How to Build a Custom PC : How to Install a Motherboard on a PC

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we’re going to mount the motherboard into the case. The first thing we need to do is
pull all your cables out of the case and get them out of the way. Then what we need to
do is figure out exactly how it’s going to fit in. You will notice there are several
holes inside of the case and your motherboard is not going to use them all. So one easy
way to make sure that we are going to put it in properly is to just kind of overlay
your motherboard and then you can take a marker and you can mark right above the holes all
the way around. Your motherboard generally will take six screws, all six of these need
to be screwed in to make sure that it sits in your case properly and that you don’t
have any damage later. Next, we’re going to put in the standoffs. These keep your motherboard
up off the case so that it doesn’t short out. Then we place the motherboard into the case,
make sure that it lines up with the back plate we just installed and we will take a screw
and they don’t often come with our case, but I would like these little paper washers,
they help keep your motherboard from shorting out and they also keep you from screwing the
screw in too tightly. So, we lineup our holes on the motherboard and it is also helpful
to have a slightly magnetic screwdriver and we just screw it in, make sure you don’t
screw it too tightly or you will break the motherboard and it will be impossible to get
out later.

58 thoughts on “How to Build a Custom PC : How to Install a Motherboard on a PC

  1. i have a quick question…

    i want to install a graphics card, but it doesnt fit, so yes, i need to move my motherboard back, but i dont know how to do it,

    will you describe how to that please?

    i would really appreciate it.

  2. i learned NOTHING

    expert village suck!!! how to vedios by randome regular ppl are way more helpfull

    keep it up general youtube poppulation !

  3. you could biuld a freakin monster with 1600
    god dang
    i dont know what mother bourd would be compatible but for video it would be good for a nVidia geforce 8800 gt PCIe
    or mabe for a little cheaper a ATI radeon 9800 pro
    get them both with around 100mb and up memory installed
    BTW ebay is a friend

  4. I'm not entirely sure that Shadow knows anything about his references as the 9800Pro from ati is a VERY outdated card, and the 8800GT no longer sits in a prime spot in the market (especially for your budgetary range) and ignoring the memory comment entirely. I noticed that you posted this a month ago, so if you still need help,i'll be happy to make some component suggestions for you via PM or other means of contact as listed in my channel.

  5. theoretically you can do this but you have to make sure the new motherboard supports all your components (especially your processor – and stuff like graphics cards etc)

  6. "It also helps to have a slightly magnetic screwdriver," is what she said, a tiny magnetic field like that would not affect the motherboard.

  7. OMG!! did she said to better have a magnetic screw driver??? wtf this fat bitch is useless. Using a magnetic screw driver means that it can build up charges trhough the motherboard and it will be fucked up… omg those idiots from expert villages dont know a thing

  8. "don't use magnetic screwdrivers"… well I say hogwash…I used to work in a electronic repair shop..we fixed computers and all kinds of electronic stuff and we always used magnetic screwdrivers.
    What's more I asked a friend who used to make processor chips at northern telecom about this and he said no problem using a magnetic screwdriver.

  9. you can tell she either don't like saying the word screwing, or she thinks its funny and is trying not to laugh. lol

  10. @RSSsailing i was like 12.
    So naw, i dont feel stupid. plus, u can still build a nice pc wit 1600 bucks.
    fuck ebay tho, newegg or tigerdirect.
    Dont u feel kinda stupid replyin to a 12 year old's comment that he made 2 years ago? Or naw, thats jus seems normal to somebody who has no life

  11. I suppose if you had a VERY strong magnetic screw driver you could drop it on just the right spot to unflash your motherboard and brick it, but that isnt going to happen with the very slight magnetic precision screwdrivers you can buy at any tech store.

  12. Can someone tell me. Will most motherboards fit l
    Medium to large cases? Or what measurements should I look for?

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