How to Connect a PC Speaker to Your Motherboard

Hello and welcome So you got one of these PC Speaker Thingies And it’s just two wires, a round thing and
a connector And maybe you’re not quite sure, what to do
with it Well, I’m going to show you with the example
of an MSI motherboard, which is rather recent How to connect such a thing to your board So there’s two methods really You can look at the instruction manual Ideally you have a pdf version from it You can find it on the producer’s website And once it’s open you just press CTRL-F Or Command-F and write “SPEAKER” and press
enter And search a little and then there we go… Over here we see these jumper … Speaker
minus and Speaker plus And we see the location on the board Let’s see if we can find anything else Speaker, speaker, speaker, allright So, once you know the location, maybe find
a bigger diagram of the board And here it is JFP2 So basically, now you look for this label
on your board Or just use the diagram as a map And here you can see the speaker being attached
to the motherboard You can also try to just look for SPK+ and
SPK- Because speakers can be different, they can
have different connectors But once you found those, you can attach it
there And the speaker isn’t really that important
but it will be useful If there is some kind of error Like you forgot to insert RAM or there’s some
kind of problem Like overheating, Motherboards will usually
use the speaker to warn you about it Right, so I hope this helps Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and see you in the
next video. Chiao!

52 thoughts on “How to Connect a PC Speaker to Your Motherboard

  1. Устанавливает спикер минусом на плюс и выкладывает видео в нет, видать ещё не весь мир знает какой он тупой…

  2. sorry doesn't help cause i have the same jfp2 and tried with no speakers with 2 different orientation to no avail

  3. I just found one of these while I was trying to repair my computer. I thought it was a government spying tool so I threw it in the bin. Some days later I discover that it's used as a motherboard diagnosis tool and I sifted through my garbage to find it. 🙂

  4. Does a Dell inspiron PC have this speaker/buzzer in motherboard when shipped…. I am having this doubt coz I can't hear any beeps from my PC (tried unplugging external speakers)!!!!!!!!

  5. wow ! nice! now i can hear my precious motherboard screaming due to my extreme overcloking error and other experimental shit i do to my pc.

  6. Does it how which side I plug it in? I just plugged it as it went simply went through. I didn't know about the positive negative thing.

  7. I assume the red is positive +, and the black wire is negative -, but you inserted it the opposite way. The triangle 🔽 on the back indicates positive, and that's on the wrong side now!

  8. can this be fix? my speaker/buzzer 's top green board in which the wires are fixed is separated. so can i just stick and make it work again? anyone?

  9. i think first you want to clean all that "DUST" from the Connectors, then the rest of the PC before you even start talking about How to connect this and that, just some friendly Advice from one Gentle Man to another.

  10. Very funy. None of morons knows how speakers work. Otherwise they wouldn´t complain about colors which are as irrevelant as polarity in this apllicatiobn.

  11. Hi. Just bought a new speaker and connected it to my motherboard. But there is no beep sound coming. Any idea what could be the problem? Its the exact same speaker like the one in your video. Wondering if the speaker is faulty. Is there any thing else I need to check?

  12. Use the 2 cents you made from me watching this for some pressured canned air, homeskillet. Is this speaker even worth my time/money?

  13. Thank you, I finally now know what the fuck that thing was but now seeing from the comment section, I’ve placed it in the wrong direction as I followed the video first but I’ll change it probs in another 6 months when I clean my pc out again

  14. What is the purpose of this speaker wire? Is it only for the beep when powering on the PC? I have a asus o7o55d-e pro motherboard and this speaker wire was not connected, what would I miss out? PC was build DIY by a shop and I did not know why this speaker wire was not connected. Thanks

  15. Does a motherboard speaker come along with the box? Do I need to check for compatibility before purchasing one? I have a Gigabyte A320M-S2H motherboard

  16. Thanks. Recently I brought a new cabinet, with it I got the speaker attachment, and wondering what to do with it.

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