Heart-stopping Graphics GIGABYTE A75 Ultra Durable™ Motherboard

Hi, this is Stew for Gigabyte… and right now at Gigabyte we’re really excited about the new AMD A-Series which is due to be launched in the next few weeks The AMD A-Series is different from most AMD platforms in that we’re now talking about APUs, instead of CPUs an APU is an Accelerated Processor Unit which combines a CPU and a full DX11 GPU in one die, or one silcon package this is the first time we’ve ever seen anything like this before Apart from having great 3D and HD video capabilities the great thing about these new AMD APUs is the graphics this is the most powerful integrated graphics processor we’ve ever seen we just want to give you a little sneak preview today about what these new APUs can do and I’m going to start off by showing you just how overclockable they are we’ve had our resident overclocker Hi Cookie he’s been playing around with this GIGABYTE A75M-UD2 motherboard and an AMD APU and he’s overclocked this to really push the performance barrier just to see how far we take it… so in this configuratuion we’re overclocking on air, there’s no LN2 or anything to fancy here were using EasyTune 6, Gigabyte’s overclocking and hardware monitor software utility As you can see, the CPU is humming away at approximately 3.6 GHz which is an increase from 2.9GHz the FSB has been rasied from 100MHz to 140MHz the memory, dual channel memory, has been moved up from 1333MHz to 2240MHz and most importantly the GPU clock has been from 600MHz to 840MHz so now that we’ve tweaked our system, we’ve overclocked both the CPU and the GPU and also the memory as well you can now that we’re running 3DMark Vantage which a very well respected benchmark for 3D applications and it’s churning through that quite nicely at the end the benchmark returns a score of over 6000pts, which is really quite remarkable for an IGP so here we are running Crysis 2 on our AMD A-Series APU and as you can see it’s all pretty smooth, we’ve got FRAPS runing in the background generally the frames per seconds are staying above 40 which is very smooth and very, very playable If you’d have said to somebody a few years ago that I’m going to play Crysis on my IGP people would think that’s crazy, you can’t play Crysis on a IGP! Yet we are on the new AMD A-Series, and that’s exactly what we’re doing… Inside this AMD APU you have a real DX11 graphics core It’s very much similar to what you’re getting with a mainstream discrete graphics card which is something that we’ve never seen before…and hopefully you’ll be as excited as us. Thanks for joining us..bye, bye.

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