HOT NEWS !!! NZXT N7 Z370 Motherboard Price Drops To $249

thanks to the overwhelming positive
feedback from customers since the unveiling of the NZXT n7z 370
motherboard and it being showcased at this year’s CES 2018 technology event
its manufacturer and zxt has this week announced it has adjusted
the pricing of the motherboard reducing the retail price from $300 down to $250
with immediate effect the NZXT and 7z 370 ATX motherboard is now available to
pre-order and is expected to start shipping throughout Europe and the US by
the end of January 2018 to recap the NZXT and 7z 370 motherboard offers a
number of exclusive features including being powered by C a.m. + ZX T’s control
and monitoring software as well as offering two RGB lighting channels using
hue Plus technology 9 digital pwm fan channels based on grid Plus technology
all-metal motherboard cover finished using the same paints and processes as
their cases together with optional heats and covers finished matching NZXT skates
colorways allowing you to create your perfect custom rig with all matching
components the n7z 370 motherboard is compatible with Intel eighth generation
core i7 core i5 and core i3 processors and is Intel obtained memory ready with
2 m2 connectors as well as offering multi GPU support with nvidia sli and
AMD crossfire X technologies the motherboard also supports memory
overclocking speeds of up to 30 866 + megahertz and Intel XMP 2.0 you

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