79 thoughts on “How to Cut Your Man’s Hair

  1. My husband goes to the Barber but we save money by me trimming with the electric clippers around the back of the kneck and sideburns this way 1 haircut lasts him double the ammount of time ans saves us about $100 a year

  2. give her a chance if she messes up go to a barber and get it cut a bit shorter. If she messes it up it only takes 2 weeks for it to come back : )

  3. hate the fucking fact boxes!! who doest know a scissor can cause injury?? seriously?

    and wtf is with the taiwanese man with 20 meter of hair?? fuck that

  4. I you would think that a woman's visit to the hair salon would cost a number of haircuts for a guy. 😛 Start saving cash the other way around! 🙂

  5. la neta mejor que el tipo se vaya a un establo, tal vez las vacas le mastiquen mejor el cabello y no le quede tan mal,
    o que cometa un delito en la carcel se lo cortan mejor, bueno ya aprovechando que le ponga una demanda a la que le desgracio el cabello jajaja que risa,

    es mejor pagar para que te lo haga un profesional jajajaja

  6. Well, if I ever attempt to cut my boyfriends hair, at least I won't have to worry about it being way too short, just as long as it's not completely gone. Thank God for dating a marine!

  7. thanks! now i kinda know what ill be doing he just lets me do whatever and he likes it now atleast ill have some sorta guidlines

  8. i clipper cut my own hair, only because i do a better job than my barber. doing the back isn't that hard with double mirrors, it does take a bit of practice, but not alot can go wrong with short hair.

  9. Then why'd you click, I think its fairly obvious what you get on the video based on the title. What did you think you'd see here?

  10. Why not just use the clippers on the whole head? I just use the largest blade guard everywhere. But that's just me.

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