How to create a workstation

Dynamic Workload Console – How to create a workstation In this video you learn how to: Create a workstation definition in the database and assign it to a domain Create a workstation to run standard type jobs A workstation is the computer system where you run your jobs and job
streams. When you define a job or job stream, you also identify the workstation on which your job your job or job stream will run. Workstation
types include:
master domain manager, domain manager, fault-tolerant agent, extended agent, standard agent, workload broker, dynamic agent, pool, dynamic pool, and remote engine. The type of workstation enables different job types, extending traditional
scheduling of
programs and scripts to more extensive workload scheduling capabilities. In the Search text box, we perform a keyword search to locate the page
for creating a workstation. Here we specify the engine on which Workload Scheduler is
installed and click Create Workstation. When we create a workstation defintion, we specify a set of
characteristics that uniquely identify the workstation and control how jobs are run on it. Now we need to assign the new workstation to a domain. Instead of choosing the existing master domain manager, we assign our workstation to a new domain. We create it by clicking
New. We specify a name and description for the new domain. The new domain has the added. We select the domain and associate it to our new workstation then return to the workstation properties window. We specify the workstation type and operating system We select this option because we do not want to add the new
workstation to the production plan As a final step, we specify the connection details of the new workstation
and save the new definition in the database. The new fault-tolerant agent workstation has been added to the database
and now jobs and job streams can be scheduled to run on it.

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