How a TV Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

100 thoughts on “How a TV Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

  1. I hate that vomit in slow motion vid you did it’s so disturbing and you made me scared of milk… thanks

  2. Guys you lack the comparison with plasma TVs. Especially when it comes to refresh rate and plasma also does not have a back lid.

  3. do a video where you do a slow motion then record that in slow motion and just repeat that until it doesn’t move

  4. U made me log in and subscribe and comment. This video is truly amazing. I don’t know what else there can be but plz do more stuff like this. This is crazy cool

  5. We had that kind of tv years ago. As a 2000's kid, I thought I have magic powers cuz I can hear that high-pitched sound when someone turns on the tv.

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  7. So, I usually don't understand the point of ads, in the sense that, I've NEVER wanted to buy or read about, a product, just because i saw it in a commercial. HOWEVER. You have, scientifically, sold me on OLED TV's.

  8. already seen in my childhood, get your eyes very close to your tv and you see it, just in my imagination rgb colour like in one ball pixel, #fatTV

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