How to Develop Xbox One Games

Tell me how to develop Xbox One games. I’m assuming going to work for Microsoft
is not on your list. You have to know game development before you
could work for them in that capacity, but Microsoft is not the only group making games
for Xbox. Microsoft says every Xbox One in theory can
be used as a game development kit. That is not available with an out of the box
Xbox. Oh, wait, that sounds confusing. Yes, you need additional tools to develop
Xbox One games. What other tools and software? You could use Unity as a tool, available with
2D and 3D rendering. I’ve heard of it being used along with OpenGL. You could use Crytek, too. I’ve heard of Crytek but cannot place it. Crytek was used to create the games Crysis
2 and Crysis 3. The CryEngine tool works with it to make 2D and 3D games. I’m crying to hear what else they’ve come
up with. You might want to use the Unreal Engine and
DirectX to build games. It has the added advantage of letting you make complex animation, without
needing to code, especially the C and C++ often needed for 3D. Even Apple is moving away from Objective C,
the object oriented version of C. You might want to use BitSquid. While it is
a more recent tool, it can make games for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Tight revision control and fast changes are
not my priority. Productivity and ease of use are. You could go to for their
recommendations on tools. I do not want to hear anything else about
running over to Microsoft’s site, to develop stuff for the Xbox One. You might want to use Firelight Technologies
audio management software for putting sound effects in games. It works with both Xbox
One and the Playstation. I like the flexibility. At least Microsoft added the flexibility to
let people self-publish games on their Xbox One. Initially they said it would only go through
publishers, but most independent developers do not have the money to pair up with a publisher.
But self-publishing lets me make a game myself, and keep the profits. You do realize that most games cost thousands
of dollars to develop, from software licensing to publishing fees, while most games do not
break even. I’d like to at least try. I have the potential
to make more money self-publishing, than I would working for a small game developer eighty
hours a week for a pittance. And if someone asks what you did during that
gap in your resume, you can pull up the listing and show them the publication date of the
games. You can say you were gaming, but seriously gaming. No, game development. I just want to know
what tools to use. You could become a registered developer for
the Xbox One, and Microsoft will send you two development kits for free, assuming you
do not use an Xbox One you already own. I thought they cost thousands of dollars. Amazingly, Microsoft is mimicking open source
in that regard, making more development tools free to tap into a larger development base. Yeah, because they are not getting quality
games when they pay for it.

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