HIS Radeon HD 4670 Video Card

Alright, you already saw the 4670 512, well, check it out, this is the one-gigabyte version which means it’ll give you a little bit of an improvement in performance, especially if you’re using a small monitor. If you’re going to go for something bigger, like a 22, this might be right up your alley, the 4670 has pretty much become the standard for mainstream gaming, and it’s brand spanking new, it just came out, but it’s already, like, it just makes so much sense as far as how much it costs and the performance you get out of it, it’s a no brainer, it’s pretty much the mainstream card right now, sort of like the 4850 is like the budget high-end gaming card, this is the perfect, perfect, perfect mainstream card, so if you want to play like World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty 4, simple games like that, playing The Sims or, you know, wahtever, you know little games you play, this will do it for you. If you’re running a small monitor it will even play some more advanced games, like BioShock or Crysis, at low resolutions and lower settings, but hey, it will play them on a smaller screen. So, very cool card and the one-gigabyte version is definitely cool, so let’s take a look at it. First of all you’re going to notice it’s a little bit smaller than your regular video card, and why not? Who needs all that space, why waste space? Space is so tight nowadays and you might as well make it smaller… you’ll see it is a dual-slot design though, and that’s because it’s the IceCube. IceCube is HIS’ line of non-reference cooler video cards, so it’s pretty much a 4850 but they put this non-reference cooler. Obviously, it’s clear, hence the name, ‘Ice.’ It’s not really clear, it’s ‘icy’. And it’s got a nice reference cooler nice fan, little bit louder but also much quieter and it overclocks a little further so they give you factory frequencies that are set slightly higher. Now, down here, this is PCI Express 2.0, it will work on PCI Express, you know, just the regular. Up here, if you want CrossFire, it will work. If you want– whoops– two monitors, that will work too, because there’s two dual-in DVIs that will do a maximum of 2560×1600 each, you have that S-video in the middle, it’s a 7-pin digital, it will do 1080i to a television, no problem, and it’s a great card overall. And one more thing- see that right there? That’s your CrossFire- CrossFire X. And you know what’s really cool? You can use CrossFire X in several different interesting ways. You can put, pretty much, a lot of other AMD video cards will go on here, it’s not like SLI where you’re stuck with the identical card, you can put three and four series cards in CrossFire X with a card like this, and if you use one of these it’s pretty economical, if you’re going to play some games you can turn on CrossFire X and kick in the drivers for your 4870X too, and that will be really iunteresting. Another thing i’ll tell you is that if you’re going to use something like a media center, this provides you with a DVI to HDMI adapter– it’s not your regular kind of adapter, and it’s not your regular kind of card because it does a couple things that a few other systems won’t do. And i’ll start out by saying that it does sound, which is awesome. And it’s not just any sound, it’s eight-channel sound. So if you have something that has eight channels of audio, like a really nice Blu-Ray or seven channels of your own custom track, well guess what? You’re going to plug in your HDMI cable there and it’s going to transfer all that sound completely lossless all the way to your television no problem. Ok? That’s technology called UVD 2.0, and it’s for decoding HD video and HD audio, again, through your DVI and your HDMI. So that’s really cool. As far as gaming goes, this does use DirectX 10, that uses Shader Model 4.0, you get, you know, CrossFire X and all that good stuff… what else can I tell you about this? OpenGL 3.0…so, really nice card. And let me read you off the specs really quick. Alright, now, just like the 4850s and the 4870s, 750 megahertz for the core clock and the shaders, so they’re using that same frequency for both the core and the shaders, 320 stream processors, 512 megabits of DDR3 at 100 megahertz, it’s DDR3, so it’s double-pumped, that’s 2000 effective data rate, or DDR, you get 128-bit interface, which is also great, and again, don’t forget, this is a non-reference cooler so these are the factory frequencies, you’re going to be able to overclock them futher using your Catalyst 2 or Rivatuner, whatever you want… if you’re trying to get every cent out of your budget, hey it’s going to help you just enough to, you know, just overclock it a little bit. It’s free performace, I suggest that everyone do it, there’s no real reason not do, they don’t even cancel your warranty if you do it, ironically enough. So, that’s some great advice. Also included in the box, just so you guys know, is this DVI to VGA adapter. So if you have an older monitor that’s right there and you would be able to use that, no problem, and…it’s pretty cool, I like it a lot. So, great card, mainstream performance. If you want to see benchmarks it’s going to be like the 4850 and the 512, which is that one… I already did this review quite a while back but it’s going to be very similar you’re just going to get slightly more performance at higher frame rates. And i’m sure there’s a lot of benchmarks out there that you can go find, they didn’t particularly benchmark this one because it’s not a huge card… but, great card, if you have questions on it e-mail me, I will see you guys next time. The HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceCube one-gigabyte vdeo card is available from the retailers listed here, or, for more information, you can type in H231-4606 into any major search engine. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “HIS Radeon HD 4670 Video Card

  1. aaaaaaaaa!
    plzz can someone tell me more about this graphic card, i mean i have ASUS version and Asus version is clocked on 800 MHz GPU and 850 MHz Memory, but i read on ATI official site its hes to be at least 1000 MHz on memory clock… am i aright plzz help

  2. man your system must have cost a shitload snake9510, when it came out. My older system was an AMD Athlon FX-53 with an ATI X850 XT. The CPU when it was brand new was $1100 bucks, and the X850XT was $549.99 when it was brand new. To boot, i had to buy ECC ram which is 5 times more expensive than regular ram and i got 4 gb of that stuff. So i know how expensive and blisteringly fast the AMD Athlon FX series were when they were brand new. Nothing from Intel Could touch them.

  3. can you give me i link for some game (free download) 2 Gb RAM memory, 2.5 ghz dual core intel overclock 3ghz maybe ,that grafichs card and hd 320 Gb SATA II (my configuration)

  4. ati/amd motherboard chipset go for ATI cards. nvidia motherboard chipset go for nvidia cards. intel x series motherboard chipsets can use nvidia and ati cards.

  5. Well, it's not for the latest games at max settings. It could probably play Crysis, but don't expect a whole lot of eye-candy.

  6. whats the perfernce of card 4650 as crossfire (HD 4650+ HD 4650 )??? is this dual cards same as 4780 single for example??? or which card?

  7. actually they do cancel your warranty if you break your card overclocking it (even with the amd overdrive)

  8. dude wtf are you talking about? you call that a small card? :((((((( it has 2 expansion slots it's not that small:((

  9. 😀 i run GTA IV good on my computer Intel penitum 4 2.6 HT and 8600gt 512mb ddr3 it run around 20-40 fps

  10. HD4670 PERFORMANCE::::

    Resolution: 1440×900 – Settings: Max
    AA: 4x
    AF: 2x

    FAR CRY 2: 42FPS
    NFS Undercover: 67FPS
    GTA IV: 38FPS

    SYSTEM: 2.4Ghz Core2Duo – 2GB PC8500 Ballistix.


    (not overclocked settings above)

  11. Also, Don't listen to this guy…

    This card can play the newest games..

    Here's the ones I'm playing on….

    BURNOUT PARADISE: 23FPS on max settings (1440×900)


  12. got the newer version of this with the hdmi for exactly 60 dillars at new egg, free shipping and 15 dollar off promo code…yeah!

  13. if anybody plays crossfire online, combat arms, or counter strike could you tell em what the fps is for high details and everything turned up?

  14. This guy is wrong the 1GB version doesn't give you better performance over the 512mb version because the 1gb version uses DDR3 and not GDDR3. GDDR3 gives you a little better performance over DDR3 because GDDR3 is clocked a bit higher then DDR3. The gaming benchmark with the GDDR3 512mb versions are faster then the 1GB DDR3 versions.

  15. ok i got this card it realy cool exept i can hear any thing it not me speaker because on my old card they worked fine can some one help please!

  16. Thank you for taking engrossing amount of time to use proper grammar in your reply. I realize that this took a large amount of time to type something that was completely out of necessity. Now as you can clearly see with my post there is no proper English, with your post you use proper grammar to make it abundantly clear that you know how to use proper grammar and make the point that I am not using English. I appreciate your concern with my use of English. And by the way *whispers* you are a fag.

  17. So in other words, you like sounding ignorant. Well suit yourself. What can I expect from someone that has an anime avatar LOL. Yeah talk about me being a fag LOL. You're 18 time to grow up.

  18. It's called seeing it on your comment replies to me. Took the time? lol maybe for you but hmm it took all but a second. to do. I'm still trying to figure out what your first reply to me had anything to do with with my comment. Lets not be hypocritical. LOL

  19. Are you dumb? No it's not. ATI never made GGDR3 1gb versions of the 4670, because it would have put it in a higher price bracket. Go google it.

  20. yh no one rly cares to use proper english anymore… tbh i dont even know if they ever did
    but so yh no one cares as long as we understand eachother whats the problem???

  21. They didn't even check out ATI's website. Forget about what the some site on a retail store says because ATI website and even the vendor that makes the 1gb version will display DDR3 for the 1gb 4670 versions.

  22. ey guys, i,m thinking to buy a video card for 2 years now, my pc is good, only my power suply sucks, i have 2600 xt, would it be smart to replace it with 4670? because 4670 its not so much better, but i want more memory( i have 2600 xt 256 mb, planing to buy 4670 1 gb)

  23. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4670 (msi), and I can run Crysis on all very high, with 4x AA, with about 28FPS on lower resolutions.

    I have 3gb of RAM, and my card only cost about 80 bucks. I have a 1440×990 monitor, but never play things on max fullscreen of course.

    I am also using Windows 7 (and it is awesome :] )

    Just so you mid range gamers know, this card is really nice for running ANY game with decent FPS on high settings at lower resolutions.

  24. how much $ is this card and can it play gta 4 on medium atleast and star wars the force unleashed
    i have a gaming pc with crapy video card and want to change it for like 80 eu max eny advice ?

  25. i currently bought this one for like 80 dollars on amazon. not too sure about euros i think it should play gta 4 but not too sure how well. looks good overall

  26. @senad54 what supply do you need for a 4830? I have 650 watts but only 300 watts real power ,can I handle it ? what about the 4770 or 4670 ? I plan to replace my ati 4550

  27. i have a 500W
    intel pentium e5300 oc to 3.5
    4gb ddr2 800
    250gb 7200 rpm drive
    HIS 4670 1gb
    —-although, according to the wattage calculator on newegg, i only need a 350W

  28. @senad54 ok,but since I have 4550 :S ,I prefer to play most of my games medium settings at 1280 x 768 ,so I can get 30-40 fps .I plan to get this 4670 tomorrow.

  29. hey guys please answer my questio:
    do you think this car will work well with games like far cry 2, crysis, cod4 on my computer??? i have a g33m02 motherboard with intel pentium dual cpu E2160 @ 1.80GHz 1.79GHz and 1GB of RAM????? what do i need??? or should i get a more powerful card?? what do you guys recommend???

  30. this card is amazing for the price i can play left for dead 2 maxed out resolution at 1440 x 900 4x AA
    with an average of 50 fps!!!

  31. I have the 1GB DDR3 from HIS. but mine is different. I have 1 DVI and 1 VGA, and no s-video, but a HDMI

  32. What the crap is he talking about? The HD 4670 MAXES OUT Crysis. Yeah you don't get a perfect framerate, but it's more than playable. Look it up!

    That card will run anything that's out today on high settings.

  33. Just got one for $59.54 with Tax. Go to Newegg.com, search for H467QR1GH. I could not find it cheaper anywhere. Their regular price, $69.99 -$5.00 instant discount. Plus $4.55 Tax minus $10.00 HIS mail-in rebate. Total $69.54 without rebate, free shipping.

  34. I have this one only mine has 1 VGA , 1 DVI & HDMI otherwise mine is identical to this one.
    I love it alot, I works well for The fallout series, NFS Shift, and RAGE. it also works wonders for my older games, such as DOOM 3.

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