Hours+ Video Training Series: Handling Time Card Splits [HD]

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how payroll accountants can split time cards in Hours+. Sometimes when reviewing time cards, payroll accountants find they must split a crew member’s time between two or more episodes. Or they must change an account code. Fortunately, Hours+ makes getting these tasks done easy. In this video, we cover: Splitting hours by time… Splitting hours by percentage and… Changing a meal penalty account code. In this example, Charles worked on episodes 103 and 104 Monday and Tuesday. We need to split the time card for these two days to reflect the correct number of hours for each episode. To begin, click the Split button. Note that when the new window appears, you can position it on the screen where you like. Make sure everything here is unchecked except Time. Enter the date. Now, enter the start and end times. We know that after lunch, Charles worked the rest of the day on Episode 104. Enter “12.5” and “18.5” respectively. Enter an asterisk for the hours type. Finally, enter “104” for the episode. When you are ready, click OK, then Save. You can check the results by clicking the TCVER tab. We still need to adjust Tuesday’s hours. Instead of creating a new split from scratch, you can copy an existing one. To do this, click the Split button again. Select the row you want to copy and press “Ctl+D” on your keyboard. Change the date on the new row and click OK. Then, click Save. Click TCVER to make sure everything is correct. Instead of time, you can also split by percentage. Let’s take a look. On Monday, Cherise worked ten hours, forty percent of which was for Episode 104. Click the Split button and make sure to check “percentage.” Enter the date. Asterisk for the hours type and “104” for the episode. Click OK, then Save. Click TCVER to make sure everything is correct. Note that using percentage distributes overtime as well as straight time across both episodes. Click the Split button and make sure to check Units. Enter the date. Enter “1” for the units. Now, select “MP Split” for Hours Type. In the Account column, enter the account code you’d like to use for meal penalties. Click OK, then Save. Click TCVER to make sure everything is correct. You can see that the meal penalty is set to its own account code now. If you need to split by other fields such as Free Field 1 or Work City, click the Additional Fields button, select your fields, and click the Split button. Hours+ makes it easy for payroll accountants to split a crew member’s time when reviewing a time card by providing flexibility when choosing splits. Thanks for watching.

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