How to clean your video card

whats up friends of supreme, where are back again for new tutorial If you have a video card, that is dirty for sure i can help you out Dont forget to subscribe so anytime i can help you. First you need any brush that is Soft Sorry for my brush i painted, but its ok now Soft tooth brush That’s all we need basic tools any isopropyl reading 70% to 99.9% because this is all i have today Don’t worry we can clean your video card by using this method Let’s start! As you can see guys its dirty So its corrosion from pee of Rat or Roaches So dirty Start to clean Caution: Soft Brush only careful while you brush, just slowly because you will damage the component Its clean We have to clean the corrosion But i recommend Contact Cleaner from any harwdware and its much better now than before then next is the GPU processor this is the video card FAN its dusty clean it first first you need cotton Oh clean the GPU heatsink just a small amount of thermal paste then were done good. this is the card now (CLEAN) lets try it now, if this is gonna boot after you clean you need atleast 10 minutes to dryout the card just to be sure its dry its attach lets power it on 100% working ok, all good so guys were done. thank you very much for the support dont forget to subscribe and like,comment if you have a suggestion. Just comment down below that i can do. Thats all thank you Until next video

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