HDMI to VGA Audio/Video Converter Cable (BAVC14SU) (CAB-GC-83515)

Welcome to Gadget Guide USA. Thanks for watching my HDMI to VGA converter product review. It’s
model number BAVC14SU. I bought it pretty cheaply off eBay. As you can see I’ve already
removed it. Basically that was slid inside the package. It gives you some other models.
I actually have the HDMI. I haven’t tried either the mini or the micro HDMI converters.
It says HD conversion cable with VGA and audio output. It tells you this product is a portable
digital analog conversion line to convert standard HDMI, audio and video output for
VGA and audio. Flexible design and (inaudible) no external power supply. Product resolution
can be up to 1080p. 3.5 millimeter, all that good stuff. So basically it’s telling you
everything I’m going to tell you now. What this design is for is so you can actually
plug directly into an HDMI say from a DVD player, a laptop an Xbox or something like
that. And say you’re running out of HDMI ports on your television but you have a VGA.
So you can plug that into your laptop and you get VGA out. The downside is you have
to have 2 chords. You have to have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is supplied with the
thing and then you have to supply your own VGA chord and run that VGA chord in addition
to the 3.5 millimeter head jack or headphone jack to the television and supposedly it will
work. What we’re going to do is at the very…the
next step is actually going to be an actual live demonstration. I’m going to bust out
the old Westinghouse and my Acer laptop and see how well it works.
But before we do that we’re going to go ahead and talk about the construction. It
seems to be decently made. I mean the construction isn’t bad but I would describe it as normal
construction. I mean it’s made to sit behind your television and not get hit with any hammers
and not get chewed on by any animals. But it’s not going to break under regular operation.
I mean so it seems pretty standard. Nothing seems too wiggly or anything.
The next step is going to be a live demonstration. I’m going to go ahead and grab the television,
grab my laptop and we’re going to go ahead and see this baby in action. And here we go.
The actual demo of this HDMI to VGA. Let me go ahead and make sure you can see this. Basically
what I have is the HDMI plugged directly into my Acer laptop here. I have this supplied…this
is actually the 3.5 millimeter cable that came with the converter and then I have a
VGA chord which I supplied. It did not come with it. And bot the 3.5 millimeter and the
VGA are ran to the back of this television which just happened to have…which many modern
televisions do, a PC connection. And I’m setting it right here to just kind of display
it to you. The picture looks sharp. Let me go ahead and see if I can’t zoom in there.
I just kind of wanted to catch both of them at the same time so you can see it for yourself.
We’ll zoom in here so you can get an actual good picture. It looks really sharp. I’ve
adjusted my studio lights. My subscribers will probably realize that last time I shot
on this TV it looked horrible and that’s mainly because of a whiteout effect I had.
I was using too bright of lights. I changed over to the lower class fluorescent lights
in order to get a good picture here. So we’ll find out if that actually made a difference
here. I’m just going to scroll through. These are the sample pictures that were included
with Windows. I don’t have a lot of programs loaded on this laptop. It’s really not one
I use very often but that jellyfish looks great. Then we have a Koala bear. I’m just
scrolling through some images. I didn’t happen to bring any movies into the studio
with me today. I normally have a couple ready to go but not today. But the sound works well.
Everything works exactly as I would have expected and I have the volume turned down really low.
But the sound works. I’ve tried…I’ve actually…I actually use this in my home.
So it’s really I knew it worked I just wanted to make sure I gave you a good example and
just show you the picture’s clear. It shows it in full 1080p and all that good stuff.
So definitely thumbs up. Product works. I hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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Thank you. And if you have any specific questions, comments or suggestions please email me at
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