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  1. You got my sub. Halo 3 was my life being homeschooled growing up and being a pre teen with halo 2 then halo 3 in high school days. I made so much money from halo. MLG was my shit. Igoturpistola was my main man. Use to ether sell 50 accounts. Boost kids for live or 1600 points. Or play on their account cuz people trusted me. So much time into making 1k from getting someone a 50 in MLG. This shit was my life. Then reach was eh. Halo 4 was to easy. Halo 5 is gay

  2. Halo was the first M rated game my parents bought me as a child. I never got an explanation for their leniency.

    You just gave me that answer.

  3. I honestly feel bad for kids that didn't get the chance to grow up during the Halo 3 era, or even the Halo 2 era. They truly missed something magical that just can't be replicated to this day. It was mind blowing turning on your Xbox and seeing your entire friends list all playing the same game, all ready to go and wreck some kids in Ranked or fuck around in custom games. Some of my fondest memories are of playing these games, and I made lasting friendships, both online AND offline. And this was coming from an era where the internet was still fairly fragile and untrustworthy, but I still met people in real life from playing Halo with them online. I had friends that were hardcore MLG kids that would do nothing but play the MLG variant, and I had friends that just wanted to fuck around in Forge mode and play zombies and cat and mouse. It wasn't just a game, it was a sense of community. It was a medium of escape. I'll always thank Halo for turning me from a socially awkward teenager into someone that's able to hold a conversation with people. I'm getting goosebumps typing this just reminiscing on the good ol' days. And yes, there was Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War, which were both fantastic titles that released in the same era, but nothing came close to Halo. Everything popular is just copy and pasted shitty Battle Royale games or FPS' that make you spend additional money on microtransactions. At least when you bought Halo, you bought a GAME.

    The golden era of games are gone. Yes, the games these days are highly polished and look amazing from a technical standpoint, but so did (and does) Halo 3. But, Bungie at least pushed the envelope and had enough passion to create a truly overwhelmingly positive experience that to this day I don't think I'll ever be able to compare anything else to, while SIMULTANEOUSLY not treating their fans like personal bank accounts. We were PLAYERS not PAYERS, and they understood that. I wish I could get into Destiny 2, because I've heard some extremely positive things about the game (which doesn't surprise me considering it's Bungie). Alas, the memories will just have to do.

  4. The contrast between the themes of halo3 and odst i thought was amazing and greatly appreciated. I thought they complemented each other very well

  5. I am a grown-ass 28 year old adult man and I have a tear in my eye after watching this video.
    I miss this game and those times in my life so much and it's easy to get caught up in your day to day life as an adult and forget about experiences like those that Halo 3 brought us. But then you stumble across this video and it's a perfect tribute to everything Halo 3 was and how it made us feel. Jakey highlighted exactly how deserving Halo 3 and Bungie were of all the hype and fame surrounding this game, but he also inadvertently reminded us that we can never go back to those days that we now realise we took for granted at the time. All we can do now is cherish the memories and try not to let them slip from our minds.
    Thank you Bungie for the times – thank you Jakey for the reminder. Those were were some of the best times and memories of my life.

    p.s. I actually cried while writing this wtf 😫😂

  6. When people say they get nostalgic about the Halo series, I think that it's almost insulting to the series.
    I played the games again after so many years untouched and it is still one of the most excellent trilogies I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing and it was like being a kid again. It never lost its spirit and with the Master Chief Collection coming to PC, I can finally bring the old days of co-op'ing the campaign back but with new friends.

  7. “A game that encouraged playing together, a game that managed to extend a hand beyond the gaming community, a game that made everyone believe.”
    Me: Oh, he’s talking about Wii Sports!

  8. No game has ever given me the same feeling that Halo 3 gave me. I sometimes miss the days where the only thing I had to worry about was getting on the Xbox after school…

    Now I want to go buy a Xbox One and MCC.

  9. After 3 I feel in love with Bethesda. I bought the following games because of the improvements specifically to forge I finished reaches campaign and it was okay. And didn't fallout 4 and 76 even though the building is more limited in the ladder I find that it makes you appreciate and take your time with a less fleshed out build system that you can't do whatever you want with.

  10. The ending with the music gave me sooo many goosebumps. Its crazy to me that after all these years with breaks from gaming all together here i am in 2019 playing halo 3 again with the same friends i made playing the game when i was 13. So many of the friends i made gaming i still talk to all the time because we bonded over something we clearly loved. That shit stays with you.

  11. What a great point about not even being able to be mad at Bungie. They exceeding I think even their own expectations with H3. Gotta be in the top 3 games of all time. The nostalgia is insane out here

  12. I want someone to take the best aspects of Halo 3 multiplayer & Halo Reach multiplayer, and put them into one game.

  13. After 30 years of gaming, the Halo trilogy still holds the title as the most insane and memorable gaming experience of my life. It was more than a game. It was a phenomenon. Two of my closest friends are people I met online during Halo 2. I think some of my greatest gaming memories are of the dumb shit we spent countless hours doing in Halo 3. Forge enabled so much stupid fun. I miss those days. Good times all around.

    And nothing is better than playing team Slayer at 2am on a Wednesday night when matchmaking was a bit slow and you keep getting cycled through Midship with the same 6 players, one of which is a sloshed brit. Precious moments.

  14. Halo 3 was legendary. That is the last game I stood in a massive midnight launch line for and with great reason. God bless everyone who worked on this masterpiece

  15. Me and my best friend played this at hardcore mode with the 10 hour 'look at my horse blaring' , we ended up finishing, one of the greatest moments ever.

  16. dude wtf u could get a scarab on the desert map? 100s of hours in this game didnt even know that.

  17. Still waiting for the Halo spin-off videos Jakey baby, specially for a Halo Reach video :c

  18. Amazing video! I’ve never even played a Halo game since I’m a PlayStation kid, but wow, you’re making me wish I had.

  19. a good series, but my favorite will always be reach, to me that was the pinacle of halo games. the amount of customisation in both games modes and your very own spartan was sick. i loved the hopeless feel of the campaign too, i felt extra immersed as i was no longer master chief but myself. i think i sunk the most amount of hours into halo reach's multiplayer too.

  20. John 1:17 "For the law was given through Moses, but God's unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ."
    in case anyone was interested, which is the masterchief?

  21. Halo as a franchise has done so much that other games couldn’t even help to deliver. Like I knew even when I was first exposed to the first game, I could just tell something about it was so much more different.

  22. I'm fucking depressed man. I took this game, this series, for granted. So many fond memories, so many friends made. Back when there was no depression, no debt, no worries. Just when you and the boys were getting online to play some slayer.

    No game series will make me feel this way. Thank you for these Halo videos. And thank you Bungie.

  23. Looking back at these vids, I am increasingly dumbfounded that Guardians neglected to include split screen.

  24. I have never played Halo 2. It's the only main Halo game that I haven't played.

    ODST was the shit, don't @ me.

  25. sad that you didn't talk about the music changes from halo 1-2 and then 2-3 with things like the addition of fucking rad electric guitar to the iconic monk humming or the addition of more piano for increasing the dramatic and cinematic aspect of halo 3 on top of halo 2

  26. These videos make me so happy and sad at the same time. R.i.p. to the best game that has and will ever be made

  27. Hey Jakey, this is a message for you. I know you probably won't ever read this, I'm leaving this comment on an older video. But I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done. a few YouTubers have been really special in my life and you're one of them. When I wash you talk to the camera in your video, it feels like I'm watching a video my friend made. I've been drinking a little 😂 but I wanted to let you know that you're my friend, and thank you for what you've done.

  28. I just watched this trilogy of videos and it was really great. These games are so old yet they still hold on to a particular majesty, and at their time had such an incredible impact on the medium. Thanks for making them, I look forward to watching your video about title screens.

    PS the first video I saw from you was the lime wire one and I couldn't stop laughing, you have really great range

  29. The music at 15:58 NEVER ceases to make me feel emotional somehow. It just sends years of memories flooding back

  30. I made great online friends back then through custom games, we were all about 13. We still play online together to this day in our 20s. This game did so much for me.

  31. Got, DAYUM that trailer still gets me.

    Also it’s insane how many features that game had, how many features games of that era had in general. Games like Smash Melee, Warcraft 3, WoW, Halo, San Andreas. Nowadays games largely focus on doing one thing or another really well, but so many of these games did them all well, and at a level that defies age. Makes me kind of sad honestly.

  32. Damn i wish there was a boom on halo in my country like in usa i ve never played any of the titles in this series and videos you made made me just sad that i didnt have the chance too when it was popular

  33. Only thing is that campaign was too easy and too short. But, thanks to modding, this was able to be fixed by loyal fans 🙂 You alter everything in the game. Including number of enemies and weapons they use. You can make it as crazy difficult as you want it to be. Some modders can go further than others on this. Check out GameCheat13 on YT. I got campaign worked out at about 4 hours per level, playing legendary or heroic, 9 skulls on, coop game. All squads sizes are at least 3x as large and have more abilities, more serious weapons, fire rate and larger explosions. Cool thing is that the game engine can pull that amount of AI and graphics without freezing. Overall something like 2000 individual mods which takes up about 10 hours straight to mod each level like that. Have not reached perfection, but some day I will.

  34. i didn't get into halo until reach and 4, and i loved it, and everytime i see the end of the halo 3 ad, i get chills and watery eyed, so i just can't wait for the series to come to PC and play through them with my brother from start to finish.

  35. People should all petition or like get together for a day all around the world to go back and play games like this like a I just wish there was some sort of way I could feel like I’m back in the early to late 2000s again the time we are in seems so bleh boring and gaming is so repetitive and shit now

  36. Im 22 now…. Im a grown man now but i have to say that Halo 3 was a game that did bring all of us together, if it was rage or without, It was way ahead of its time, it still brings me and my buddys together every other saturday for big local games, im so blessed and i hope one day that the gaming community and studios can recreate something even somewhat close to what this masterpiece was. Live long everyone.

  37. The more videos i watch of yours, the more it's cemented that we woulda probably been good friends if we grew up in the same town. Have the same feelings as you on Halo 3 bud

  38. Dang I never had a 360 played very little Halo 3 but I had an OG Xbox with Halo & Halo 2, really legendary games and the only reason I even had an Xbox at all i'm sure. But now nobody will need an Xbox ever again when MCC comes to Steam 😉

  39. I remember me and my brothers being so impressed with the simple fact that the enemies would actually strategize and cooperate with each other. Example: one brute throwing a grenade and the 2 around him also throwing one near where your taking cover. Its crazy how great this game was and how far we've come since.

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