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[MUSIC PLAYING] Our razors’ performance is
defined by their precise geometry. It’s important not to damage them. But many of us do just
that unintentionally when we go to clean them. Some tap the cartridge
against the basin. Others wipe the blades across a towel. Both can lead to a less effective shave
and can reduce the life of the razor. Each component is precisely positioned
at an angle and distance calculated to create a close and comfortable shave. And bad cleaning habits
can affect that geometry. The way to keep your razor
performing at its best is to simply run the blades under
the tap from the back to the front. Or swish it through the water in
the basin after every few strokes. If you’re using a razor with a front
pivot, the blades will rinse easily. They have never been more
accessible to water thanks to what Gillette calls
Open Architecture. So if you want your razor to
last, just rinse it gently, shake off the excess water, and
store it safely– three steps to make the most of your razor.

44 thoughts on “How to care for your razor | Blade cleaning and storage tips | Gillette

  1. I've got a Mach 3 without a plastic tray to store it in, where should I store it because currently it's in a plastic Gillette travel set

  2. How about a tip on cleaning the rear blade? That thing gets clogged and doesn't like to get cleaned up very easily

  3. SUCH NONSENSE!! Giliiette makes the blades crappy so we as consumers can pay the $25 for 3 razors. The company knows EXACTLY what its doing!

  4. my blades get clogged after one use and then its useless unless you cleaned it with a preassure washer. Got an electric and never looked back. lol

  5. Hi, I've been using the same gillette razor blade for 8 years. When about should I change the blade on it? It's gotten a bit jagged, and seems a bit unsanitary.

  6. Of course they want you to buy new blades every so often, should store them so water doesn't collect at the end of the blade…All wrong on how they tell you to store it…

  7. QUESTION- After a few days "no-shave"- a NEW Trac II blade- jams beard hairs BETWEEN the blades! No hi-speed water OR tapping in water works to release those beard hairs! Was this deliberate NON "Open Architecture" so the blades WILL clog up? Aside from scraping out with a sharpened fishook or at extreme- MELTING out the blades and REgluing them in (LOL) any ideas how I get them out? We DO have 150 psi air jets in the shop LOL

  8. I’ve got some steps on how to clean your razor:
    1. Once you have the razor in hand throw it in the trash can
    2. Get you a safety razor or straight edge razor
    3. Enjoy the cheap and longer lasting experience of REAL shaving

  9. not drying them before storing will make the blades corrode and to dull.Always dry it,eater by blowing on it or on a towel,making sure you pushing it reverse the blades direction.This will also ground the micro particles that are forming on blade after shave so it stays sharp.Also I keep it between rice so it absorbs any water left.This way one razor lasts me like 12-15 shaves

  10. I've always carefully dried off my razor on a towel ever since I started wet shaving, I gently slide the razor in the opposite direction to shaving and I've always found it to extend the life of my cartridges, 2-3 months per one using that method. just be gentle so you dont damage the blades.

  11. If you really want to keep your blades sharper for a longer period of time, soak a cotton ball or Q-tip in baby oil, or coconut Oil, and gently swab the blades from side to side. Don't rinse the oil off, just keep it on there. Do this after every shave and the blades will last two months longer, at least.

  12. What there telling us not to do will make your razor last no time. Lol buy more razors lol. I get around 3 months out of a blade. Drying and stroking the blade over a cut out of a old pair of Jean's will do wonders.

  13. Sorry Gillette, but I don't have time to clean my razor or even shave anymore because I'm too busy flagellating myself out of shame for being male. Given your recent advertising, I'm pretty sure you support my decision!

  14. The key to a long lasting razor it to make sure its dry after use. What they are tell us well shorten the life of our razors. I get around 3 months per razor…

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