How To Boost Your Fps In Fortnite PC Season 11 (INSANE Season 11 FPS BOOST Fortnite)

in this video, I’ll be telling you guys
how to get better fps in Fortnite season 11 and let’s get right into it we’re gonna right into it and our first
tip is to close all the background apps running on your computer how you guys
want to do this is navigate down to the windows search bar and then search a
background apps turn the let apps run in the background off so nothing is running
while you’re playing for it if you guys want to see if it works
open up your task manager and hit more details make sure your CPU is not at a
hundred percent because for an I shouldn’t be taking all the CPU our next
tip is set for tonight’s priority to high in task manager navigate to your
task manager and click details at the top after that you guys want to scroll
down until you see for tonight client win 64 shipping exe now it has to be the
first one now you guys must have for tonight open
on your computer to do this so right click format client 164 shipping Exe and
then click set priorities and you guys don’t want to change that too high now
it should be out normal just because you guys probably haven’t changed yet but
trust me changing it to high is actually gonna improve your performance leaving
all we have is to optimize your graphics card settings now this tip will only
work if you guys have a Nvidia graphics card but if you don’t still stick around
because the next tip is actually a very powerful one we don’t want to do is
right-click your desktop and clicking the video control panel from there open
up the 3d settings and click adjust image settings with preview then you
guys will have to drag the slider all the way to performance and this will
drastically improve your performance now we also have something that will help
you guys not like when having discord and Spotify opened and running
open up discord and click settings at the bottom left corner where your
profile picture is navigate to appearance and a scroll down till you
guys see hardware acceleration now make sure that it is turned off and if you
guys also have Spotify open that up and click your profile picture at the top
click settings and then scroll down all the way and then click advanced settings
navigate to compatibility and then uncheck hardware acceleration our fifth
tip is to change your power plan to high performance now you guys will need to go
down to your Windows search bar and type in power and sleep click power sleep
settings and then click advanced power and sleep settings on the right hand
corner make sure high performance is the plan you guys are using because it will
drastically improve your performance so we offer today’s video if you guys
enjoyed be sure to slap alike makes you guys are using my supporter creator code
bedmi gamer while you see in the item shop and we’ll catch you guys in the
next one peace Oh too many cousin my mind I can’t sleep at night so I just
keep writing I don’t need no help

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