How to Choose Micro-SD Card For GoPro Hero 6 and Fusion

Hello heroes! This is How To GoPro channel! To capture video and photos using GoPro Camera,
you need a microSD card which sold separately. In previous video I showed you how to choose
memory card for Hero 4 and Hero 5. You will be able to buy Hero 6 black and Fusion
and I bet you wonder how to choose the memory card for these cameras correctly. Before viewing I will appreciate if you subscibe
our channel. Be sure you have started recieving notifications
about new video. As you know GoPro Hero 6 has awesome features. It delivers 2x more performance of HERO5 with
4K60 video. So the maximum bitrate of a video is 78Mb/s. GoPro Fusion can capture your world like never
before — from every angle with no limits. Moreover You can shoot in all directions in
stunning 5.2K. So the maximum bitrate of a video is 120Mb/s. U1 speed class provides the minimum speed
10 MB/s or 80 Mb/s. U3 speed class provides the minimum speed
30 MB/s or 240 Mb/s. That means you have to buy micro-sd card with
U3 speed class and you won’t see any problem. There are a lot of micro-sd card on Amazon. What’s the best brand to choose? GoPro recommends to use Lexar or Sandisk. Samsung is the cheaper than Lexar or Sandisk. Lexar provides the highest speed so it’s very
expensive. All of them guarantees 30 Mb/s write speed
so you don’t see any difference while shooting with GoPro hero 6 or Fusion. I prefer to use Sandisk and I don’t have any
problem while recording. Don’t forget that GoPro Fusion needs 2 micro-SD
card and they must be the same. Hope my video is helpful.! If you have any questions – feel free to ask
them in comments! See you soon.

31 thoughts on “How to Choose Micro-SD Card For GoPro Hero 6 and Fusion

  1. i HAVE a sandisk 64gb ULTRA PLUS for 1440p or 4k, will that work on my sony a6300? please reply, some people don't, i've subscribed for a while now

  2. I.order sandisk 32gb.extreme.C 10 U3 v30 ,so is that card ok or it's 32gb just not enough??Thanks for your answer and I like your channel. Greetings from Slovenia Europe

  3. Nice video. I just want to know whether SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card will work with Go Pro Hero 5 or not ?

  4. Subscribed because of relevant information in the first 5 seconds of video. No 15 minute talking bullshit. Thank you.

  5. Turned out I was watching the wrong movie, but your FANTASTIC pronunciation made me watch it through. Cheers!

  6. I noticed there is the SanDisk Extreme v30 that has “A1” and one that doesn’t have the A1 logo on the card. What does that mean? The one without the A1 has a bit less read and write speed according to amazon than compared to “A1”

  7. Hi, first of all thanks for the video, I've been looking for something like this for a while. I'm about to get a GoPro hero 6 and I want a 128 Gb micro SD for it but on Amazon I found both SanDisk extreme 128 Gb and SanDisk extreme pro 128 Gb which cost something like 15$ more. My question is are those 15$ worth? Does it change something between the normal one and the pro? I would really appreciate if you could help me, thank you.

  8. EVO Plus Series128GB CapacityProduct Type- microSDXC Memory CardClass – Grade 3, Class 10Interface – UHS-I, compatible to HS interfaceUsage Application – Mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablet, etcUp to 100MB/s Read SpeedUp to 90MB/s Write Speed
    Is it compatible with GoPro 6 black ? Thanks

  9. I need help on getting better gopror footage? I'm new at this and have only completed 2 videos of my motorcycle trips. My last video footage from the GoPro hero6 is really really bad. Can you take a look of the video and give me ANY advice on why it was soooo bad. Thank you for your help on this.
    My gopro settings: 1080P 60bps timeline of the edit: 1080P @30bps. I'm using a sandisk extreme 64GB (could this be the cause of the granny images of the GoPro footage when I'm riding on my MC using the GoPro helmet mount?) This is the link to that video.

    GoPro Hero 6

  10. what is the difference in the 64GB XCI & XCII extreme Pro? Will they both provide the same quality video with my Hero 6 Black?

  11. I bought 2 32gb Sandisk card for my GoPro fusion
    The employee at Best Buy said it’s ok?
    Is that okay?

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