HAPPY WHEELS #1 (Teens React: Gaming)

(Teens React: Gaming intro) Darius: I’m excited. Yes! Happy Wheels! Tom: Happy Wheels again? Round 2! Jade: I’ve never played Happy Wheels, But this game is like ridiculous. Seth: I was an OG player, when it was first getting popular and uhm, I have the Mad skills Tori: Ok, this better be awesome. Sydney: “Play now” Do I use these arrows? Jade: Do I just go? Fine Brothers: Yeah. Jade: Ok. *snickering* How do I re-put myself? Alix: What is he? Oh oops. *laughing* Come on. Ethan James: Wait,wait,wait,wait. ok,ok. Oh! No,no,no,no,no. Tori: You can do this. Oh no,no,no! I didn’t know, I didn’t know that was gonna happen. Alix: *laughing* Jade: No wait I can,I can save the… Fine Brothers: During fail. Jade: Ok but how is it still on if I failed? Usually when you fail, it’s like: “Ok you failed, retry.” Tori: Go,go,go. Aaah! That’s not nice! Alix: Come on. I can’t go when his head’s off? Ethan James: *laughing* What? Go. What the f…? Syndey: “Slow”. That looks really gross. Tom: “Slow”? That’s why. Darius: Sorry. Seth: “Slow”? Oh! *whispering* ok,ok,ok,ok,ok. Oh. Tom: There we go. Now I can do it. What the f…? *laughing* Tori: I can make it to the finish line. Alix: Oh my god! *laughing* Darius: Sorry son, I’ll take you out of your misery. Jade: Ok so go back. Wait I can’t move, I have a problem with the broken wheel. “RUN!” I can’t run with the broken wheel! How am I still going? “Fast” No wait that does not sounds, oh *bleep* go,go,go oh God *bleep*! Tori: No,no. *sighing* I really thought I was gonna do good on that one. It’s still going so technically, I’m still going here. Son go on, go on son. Go please! Come on you can do it! you can do it just get off the bike! Jade: “Bottle Run King”? Ok. Tom: “Dad my head!” “I don’t care!” What is he,what is he? Oh it’s gonna decapitate him. Alix: Come on. *snickering* Sydney: Oh my child is dead. What did I just do? “Fail!” Oh that’s really… You said I would better on this one. Ethan James: Gonna sacrifice the son. Oh! What the… No! Oh stay up,stay up,stay up. Oh god that’s terrible! Darius: Oh! He lived! Tom: Can I go like that? Oh no! I’m dead again. I like all the different ? swords ? noises,when they run out, they just keep repeating. Jade: *whimpering* No! Ethan James: There it is,there it is,there it is. I think I got it. YEAH! Oh! Woo let’s go! Woo! I did it! In your face. Seth: I just destroyed that level. Tori: Oh! I did it! *singing* I did it! Who did it? I did it! Who did it? Sydney: “The Combine 2.1”. Oh! ? Tom: Oh oh. Woah! That was quick. Alix: ? Woah,guys! Jade: Oh. WELL THANK YOU FOR NOT EVEN LETTING ME START! I gotta be ready ok, let’s do this. Go,go! What are you doing? Run! Seth: Get out of my way! Darius: What,what’s going on? I don’t even… Ok. Jade Oh god! OH MY GOD! Sydney: Oh I’m so good at this,oh I’m so good at this. Oh! “It’s a dump! Throw it in the back!” What a jerk. Tom: Oh! Go! Go heart,go you can do it. Oh it’s…! Does that count? Jade: Do I have to be Intact? That’s kinda stupid. Seth: Can I get this first try? *gasping* WHA…?! I JUST JUMPED OVER THE, WHAT?! Tori: Come on. Ooh,ooh! I feel great. Sydney: ? That sound promissing. Jade: Ok so I have to fall. Why does it mean “Fall 2”? Do I just go? Ok. What was the point of that? Darius: Wow! That was fast. Alix: Oh man! Sydney: Oh! Hey! *laughing* What is going on? Oh! Hey! Yeah look at me, I’m totally so good at this. *gasping* I got it! I am so good, oh my god. Tori: You don’t need an arm, you don’t… Come on yes! *singing* 3 in a row, 3 in a row! Darius: Oh. I’ve seen this a lot of times. Jade: What the hell is this? Is this Darts but with people? Sydney: Oh, grab it. “Noob” “Bad” ” Not good”. Ethan James: Ok *chuckling* “My leg!” Tori: Pro, ok nice ok, ok, ok. No that’s too many swords! Alix: *laughing* Straight to the doom! That was perfect! Tom: *groaning* *laughing* What happend? That escalated so quickly! Jade: Where… where did that come from? Dude. I don’t even know what just happend, but I guess I won. Ethan James: Oh! Did I do it? Am I winning, am I winning? Seth: Ooh 2 in 1. Alright, here we go, going for the pro. Ok. Don’t even need you! Looks like I’m a boss! Ok, I just kill myself, I think. Darius: Last try. Excell… Oh wow. Backwards now. Oh my god! Alright just to be done so I can accomplish something. Yes! I said I will accomplish what I will be doing, now I feel better by myself. Wow. OH MY GOD! How did that happen, how did that happen? Tom: Wow! That was fun. *groaning*

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  1. I can't be the only one who busted out laughing when the tractor dude with no head got blasted by the wrecking ball!! Lmfao

  2. sorry son ill put you out of your misery brains every where for the kid and spike in the head for the dad

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