
the ASUS EZ Flash Utility. Here you have the option to update BIOS from
previously downloaded file from Asus support website or directly via Internet. Now just click on YES and your BIOS will be
updated. I already done that. On bottom click on Exit to exit the flash
utility. On top right click on Exit and now click on
Load Optimized Defaults. This is very important step, so don’t miss
it. Now confirm it by OK. I do not overclock my production machines,
so overclocking is not what I cover in this video So let’s walk through all settings we need
to change or set, so your Hackintosh can run perfectly. Navigate to Onboard Devices. If you have M.2 NVMe drive like me set it’s
bandwidth configuration to x4, otherwise it will no run at it’s maximum speed. I will now walk through all my screens, so
you can match it easily. I will just emphasize the most important settings. For sure disable the Serial port. Here make sure the Fastboot is disabled. SATA mode should be set to AHCI. And also be sure the CSM is disabled. Now let’s move to next tab. Here set your XMP profile for your memory
and don’t worry if your speed may be different than mine, we have simply different memory
types. Here you can set your overclock, but as I
said, I do not overclock at all, so I’ll leave it all untouched. Here the default Optimized settings are all
ok. Intel Virtualization leave Disabled, but I
saw already some machines that needs this setting, so experiment with it. The same with VT-d, I have it Enabled, but
some machines had problems with it. And now the crucial part – graphics configuration. If you have dedicated GPU, like I have the
RX 580 in this build, set your primary Display to PCIE and make sure to have iGPU Multi-Monitor
Enabled. But If you have only one display connected
to the iGPU onboard graphics and no dedicated GPU, then set the Primary Display to CPU Graphics. In the configuration with matching SMBIOS
and dedicated GPU the Multi-Monitor option is mandatory for getting encoding acceleration. IOAPIC Entries should be Enabled. Here we already set the AHCI mode. And nothing special down here. TPM Disabled. Thunderbolt configuration is very individual. I will cover Thunderbolt in one of my future
videos in detail. Onboard devices we already set earlier. APM leave as it in default. Network Stack disabled. In USB configuration Legacy support Enabled,
some boards have also the option for XHCI Handoff so set it as Enabled too. In Monitor tab there is nothing to change. Fast Boot should be Disabled. Boot Configuration leave as is, CSM disabled
and Secure Boot should be set to Other OS. And that’s all, we are at the end. Now just save your BIOS with the F10 key or
confirm the option Save changes & reset and you’re good to go. So you can easily match your BIOS settings
to mine I showed you in this video and your Hackintosh should be ready to for installation
or later tweaking. If you will have some additional questions,
feel free to comment down below. And as I told you, next time I will show you
the correct BIOS settings for Gigabyte boards. So I hope you’ve found this video useful,
if so, please click on the like button bellow. Watch also my other tutorials. Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell next
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groups on Facebook, Reddit or my website, links are now in this video description. So that’s all for today, thank you for watching
and see you next time my Hackintosh friends.

100 thoughts on “Hackintosh | BIOS settings on ASUS motherboards

  1. Hi Teresa. I'm still waiting for the video teaching how to get USB ports working perfectly in Hackintosh. I like your idea and I think you help people doing these specified configurations but that video would be convenient for all of us.

    Thank you for all your work, you helped me a lot with hackintosh already.

  2. Hi Morgonaut
    Thanks for the video and time that you dedicate to us all.
    Then give advice for the X299-E Gaming chipset, – I7 7740X –GTX 1060_6GB_MSI – 32GB_2600 – SSD_500_SAMSUNG

  3. Hi, thanks for your videos. I have a Asus b360m Motherboard, but i have Pentium g5400, when i try to install returns me a error. Thread 0 crashed. Can you help with this? Thanks a Lot.

  4. Great video as usual!
    And guys… If this helps you please consider helping out by donating a little €'s.
    Without one of Morgonaut's videos i wouldn't have got my build running.

  5. Very good video Teresa!

    I would really appreciate it if you would make a video with the steps to update a vanilla hackintosh installation, because during the process, new boot options appear in Clover and I do not know which one to select for the system to update correctly. Thank you in advance!

  6. If you don't activate Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-X), you wont be able to use Virtual Machines like VMWare or Parallels, VT-D is the problematic one.

  7. I'm looking for a system for 4k video editing. I've got a bunch of projects to finish and I'm using a 2014 15"rMBP with intel graphics. Do you think I could build a powerful [email protected] with AMD graphic for 800 or less?

  8. Great resource here Theresa, thank you! Following your vanilla guide I have been successful getting a running High Sierra machine (I have the GTX 1080ti). Only thing not working is Bluetooth for things like Handoff, Airdrop, Continuity, Universal Clipboard, Instant Hotspot, Apple Watch unlock, etc. I have the Asus 370 ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC) board which has a Bluetooth V4.2 chip built in. Is this supported natively or is it required to get the Broadcom BCM94360CS2 card for these Apple BT features? I have no need for Wi-Fi (using wired ethernet connection) just Bluetooth.

  9. Hi, im looking into building a hackintosh just for basic use (internet etc..) but i want facetime and imessage . is that possible? and is there some low end only new parts hackintosh? Thanks

  10. Thank you very much! Today I got a new PC with Asus Z370-P and I couldn't get it to boot to Hackintosh, your settings made it work and it runs faster than Windows!

  11. can you do a bios setup for other mbs too please? in particular the gigabyte designare with tb3 support. have read that audio can work too with it. expensive though. wanna build hackintosh with this mobo and i9 using the included iGpu. but no idea yet how to do it…

  12. Hi Teresa.
    I have an old Asus motherboard P8Z68-V LX and I have i7 3770 CPU (Ivy bridge). In the BIOS there is less setup options than on a new Asus motherboard…like yours.
    In this moments I use the Montain Lion OSX on my Hackintosh.
    My question is…can I do the "vanilla installation" with Mojave …with this old config? Or the Mojave no longer supports this old configuration?
    I use this Hack my music production…so I don't wanna lost the Montain Lion OSX…if I do an new BIOS setup and take a try for Mojave…and I do not succeed in the end…
    Thank You the answer! 🙂

  13. Hi Teresa.
    It would be very nice, to make a mini itx hackintosh build,
    or recommend us, a mini itx board in place of your Asus Prime Z370-A board you use in your built.
    mini itx advantages are so many…
    lightweight, small size, you can even throw it in your back pack and take it with you where ever you go!
    With a bluetooth mouse and keyboard!

  14. Thank you for giving me great information. It's been years that I wanted to make one, never build a computer so I was scared to do it. Now I'm learning more and hopefully soon I can make one. I have a couple of Macs and it's getting to expensive to upgrade. I hope you will do more tutorial for a mid-range video and photoshop users.

  15. Grazie mille – finally my bootscreen „clover“ looks much better now. Thanks… We want more… For examplel: Hackintosh mojave and nvidia… ufff… it‘s a pain!

  16. Hi. I follow each step and now when it reboot I have a black screen. Impossible to see the bios :/ I run a Maximus X hero with a Sapphire RX580 pulse 8go any idea? I found every think except Primary Display: I have only 3choice: Auto / IGFX / PEG

  17. Theresa, do you know if the Asus PRIME Z370-A II is good as well for this clover configuration? Thanks for the tutorial 👍🏻

  18. Hello, I followed your guides to get my hackintosh working but for some reason when I connect a second monitor via display port, it does not work… Any solutions?

  19. Hello again. Will this work on my parts? i already build a win 10 system with these parts. but i want to build a Hackintosh System instead.
    Rog strix z370-f gaming

    Evga GeForce gtx 1080 ti

    Intel i7 8700k

    Corsair ddr4 2x8gb 16gb 3000mhz

  20. Work on a supermicro mother board like the X7 or newer x9 series mother boards. These computers are cheap on eBay! Should be good as a Hackentosh.

  21. Hi i have a Asus H110M-D motherboard with Intel core i3 6100 cpu together with 2 x 4GB ram. Does it run MacOS ?

  22. One question to the boot section of this video:
    it shows "other OS" but two lines above that it seems that secure boot is enabled (but grey)… I tried to install for the last two days but I can't get my mojave bootstick to run – I end up in the bios the second I choose to boot from my stick – board is ASUS Prime Z390-A with an i7 8700k and 64GB of Corsair Vengeance (XMP not enabled yet). Windows 10 boot from a separate dedicated SSD works.

  23. When I apply these settings, none of my M.2 or my USB boot drive are recognized anymore. Any idea what setting could be the issue?

  24. I have an ASUS M11AD. Do you think this computer can be turned into a hackintosh? My bio if it does not have as many options as the one in this video

  25. Hi! After setting the bios with your instructions, I can't anymore see my SSD in Mojave installer / disk utility, even when show all devices is selected. I'm not sure it shows even in bios, as it's my first time running this mobo. What is wrong ? The SSD was even formatted in other Hackintosh / Disk utility. I got Asus Prime Z370-A mobo with i3-8100, and Kingston SA400 Sata SSD.

  26. I did exactly what u said and also changed bios exactly as stated and still no boot, I have a x370-a Asus motherboard and exact components on that video and no Mojave boot up.

  27. Great start up video 🙂 Since the changes my screen resolution has shrunk on the monitor using the PCI Graphics card which the monitor was running fine on before these BIOS changes, any ideas?

  28. I havn't start my hacintosh yet, so the CPU Virtualization and VT-d can be able to enabled after install hacintosh completely ?

  29. I am so glad to have found this channel. I have a Asus Deluxe II board and am having a lot of problem to have macOS running (build my hackintosh). I will definitely go through your videos (step by step) in order to complete the process. I have Mojave on my 2017 macbook pro, so I will install this version. Can you make the video about the Asus thunderbolt EX3 card? I can't get it to work so it will be very difficult to upgrade to a thunderbolt 3 audio interface to track and mix music.
    Btw, you're very beautiful and provide very good explanation on the matter.

  30. Thanks, you’re videos are great. I’ve got an old Haswell NUC Hackintosh. Not directly related to this video, but in general all your videos are well put together and have given me a greater understanding of Hackintosh.

    Have a great day

  31. In the configuration with matching SMBIOS and dedicated GPU the Multi-Monitor option is mandatory for getting encoding acceleration. Sorry I am a little confused here. Can you rephrase this? It would be very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  32. Hi Teresa. I have the ASUS Prime Z-370P motherboard and got my Hackintosh working after fumbling around a bit. That was b4 I discovered your channel, which is amazing BTW. For M.2, my BIOS only has settings for M.2_1 configuration but yours has M.2_2 PCIe Bandwidth Configuration as well? I do have M.2 drive installed in my setup.

  33. My ssd drive already has windows 10 on it but it goes straight to bios what i do to boot windows 10 it
    Wont dectect the ssd drive
    It shoews in storage information but it wont let me use it in boot priority

  34. Incase someone runs into the same issue as me. I'm using an Asus TUF Z390M PRO with the intel iGPU and I was getting a kernel panic trying to boot clover to get to the installer. The issue was I had to increase the DVMT Pre-Allocated from 32M to 64M

  35. Hello Therasa, thank's for your videos. This is my configuration: Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus XI Code, BIOS 1005 x64, SSD Crucial P1 1000GB NVMe M.2, GPU Saphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 8 GB, RAM 32GB G.Skill TridentZ rgb F4-4266. Please Theresa, can you help me to find the perfect settings for my motherboard ? Best regards

  36. Hello, if I take the same than your configuration but I take an AMD Aorus RX 580 Does it works with it ?

  37. There is a problem with older cards like GTX670 which lack a UEFI ROM – When you disable the CSM it cannot boot – I also heard there might be problems when flashing the UEFI ROM onto the GPU

  38. Nice and clear instructions.

    I have install mojave on my ASUS Prime B350 Plus (Ryzen 5 1600,Vega 56), and it runs perfectly 😉

  39. Hello, I'm trying to make it work, the DVI port on the integrated Intel UHD 630 video card, my motherboard is an ASUS Prime Z370M Plus II, with I7 8700 processor, have any tips?

  40. Love very much the background music 😀 I have ASUS Prime B360M- A, I tried to boot using HighSierra but always failed and only black screen..please give me some tips? thanks alot morgonaut 🙂

  41. Hi Teresa,
    I have follow your guide, but don’t work my Mojave hackintosh:
    I have Asus Prime z390-a
    Ballistix sport lt 2666 (8+8gb)
    CPU Intel i5 8400
    Without graphic card

    When Beginning clover process, after 5” it stop with black screen and words white and ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Can you help me?

    Can you give me the clover and bios setting for my configuration?

  42. Help me my PC no load correctly mac os please my board is ASUS Prime h310M-D please make a video for explain BIOS correctly configuration

  43. As long as I use same motherboard and graphics. The RAM and SSD that I use will work with Clover folders?

  44. What's the better option, a motherboard with integrated WiFi or just adding an adapter to a cheaper motherboard?

  45. I have set my bios settings on my z370p. After creating the boot uSB usb doesn't show as a boot device. Any ideas what could be going on?

  46. Hi, I use these settings for my BIOS,

    I can not boot, I followed the tutorial for the BIOS ASUS, but it does not work, with your BIOS settings, it comes back instantly to the BIOS screen as soon as I try to boot on the USB key . If I use the default settings, I have an underscore that flashes infinitely.

  47. Did I say you are beautiful, your advice was ideal , after changing cpu things got changed up also and made the system unbootable., thank you

  48. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus .Morning…Can this board work as part of a hackintosh? I like the factor that its a tuf meaning it can resist energy discharges when the light goes up or down. Thanks

  49. This tutorial is verry useful, however I have a ASUS ROG STRIX B60G GAMING motherboard with a Intel i3 – 8350K cpu, and could not get Hack Mojave to go pass the ACPI lines, for those of you with the same mother board switch the clock to RTC in the Advance/Pch configuration tab or the process will hang at the APCI lines! I'm still stuck at "kextd stall[0], (240): 'IGPU' , I thing the internal gpu of the cpu might not be compatible though I have seen hack builds using the intel UHD Graphics 360! So I am highly thirsty of any infos regarding this issue Thanks to all! And thank you Morgonaut !!!!

  50. I have an ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 motherboard with BIOS ver. 1902. I use Intel Core i9-9900X CPU, Intel 512 GB M.2 SSD, and Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX580 graphics Card. Using your BIOS Settings does not work. I can load Clover, but when booting from the USB the Apple logo and the progress bar appears. Shortly after a “no stop” sign appears – and that is it. Can you help?

  51. Hi Teresa, I have followed a few of your videos but I haven’t been able to boot my new hack. I have tried for over two weeks but with no luck. Please help!

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