How to design LVDS cable for universal LCD board when no readymade

I did cut the LVDS cable that I used for
a previous laptop screen project so if these sockets is not long enough and I
would solder directly these are the leftovers from cutting this on this
together all right I’m going to try to rearrange
these wires on the circuit board the a lvds circuit board I don’t think all
right so it’s very simple you have different lift up mechanisms here to pop
up any pin wires you need a sewing pin like this and you use it to lift up the
magnesium so so that it releases the jumpers so I can’t get the camera to
focus well but you can try that out on your own all right guys these are wires
which socket from hot DVD players I’m trying going to try to remove the
pins like this one does not have a liftoff device so it won’t be useful
let’s check for this I think this wire should we lift up
device to remove the pins no this one does not have all right I think this
should have alright can I don’t know if can see this this is a lift op device
you can use the pin to lift it up to remove the socket by lifting it up
with the pins so i’ve never seen this in any you tube video before I just
discovered so let’s try it out right alright guys I got the pins removed
these are the pins and this was the socket so
let’s proceed all right this pins are too big let’s find a smaller one or
smaller ones from electronic devices all right the truth is I’ve searched and
searched online there is no video show you now to make an An LVDS cable for this
pins yeah I found a significant pattern so sockets found in electronics use the
type of pin I shoot any so I’m going to check old scrap electronics and try to
pull out the sockets and see if it fits this if it fits this then we’ll use it
so I think that should be how to make your Harvey desk table a new socket that
will fit new pins that will fit into this socket it could be an individual
pin a group of pins let’s find out all right guys the LVDS site is complete
so on the universe about a fixed every of the wires the buses and now is
complete from different pins I got from different electronics I’m going to
figure out how to connect all these wires to the adapter that plugs right in
to the LCD panel you

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