Haven – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Haven – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Looks like they devs of this game took far too much inspiration from Atlus, the devs behind the Persona games and Catherine, for the dialogue.

  2. Cant wait for controversy from lgbt.


  3. A lot of things reminds me gravity rush, the couple appears to be very expressive and have rich personalities, hope they work on it, but theres some things that borders me like the empty space in scenarios, the "alone" and robotic atmosphere is screaming, there's just grass, grass and more grass, I hope they fix it on final game

  4. It just occurred to me how rare it is to see that kind of relationship in player characters…where you play together…

  5. this looks like gravity rush, which servers got shut down and content got locked away cause of that, don't buy

  6. No Man's Sky visuals + Journey's aesthetic, wrapped in a game that is also a dating sim with great music? When can I buy it?

  7. It looks beautiful but don't get your hopes high….No man's sky was somewhat like this…and look what we got..🙃

  8. It's funny and beyond weird that people in the comments are acting as if heterosexual relationships in gaming aren't still the 1000:1 standard in gaming. I sometimes forget that "gamerzzzzz" are retarded in real life…

  9. So an ATB-based RPG with a Journey/No-Man's Sky artstyle mesh to it, and a legit couple dynamic?
    Huh. Can't say that was a sentence I was expecting to say, but I'm interested.

  10. did Sony forget they already have an IP called Haven? it was platformer that came out at around the time Jak and Daxter came out.

  11. hope we can change the skin color of the characters like most rpg, but i guess the point is to promote interacial decadent society so we wont have the option

  12. Stop with these artsy floaty games. Oh look they even put a brown boy with a white woman how original. Prince of persia 2008 is the only game to pull this formula off

  13. another black guy with a white blonde, typical PC that i've been seeing in A LOT of movies, games, shows, etc etc the last 5-10 years. Well anyway, the game looks awesome…. will definitely consider getting this

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